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Now is Not the Time

May 23, 2024

Urgent Report


Picture Source: Wix Media

Black parents pray differently for their children than do white parents. Both sets of parents pray that their children are safe, healthy, and achieve their goals. However, Black parents add, “And please, Lord, don’t let my daughter get slammed on the ground or my son get shot by the police today.” Let me say for the record that the vast majority of police officers are good and decent civil servants. They put their lives on the line in protecting and serving the public. However, there is that minority that gives them all a bad name. That minority is too many. All it takes is one member of that minority that is having a bad day, and one bullet that hits its mark.

According to certain studies, Black male children are perceived as adults in the minds of some individuals.

Black females are not feared, so our daughters may get abused, slammed to the ground, or beaten, but our sons are feared. You see, a police officer cannot get away with saying he feared for his life with an unarmed female. With Black men, well, that is a whole different story. Why am I telling you what you already know? Well, let me tell you something you may not know. Donald Trump said that if he is elected as president of these United States, he will give police complete immunity.

This, no doubt, is a response to the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis, Minnesota in which Mr. Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin. This murder was an egregious act of disregard for human life. This act was committed when the police did not have complete immunity. Imagine what will happen when they do. This is his dog whistle response to Black Lives Matter. Now, anyone who has been paying just a minuscule amount of attention to Trump knows that he is racist. Now, he wants to empower racist police to patrol with impunity. This desire of his is a direct hit on our inner cities and our children. Picture Source: Clay Banks Wix Unsplash Media

For those who may say, “Sir, you do not understand that it is impossible for him to do that. It goes against the rule of law. No one is above the law!” To that I say, “Really? Is that why the Supreme Court is currently hearing the abominable claim that Trump may be immune from prosecution for breaking the law?” The Supreme Court is actually considering giving Trump immunity. May I suggest there are no more rules of law? Police receiving absolute immunity is not a far-fetched reality. We are living in different and dangerous times. The rule of law is fluid in the hands of corrupt men.

Picture Source Wix Media

Black males makeup about 6% of the population yet are murdered by police at twice the rate of white males, who make up 31%. According to Mapping Police Violence, a non-profit group that tracks police shootings, 27% of police shootings were perpetrated against Black males. Despite being 31% of the population, white males are shot by police at about 13%, half the number of Black males. The math does not add up, but the fear and racism does.

If you are the parent of a Black or Brown child, you cannot afford to be political. If your husband, brother, nephew, cousin, or friend is Black or Brown, this is not a time to be political. To my Black and Brown brothers and sisters who are Republican, this is not the time to be political. Black and Brown lives are at stake. You cannot be my friend and tell me you love me, and vote for a person that will endanger my son. Love me enough, to lose an election. Again, our Black and Brown females are in danger as well, but for obvious reasons, our sons are endangered even more. To my white republican friends who say you love me and my family, prove it. To my Black republican friends, this is not the time. I know you love your children more than you love your party. My brothers and sisters, this is not the time to be party loyal. This is simply not the time.

Black parents pray differently……


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