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Uncovering Deep-Seated Prejudices and Confederate Sympathizers: A Closer Look at Core Supporters of The Christian Coalition. And why Donald Trump is their Great White Hope.

July 4, 2024

Commentary & Facts

Good afternoon. Today's chat is in reaction to the relaunched Echo's Facebook supporters' concerns about Donald Trump, the man.

The friends of the relaunched Echo are questioning why there are so many Trump supporters in America in 2024. I responded that this phenomenon is the result of a long-term bias strategy set in motion in the 1970s by certain evangelical groups, who formed The Christian Coalition in the 1990s and feared the power of the Black vote. In their fear, they conjured up a ridiculous plan to temporarily fool the masses.

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The Making of Donald Trump

The Christian Coalition, established in 1990 by Pat Robertson of the 700 Club after his unsuccessful presidential campaign, is a grassroots organization. Its mission is to provide a platform for religious conservatives who justify the history of slavery in America back into the political sphere. Many of its core supporters were sympathetic to the Confederate causes and held deep-seated prejudices not only against Black Americans but also against revered leaders such as Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King.

Black leaders were instrumental in advocating for the enforcement of laws granting full citizenship rights to Black Americans, whose ancestors endured chattel slavery and were made free per historical records of The Civil War Victory in 1863 confirmed in The American Constitution. These Black leaders provided strong advocacy for pass-due reparations for Black citizens. (On a side note: Black citizens were also called negros, colored people, Black Indians, plus Afro-Americans in the past in North America.) The evangelical coalition's earlier initiative, The Sanctuary Movement, initiated in 1970, was a strategy aimed at replacing the Civil Rights Movement and blocking the power of Black voters by flooding non-citizens, legal or illegal, into America to become citizens.

These individuals were mainly sourced from nations that were historically allied with Confederates. Or who deems Black North Americans as under them. No respect for Black lives but are more than happy to step in and occupy and obtain resources, benefits, and opportunities that would have properly advanced Black citizens. On a side note, the same non-Black minorities stand with racist White America's belief that Black citizens should not be given their owed reparations. Please review The Pew Research Survey and click the link to see who in America is for Black citizens obtaining their reparations and who is not in 2021. (This is some more American history that isn't taught in schools, but it would be helpful to know. Because ignorance isn't bliss, it's dangerous.) Picture Source Anthony Massey Wix Unsplashed Media

But there's more. The Christian Coalition and other racially motivated groups, both White and Brown, not only aimed to suppress the Black vote but also sought to transfer the majority of the rights, resources, and reparations owed to Black citizens to the insourced populations. Something we now call "gentrification. What is gentrification? Gentrification is the transformation of a low-income urban neighborhood that has been historically devalued due to discriminatory policies, such as Jim Crow, Redlining, and Black Codes, which systematically undermined its economic potential. This process usually involves real estate developers, known as "Urban Renewal Developers," revamping the area and attracting wealthier residents and their insourced employees, plus their insourced employee's families, often leading to the displacement of the current population.


This influential group of racists named The Christian Coalition had a treasonous ideology concerning Black citizen's advancement. This means business grants, home ownership, and quality job opportunities, etc., etc. would systematically jump over a portion of Black citizens by design. Which is illegal, but there's nobody to enforce the law on behalf of Black citizens 100% since the 1968. Because of the duplicity effect of changing Black institution's original mission statements from: "In Concern of the Negro." To "In Concern of Everybody." The remarkable aspect of the Christian Coalition's persuasion of Black institutions, through the philosophy of Colorblindness, was that it advocated for all people of color & non-Black minorities instead of solely focusing on African American crisis issues, which surprisingly worked. With the help of insourced people of color outside of the United States, entering the country as operatives basically. Moreover, by bringing insourced populations, political special interest groups to push their agenda above Black citizen crisis issues. Then, joining plus influencing Black institutions such as the NAACP, Black Churches, and political organizations that initially threw their support behind to protect Black Americans successfully fooled nonracist Americans plus Black citizens. It's like waking up one day and realizing that you just had a visit from the Klu Klux Klan and your not happy about it.

The 50-year skeem worked like stealing candy from a baby. This led to Trump, an adulterer, insurrectionist, racist, plus world-class liar, becoming president in 2017, approximately 47 years later as planned. And then running again for the office of the president of the United States with immunity. (And when non-racist Americans becomes aware of this 50-year scam, let's say change is gonna come and that right quickly!) Hence, any strategy that diverts the majority of resources intended for a specific group of American citizens to a broader insourced audience ultimately disempowers the original intended beneficiaries. Which is treason.

Mass Incarceration who started it?

The Christian Coalition's policies have had a significant impact on the Black community, leading to overpopulation and environmental degradation, as well as an increase in crime and gang activity influenced by outside cultures not directly descended from Black Americans. It is important to recognize that these outcomes are not inherent to Black American culture but rather a result of external influences such as the Christian Coalition and other organizations that support Confederate agendas. To both entrap and block future Black American Leaders as soon as they graduate high school as seen by the example of the prison industrial complexes stats. Then inturn diverting higher educational resources rightfully owed to Black Americans to anybody else. (Gif Provided by Wix Media)

Through it all, Trump has always been the founder of The Sanctuary Movement and Christian Coalition's White Hope. Waiting in the shadows to emerge and ultimately act like he's the white guy for the job of president. And that he had nothing to do with the border crisis and evil evangelicals' treasonous plan against Black citizens' futures. But just like every crummie plan falls apart when the light of truth is shed, so will the Anti-Christian Coalition's perverse desires and treasonous plans fall like the house of cards their organization is. And don't worry the Christian Coalition won't repent because they truly believe that what's right is White. But at least we all know where to obtain money for Black citizens reparations.

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The Need To Relaunch The Radical Republican Party

The need to revive the Radical Republican Party is becoming increasingly apparent, particularly in light of the influence of certain Confederate-friendly political organizations, such as the Democratic Party's non-protection of their Black constituents rights. Historically, the Republican Party had strong support from Black citizens, but this support has waned as the party aligned itself with figures such as Pat Robertson instead of continuing in the spirit of Radical Republicans. The Christian Coalition's dominance over the current Republican Party has been a long-term plan supported by evangelicals, aiming to subjugate Black citizens. The Christian Coalition, with its substantial membership and influence over the last 47 years, exerts significant control over legislation and policy direction within the party. This influence has grown steadily, as evidenced by the substantial increase in donations over the years. This poses a challenge that must be addressed. It's important to have diverse political parties to choose from because it allows for a broader range of perspectives and ideas to be represented in the political process. This can lead to more dynamic and inclusive political discourse, giving American voters more options to find a party that aligns with their values and beliefs. A greater diversity of parties can also help prevent polarization and promote cooperation and justice in the government.

Why is it important for Black Americans to vote?

It is important for Black Americans to vote because voting is a fundamental right that allows individuals to have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. Historically, Black Americans have fought hard for the right to vote, and exercising this right is a way to honor the sacrifices made by those who came before us. Additionally, voting allows Black Americans to have a voice in shaping policies that impact issues such as civil rights, social justice, environmental safety, economic equality, and education. By participating in the democratic process, Black Americans can work towards creating positive change and ensuring that their concerns are represented in government.

Please enjoy "What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July?: Descendants of Frederick Douglas Read His Speech. Click link below Wix Media GIF of Frederick Douglas's Great, Great, Great, Grandchildren.


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