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The Relaunched Echo's N.J.'s Oldest Black-owned Newspaper February 2024 Edition With The Hilarious Mr. David Reevey.

Dear readers of the relaunched Echo, the Echo is proud to share the culturally seasoned humor of Mr. David Reevey. Reevey is the direct descendent of Cherokee Chief William Reevey of Reeveytown, New Jersey. He conveys a reflection of Black humor from Monmouth County, allowing one to think and laugh simultaneously. To learn more about Mr. Reevey, please click the link. Now, with any further ado, please enjoy the humor of Reeveyism 101 2024 with Mr. David Reevey. To learn more about David Reevey please click link here: 

"When You Suck At Your Job:"

"Good morning.

Public Service Message:

Y'all too old to be blaming your actions on your zodiac sign.

Go find a therapist!"

Ash Wednesday Is February 14, 2024

"Ran Up In Shoprite And Saw This Dude:"

"I Am Everyday People."

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