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A protest gathering regarding the desecration made by Louis Cicalese Burial Services, who illegally accessed operations and management of Ruffin & Pine Brook Cemetery. Thanks to the use of the confederate Black code "Latches Law," also known as "Slumbering Law," And clear non-compliances with the separation of church & state protocol. The Board of N.J. Cemeteries illegally without regard or respect towards historic church yards or Ruffin landownership, proof has allowed the unthinkable. Above mentioned issues have led to a community protest on behalf of Black & 1st Nation land rights and environmental pollution threats concerning water aqueducts located under swampland at the historic Pine Brook/Tinton Falls area.

Black history and 1st Nation history matters! And the evidence of said history can be confirmed by the existence of the before-mentioned sacred burial grounds. Unfortunately, thanks to specific policy measures such as:

  • The disinvestment in Black communities

  • Black code usage for housing and subsidized mixed-income & projects.

  • Exuberant fines over nonviolent non-drug-related offenses.

  • The closing down of major industries such as Fort Monmouth, Marlboro Hospital, etc.

  • Downsizing or merging local workplaces once occupied by Black citizens as the majority-minority. Now compete with a strategically insourced workforce that's given preferential treatment.

  • The Cradle to Prison Pipeline plus

  • Mass Incarceration for not being able to pay a fine.

Long-term historic Black churches that traditionally once had both the manpower plus monetary resources to care for churchyards plus HBCUs consistently. Have been devastated emotionally and economically, along with the rest of Black America, for the last 50 yrs. And because of this unaddressed subjugation toward Black citizens, N.J. has once again picked up its confederate belief system in hopes of building "a new economy" with the help of her Jewish, Mexican, and Middle Eastern specializations interest groups which are racist by nature. By strategically gerrymandering Black citizens out of Monmouth County on purpose. At the same time, she is working against Black citizenships here in N.J. in a seditious illegal manner. Hence, because of New Jersey's long-term race-targeted policies towards her Black citizens, historic African American Churches are at risk of closing and churchyards are being trashed. Encroachment issues and structural racism has hindered Black citizens' civil rights enforcement activity, which is against the law.

You have the right to say something about it!

Come and support this worthwhile gathering and make a difference by just showing up!

All caring individuals are welcome!

At: Pine Brook Cemetary Ruffin Court Tinton Falls NJ. When Sunday, January 28, 2023

Time: 1:00 P.M.

Below are reports written in the relaunched Echo, now rebranded as Echo News TV. Thank you in advance for your support!

As Karen said on The Karen Hunter Show w/ Professor Gregg Carr.

"If Zora Didn't Quite, Then I Can't Quite!"

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