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Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Addendum: The request was received on Feb 7, 2023, to remove Carrie Ruffin Jone's name per the article. KBE 2/9/2023

Deadline Feb 8, 2023, Click on the below complaint doc link in blue. - Fill out the form - Save and email to N.J. Board of Cemeteries Secretary Ellen Green

Because of the ongoing desecration of the historic Ruffin Family Cemetary located on Ruffin Court, Tinton Falls, NJ, legal advisor Sean Byrnes Esq is requesting that every family who has a family member buried at Ruffin Family Cemetary adjacent to Shadow Rest and Pine Brook Cemeteries submit the above complaint document to The NJ Board of Cemeteries by Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023. And to call Louise Cicalese's place of business located off of Apple Street in Tinton Falls, NJ, and demand to know when is his next Cemetary Lot Owners Meeting so that the relatives of desecrated burial grounds can vote him out of being President and Trustee of Cemeteries in N.J. He and his business partner Michael Baratta are accused of selling human body parts of deceased loved ones without permission or religious authority for profit.

Above a young woman shares how an Cicalese Burial site unearthed her grandmothers' bodily remains. Almost immediately after, the deceased grandmother was buried.

Please send a message that we don't care about him, his criminally associated friends, plus Cicalese's and Baretta's N.Y. or Long Island fiens. Cicalese, who should be called Sick-o-lease, has dumped more than 700 human remains in the cemetery from other states and areas unceremoniously. He has uprooted headstones of Black family's parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, plus dignitaries. Cicalese has done all this reckless, unethical course of action without the plot owner's heirs' approval. And you can make him stop if you a family member declare your plot owner heirs authority.

What's a plot owner:

A plot owner is the direct heir of a person buried at a cemetery. Cemetery owners cannot prevent plot holders from erecting markers, entering the grounds, or interring family members in their own plots. If a plot owner dies intestate, the rights to the plot pass to the heirs in the same manner that Personal Property passes in the absence of a will. A gravestone or marker is the personal property of the person who places it near a grave, and its ownership is given to this person's heirs.

This means every family member of a person buried at Ruffin Family Cemetary plus Pine Brook and Shadow Rest can make a difference by simply filling out the attached document and sending the said complaint to the attention of NJ Board of Cemeteries Board Secretary Ellen Green. Whose email is:

NJ Board of Cemeteries Complaint form:

This devil must be stopped and put under our feet. He's been accused of hiring known body part dealers at his establishments.

Above a woman testifying in court in regards body parts case at a Cicalese Cemetary in NJ

In addition to the above News 12 N.J. Report, "Louis Cicalese and his partner Michael Baratta used fraud and deceit to wrest control of the cemetery and have turned it into a for-profit enterprise that sells cheap burials by the hundreds through New York and Long Island funeral homes."

Sample template:

My name is ____________. I am the direct relative of_______________. The governing parties are allowing the desecration of an over 200-year-old African American, Lenni-Lenape, plus a Christian burial ground, which is despicable. I want Cicalese and Baratta banned off of the property along with any affiliate with whom they associate themselves to never, never, never be allowed to enter the property again. Effective immediately. Especially those affiliated with all Cicalese and Baratta burial services.

Thank you kindly,



Cicalese's mailing address is Pine Brook Cemetery Corp 501C3 P.O. Box 8295, Red Bank, NJ 07701-8295 below link has additional info:

A few of the names buried at the site are:

Hattie & Louis Reed, William Reed, Oliver Reed, William Elijah Rock, founder of The Echo Press NJ's oldest Black-own Newspaper 1904 & Annie Bowles-Rock children plus great grandparents are buried at Ruffin Private Family Cemetery; Leroy Rock, Cassie Richardson Rock, Jestina B. Christian, Mamie Christian, Jason Jones Long Branch High School Valedictorian 1981, Anna Massey, George Carl, Berry L Christian, Mary Hawkins, Daniel McGuire, Raymond Hayes, Helen Jackson, William H. Manuel, Frederick Hammond-Gray II, John Francis Berry, Cicely Fox, Benjamin Wilson, Pelvin Rodgers, Samuel H. Schanck, Ruth Lee-Castle-Gray, mother of Frederick Hammond, Marie Alfred Williams, Whites, Samuels, Reid, Schenck, and many more.

Plus, others whose gravestones are missing. Normally when family members come out, they recognize that their family member's tombstone or burial site has been tampered with in one way or another. Echo News TV expresses our sincere sympathy regarding the current travesties at cemeterial grounds.

Next meeting at Ruffin Court cross street Squankum Rd Pine Brook/Tinton Falls NJ. Sunday, Feb 12, 2023, at 2:30 P.M. Come out in person or by phone to see for yourself. Bring tissues. You will need them.


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