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Sunday Humor With The Relaunched Echo's Retired Vet David Reevey: Reevyism 101 2024 Plus Classic Black Jazz Ensembles To Set The Mood!

January 21, 2024

"Reeveyism...It's good for ya!"

Dear readers of the relaunched Echo, the Echo is proud to share the culturally seasoned humor of Mr. David Reevey. Reevey is the direct descendent of Cherokee Chief William Reevey of Reeveytown, New Jersey. He conveys a reflection of Black humor from Monmouth County, allowing one to think and laugh simultaneously. To learn more about Mr. Reevey, please click the link. Now, with any further ado, please enjoy the humor of Reeveyism 101 2024 with Mr. David Reevey. To learn more about David Reevey please click link here:

Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five - "Five Guys Named Moe"

Good morning.


So what's stopping, money, time,

kids or is it simply the excuses you create?

Get off your....and do it! Be the best you!

Good morning.


"You been half naked the entire last year on social media & your still single. Sis get dressed."

Your Feet's Too Big | Fats Waller | Storyville Records

Good morning


"Fellas if your relationship is messed up don't just blame her bruh...remember it takes two! Blame her and her punk a** best friend giving her the advice. It ain't you!"

James Hubert Eubie Blake - Chevy Chase (1914)

"This is how it was going to school, back in my day during snow storms!

At least what I remember when telling youngsters..."  

David Reevey Humor

A humorous share from Mr. Robert Williams Films for football fans.

"Good morning.

January 16, 2024


You have 168 hours in week but you sell 40 of your hours to your job for the amount on your pay check! You have 128 hours left in same week but you spend 42 hours sleeping.

You now have only 86 hours left in the week that you spend awake to do what ever you want but you choose to complain about the 40 hours you sold? Make it make sense!

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