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Trumpageddon Hits Capitol Building Last Week Activating A Troop Of Enraged Trumpers !

Updated: May 25

Picture Sources: Amazon Book Store & Wix Unsplash Media

Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, hoping to block President-Elect Joe Biden's ratification. Many theorists believe that the last straw that broke the proverbial camel's back for White supremacists was how Black voters could strategically organize and successfully come out to elect Joe Biden for president. Despite the numerous firewalls that disingenuous lawmakers sought to have in place that should have discouraged African American voters, primarily in the south & mid-west from succeeding.

Biden received an overwhelming amount of the Black vote on Election Day Tuesday, November 3, 2020. A report by Adam Harris titled Black Voters Saved Biden's Campaign in The Atlantic shares that "61 percent of Black voters supported Biden. Three days later, on Super Tuesday, Biden won 10 states—with overwhelming support from Black voters." With Biden's win, he historically ushers in the first Black woman Vice President Kamala Harris. And racist White people & their cohorts are pissed.

For a portion of Americans who are not racist, Biden Harris's win was just fantastic. Unfortunately for extreme racists in the country, said Biden Harris, victory was the beginning of the apocalypse. Initially, when viewing the onslaught of thousands of racist Americans attacking the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, it seemed laughable. People dressed up in strange customs, waving huge confederate flags, and literally climbing the Capitol Building walls was amazingly embarrassing for most citizens, in my opinion.

The rabble-rousers demographic was made up mostly of White men and women with their children. Black journalists such as Roland Martin of "Roland Martin Unfiltered" & Don Lemon of "CNN" shared per their news broadcast that they were not surprised about the attack on the Capitol Building. Lemon said on a recent news broadcast that "the writing was on the wall" thanks to the ongoing instigations made by 45. Another case and a point have to do with journalist Roland Martin's investigative reporting on "Trumpism" and "racism" for the last four years.

Roland Martin's TVOne report on November 22, 2016, interview with White Nationalist Richard Spencer revealed how Trump's instigations of fake news gave fodder to Neo-Nazi Groups and White Supremacist from all walks of life to organize and prepare for a race war. Another fact is with

  • The advent of camera phones catching domestic terrorist attacking citizens

  • Studies on mass incarceration

  • Studies on the rise of homelessness & systematic poverty of the Black population in America

Plus, other horrendous efforts activated by systematic racism measures since the 70s to purposely disenfranchise and undermine Black citizenship have awakened their fellow Americans that Black people have been telling the truth the entire time. White supremacist organizations are terrorists!

According to a Psychology Today News Article written by Dr. Alexander Danvers titled The U.S. Capitol Rioters' Deeper Cause/ What Harper Lee and Kate Manne teach us about Trump's coup attempt. Stated that "Trump supporters rioted, attacking police, breaking into Capitol and planting improvised explosive devices (IEDs)." The report further noted that "there was also evidence that homegrown terrorists intended to take hostages and to stage a coup." Dr. Danvers's articles provide evidence of the dangers that can happen when a president instigates an uprising by sharing non-truths that incite a group of people to act out treasonous behavior against the government.

Per some reports, police officers, firefighters, and politicians were in the pack of insurrectionists. Already, the mainstream news media is calling the participants of White supremacist insurrectionists who stormed the Capital Building last week just "protestors." Instead of the homegrown terrorists they are. There's no way to hide the stain of treason. Or how DJ Khaled would say, "Congratulations, America, you played yourself."

Despite all the shenanigans performed by Trumpers, the facts are that misbehaving Republicans and their cohorts were able to

  • Run amuck throughout the Capitol Building

  • Take selfies in legislative offices and loot

  • Fight police officers publicly

But most of all, made an ass of themselves for all the world to see on television with no real reprisal for their bad behavior. Word on the street is that FBI agents are visiting people's homes suddenly and arresting them as they should. But please believe this is only the beginning of their inauspicious attempts to have the South rise again. On a side note, I can't wait to see what will happen when the reparations bill passes.

Thanks for reading. Please remember what James Brown sang when you find yourself in the company of Trumpers. Their just "Talking Loud And Saying Nothing." Looking forward to your feedback, and God bless!

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