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Unveiling the April Black Beauty of The Relaunched Echo 2024: The Elegant Ms. Sophia Marie Scott.

April 15, 2024

Please welcome Miss. Sophia Marie Scott, the Black Beauty of the Month for Echo News T.V. L.L.C.! The Great Great Granddaughter of Mr. William Elijah Rock, the founder of "The Echo," NJ's oldest Black-owned newspaper est. 1904. We are thrilled to have you here and excited to hear more about your book, "I'm Rooting For You!" Your inspiring story and message of healing through pain is something that we can all relate to and learn from.

Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition! Sincerely, Karen Brittingham-Edmond

About Sophia

Sophia's family history is truly inspiring and a testament to the value of family. She comes from a large family with five siblings, one of whom is in Texas. Sophia grew up with a mother and two fathers who taught her Christ's ways and the church's importance. Her upbringing was filled with a variety of music, and being the oldest of her siblings and cousins, she was a natural leader. Despite facing challenges in fulfilling her leadership potential, Sophia persevered and became the leader she was meant to be.

What does springtime mean for author Sophia Scott?

Sophia shared that springtime means renewal and new beginnings to her. It's a time to shake off the dust of winter and explore the beauty around us. Sophia believes it's important to reflect on how we use our time and what we prioritize, as our private actions will eventually come to light.

Sophia believes that African American women must have self-confidence. She encourages others to validate themselves before seeking validation from others. Sophia finds inspiration in her faith and currently finds comfort in Exodus 14:14 A.M.P. and Romans 8:28 N.I.V.

What inspired Sophia to write the book "I'm Rooting For You!"

Sophia's book, "I'm Rooting For You," was born out of a painful experience that she turned into a positive and transformative one. She believes that life's struggles often hold the key to our life's purpose and encourages others to use their pain to inspire positive changes in their own lives.

Let's extend our heartfelt congratulations to Sophia for being featured as the April 2024 Black Beauty of the Month in the relaunched Echo. You may click the link to learn more about Sophia's book, "I'm Rooting For You!"


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