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Relaunched Echo's Laughter And Nostalgia With Mr. David Reevey, Plus Info On The Reevey Family Reunion Extravaganza 2024

May 24, 2024

Humor From the Book of Reevey

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Veteran Comedian Mr. David Reevey




Why did Diddy ask his mom, "What's a pay phone and beeper?" Because he wanted to know what David Reevey has on him and talking into!

When Having A Tough Time Sleeping

When Having A Tough Time Sleeping

Remember the good old days when kids played outside? What was that game called again? It was 'Engine Engine #9' or Enee Menee Minee Mo! Those were the days when the biggest worry was getting tagged out of the game, not whether our Wi-Fi signal was strong enough to reach the backyard!

Big Thank You From David


Get ready for the ultimate family reunion of the year! On Friday, August 9, 2024, it's going down with an elegant all-white party at the Elks Club in Long Branch.

Then, on Saturday, August 10th, we're bringing the heat with a

  • Soul food bonanza

  • Line dancing

  • Spoken word

  • Water gun fun

  • Family talent show

  • Kids' scavenger hunt

  • Clowns

  • Balloons

  • Native American face painting,

  • Group karaoke


and even a few chiefs might show up representing first-nation lineage in NJ and Delaware! And after all that excitement, we'll gather together on Sunday at the historic Wayside Methodist Church for a spirit-led service at 10:00 a.m. It's going to be a stone gas, honey! Don't miss out! If you would like to donate or support the event, please contact David at:

The Resurgence of Family Ties:

The Story of Chief Reevey's Descendants

Please join us in commemorating and celebrating the rich history and resurgence of family ties with the original descendants of Chief Reevey of Reevey Town, New Jersey. Reevey Town is located adjacent to Pine Brook, where the ancient Lenni Lenape burial ground predates the arrival of Columbus. This sacred and serene place serves as the final resting ground for the direct descendants of the Lenni Lenape Nation and Cherokee's Black offspring. It is the land where Peter Rock, the first Grandparents, Peter Flemming of the Flemming Indian Plantation (Flemmington Furs), and Abraham Rock, encaptured skilled fine thoroughbred horse trainer and breeder, along with his Lenape wife, sought refuge to raise their firstborn grandson, Peter Rock, in freedom and prosperity, and safety. Abraham Rock has the oldest tombstone at the church-yard. It is also the location where Colonel Titus Cornelius, also known as Titus Tye, escaped slave who fought gallantly against slavery during the Revolutionary War with the British. Additionally, it is where the direct descendants of Peter Rock the II facilitated the escape of enslaved individuals and led native uprisings, compelling local enslavers in Holmdel, Shrewsbury, and Tinton Falls to issue manumission papers in 1824 through 1826 to both indentured Natives and Africans.

Click the link  and scroll down to see a mini-doc on Black Natives of Monmouth County, N.J., on the relaunched Echo online newspaper site.

Furthermore, it is the final resting place of Lenni Lenape and Cherokee Black war veterans from the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and up to Desert Storm, at Pine Brook Church Burial Ground, Shadow Rest, and Ruffin Family Burial Ground in what is now known as Tinton Falls, NJ.

Please enjoy Montana Native Rapper Supaman



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