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Further Evidence Of Cicalese's Desecration At Historic African And 1st Nation Burial Grounds.

Updated: May 25

The above picture (2019) before Rock Family Cemetary Care maintenance for that day at Ruffin Cemetery. Before Cicalese removed trees in the back of the photo & began uprooting other family members' tombstones in 2022.

On Sunday, January 22, 2023, a group of Pine Brook neighbors, concerned citizens, and more family members came out to investigate the old churchyards at Ruffin Court Pine Brook/Tinton Falls, NJ. Visitors were astounded at witnessing the evidence of bodies stacked upon bodies at Ruffin Cemetary adjacent to Shadow Rest plus Pine Brook Cemetary. Fragments of mysterious bones were found scattered on the ground. One family member came out with a co-worker the previous week and was shocked when she could not locate her grandmother's grave and other family members' tombstones. The woman was devastated to the soul as she and her co-worker witnessed freezer truck after freezer truck after freezer truck from N.Y. drive in, dumping off human remains. Cicalese's primarily Mexican workers and a few straggly looking Black workers uncaringly dumped human remains into the privately owned churchyard.

Some family members called in as far away as California utilizing family members' phones to witness the devastation of one of the oldest churchyards in Monmouth County, NJ desecration by Cicalese and the N.J. Board of Cemeteries, who empowered him to do so. Despite knowing that the site was indeed a private family-owned graveyard. As the crowd further investigated the site, family members soon realized that their ancestors' tombstones were pulled up and placed on the other side of the churchyard grounds, leaving said bodily remains to be layered upon up to two to three different persons' remains. Not even related to them. The unprofessional, criminal, racist behavior of Cicalese, who supposedly owns 300 other churchyards thanks to the N.J. Board of Cemeteries, can be easily assessed.

NJ Board of Cemeteries Acting Director Cari Faris

As the group came together to console one other at witnessing such a travesty of injustice and disrespect towards African Americans & 1st Nation people, further appalling stories were shared. In the presence of visiting Tinton Falls Council President and Lady Co-Chair whose eyes shared the deep disappointment of witnessing such wreckless behavior of Cicalese's ungodly handy work. Witnesses confirmed each other's stories of how Cicalese would come out to the grounds while they were visiting their family members' graves with his Middle Eastern Stakeholders to harass them off of the property as if they were foreigners.

The crowd shared how huge trucks would suddenly appear from the rear of the old Ruffin graveyard—speeding down the old dirt road intimidatingly. Plus, driving over graves uncaringly. As the council president and lady co-chair listen to the atrocious harassing stories about Cicalese, suddenly, out of nowhere in everybody's presence, two big Black 2022 Chevrolet Silverados coming from the back of a privately owned cemetery came speeding down the old Ruffin Court dirt road. With one driving up on burial grounds and then back on dirt road intimidatingly in the presence of visitors plus Tinton Falls Council President and Lady Co-Chair.

Legal actions are taking place to get Cicalese and his thugs, including his Middle Eastern stakeholders, off the grounds and sued for punitive and compensatory damages for direct descendants of a historic, privately owned churchyard and community members. Governor Murphy should be ashamed of himself.

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