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Transparency And Trust: The Benefits Of Full Disclosure In Law And Policy-Making.

Updated: 5 days ago

May 8, 2024

Commentary -

Full disclosure of new laws or policies is vital to American citizens. It is not just a right but a responsibility for citizens to demand this transparency. When the government is transparent about its actions, citizens can hold their representatives accountable and ensure that American citizen's voices are heard. Additionally, full disclosure promotes trust and confidence in the government, as citizens are more likely to support laws and policies when they understand the reasoning behind them. Ultimately, full disclosure is essential for a healthy democracy, as it enables citizens to participate fully in the political process and make informed decisions about the direction of their country.

The relaunched Echo, NJ's oldest Black-owned newspaper, has seriously researched the pros and cons of Sanctuary City and State policies that support Sanctuary Establishments since 2019. We found that Sanctuary Movement enforcement and flooding states with unvetted immigrants directly correlate to American citizens' crisis issues from the 1980s to the present.

We found that these childish treasonous actions of racist evangelicals, their leaders both democratic and republican, plus Hispanic Special Interest Groups resulted in the following:

  • Large numbers of citizens are missing.

  • Increase of child citizens and teenage abduction cases linked to human trafficking.

    • There was a spike in the citizen homelessness crisis that started in California in the 1980s and then spread to other Sanctuary State establishments in the nation.

  • Overpopulation

  • Crack Crisis

  • Gun trafficking crisis

  • The reactivation of Jim Crow policies in Northern states, plus

  • The fentanyl crisis has resulted in the deaths of citizens.

Although many influential White and Black Americans supported the Sanctuary Movement. No one thoroughly disclosed the deadly chain of events that would follow by allowing millions of unvetted immigrants into the country to the general American public. As adults, it is our responsibility to understand new policies that may sound very Christian initially but, in fact, have allowed both immigrant children and American children to be sold into slavery.

Uncovering the truth is a noble pursuit and a personal journey that can transform our lives. It equips us with the knowledge to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions, avoiding misunderstandings, preventing conflicts, and solving problems more effectively. Moreover, the pursuit of truth can be a source of personal empowerment, making us feel more confident, secure, and at peace with ourselves and the world around us. When we have a clear understanding of what is happening, we can take steps to improve our lives and the lives of those around us by enforcing the law. Ultimately, the pursuit of truth is essential not just for personal growth but also for social progress and a better future for all.

Understanding Friendenemies

It's a reality that politicians may say one thing and do another. They may do this for various reasons, such as trying to gain support from conflicting groups or dealing with unexpected challenges.  They may even change their positions due to new information or shifts in public opinion or personal beliefs. However, it's crucial to remember that this behavior isn't exclusive to politicians. Many people, regardless of their profession or status, may act similarly. While it can be disheartening when politicians don't follow through on their promises, we must not lose sight of our responsibility to hold them accountable. We must continue to advocate for the issues and values that protect all American citizens, including Black Americans. Then constructive plus positive change can happen for all.



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