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The Flip Da Script III Justice For Joshua Event, Promoted by Mr. Rodney Stanton, Was A Success!

September 26, 2023,

Justice for Joshua McMillian-Johnson Sunset January 3, 2020

The Flip Da Script Justice For Joshua III event, coordinated by Mr. Rodney Stanton and hosted at the Factory Fuel Coffee House graciously shared by owners Jared and Julianne Oberman on September 15th and 16th, was a great success. The event drew support from local Hunterdon County vendors, plus Rock and Jazz musicians from Flemington, N.J. The event was created to bring awareness to the public concerning the injustice and possible murder of Joshua Johnson, a former inmate of Northern State Prison in Newark, N.J. Joshua Wayne McMillian-Johnson was a semi-pro basketball player with a psychology degree. With whom had no criminal history. Johnson found himself locked up in jail for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Per Joshua's mother, N.J.'s Criminal Justice System beefed up charges against young Mr. Johnson, who, while imprisoned, was sent from jail to jail and viciously attacked, plus given 1000 days in administrative segregation. You can only imagine the anticipation that he and his family members looked forward to seeing each other as he served his remaining 400 days in prison. Until the fatal news call on January 3, 2020. Northern State Prison called Ms. April to tell her that her 6ft. 3inch 240-pound son was found hung with an 18-inch fabric from a light fixture bolted against a wall, which is impossible per most logical calculations. Significantly, when the coroner's office received young Joshua's body, it concluded that it was rope burns around young Joshua's neck, not the fabric from his bed.

Flip Da Script Promoter And Prison Reform Activist Brother Rodney Staton above to the left.

Unfortunately, young Joshua's story concerning the New Jersey prison system is not unique. Countless complaints of prisoners' civil and human rights, such as being beaten and left to die, are underreported. Especially when the report concerns N.J.'s longtime Black citizen children and young adults. Local community members like Mr. Stanton and mothers like Mrs. April Johnson, plus business owners like the Obermans, are taking a stand for change. And we here at the relaunched Echo find it a privilege and an honor to share their intimate stories of truth-telling and public advocacy, which can result in healing on behalf of the public—coupled with a good cup of coffee.

To learn more about inmate abuse in the United States, please click the link below:

The Flip Da Script Event pulled in just under $2,800 - $661 was received per donations given at the door. An empathetic supporter provided a one-time donation of $2000; additional contributions were shared, which provided resources to support The Justice for Joshua Grassroot initiative that seeks to change the narrative and build awareness regarding inmate abuse and the need for prison reform now. Big thanks to Tiasia Newman, a reporter for the relaunched Echo, who assisted with building awareness in regard to the incident. While informing readers that Black women experience misogynoir when seeking help or empathy, especially when dealing with the criminal justice system here in N.J. As a result of Newman sharing the article in the relaunched Echo titled "Ms. April: A Black Mother's Story Who Refuses To Let Northern State Prison Facility Break Her Soul!" on September 10, 2023. Coupled with citizen grassroots involvement from "Justice For Joshua" and Sister Mumtah of "Beyond Clouds" Mrs. April received a call from a very influential legal team wherein Mrs. Johnson may become a prospective client on behalf of her beloved son Joshua's sudden demise while incarcerated.

Ms. Tiasia Newman, Echo News TV L.L.C. reporter, standing next to Joshua's mom, Ms. April Johnson,

dawning a Tiasia Newman Vintage Brothel Apparel.

On a side note, this unfortunate event may lead to N.J.'s Black citizens having access to alternative legal teams that are not intimidated or undermined by biased local state criminal justice system plus parole boards' (i.e., mass incarceration & debtor prison policymakers plus enforcers) strongholds that block one too many Black citizens from fair and unhinged access to legal representation. As well as block descent lawyers from doing their jobs effectively and fairly for all people, including Black citizens. Please enjoy footage from the event as we continue to uplift Ms. April in prayer so that she may find justice for Joshua with the support plus help of Hunterdon County, Activist Rodney Stanton, plus business owners Jared and Julianne Oberman of the Factory Fuel Coffee House located in Flemington N.J.

If you have a story you would like to share about yourself, a family member, or a church or community member experienced in the N.J. Criminal Justice System. Good or bad. Feel free to contact the relaunched Echo, N.J.'s oldest Black-owned newspaper since 1904, to share your commentary, report, or poetry.

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