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"Pass the Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill!" Alert From The Office of Ben Crump Law PLLC

"Federal lawmakers started talking about passing an Anti-Black Hate Crime bill in 2015, right after a white supremacist, Dylan Roof, killed nine innocent Black souls at a Charleston church … … but nothing happened. Seven years later, Black people still lack necessary protections against hate and violence. After the May 14, 2022, horrifying mass murder of Black shoppers at a Buffalo supermarket, we have a renewed opportunity to finish what we started.

Congress passed an Anti-Asian hate crime bill just last year. Now they need to pass an Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill too. Ten innocent souls died in Buffalo. How many more will die before we finally get these necessary protections?

Email your Congressperson today to implore that they use whatever influence they have to tell America we need to pass this bill because Black America is suffering right now.

We must know that our top leaders react and respond when we are hurt, too, like they acted and responded when others were hurt."

U.S. Senator Cory Booker - Phone: (973) 639-8700 Tweet: @SenBooker Email:

U.S. Congressmen Christopher H. Smith Phone: (732) 780-3035 Email:

State Senators & Members of the Assembly in Monmouth County's Districts

District 11 Senator: Vin Gopal Phone: (732) 695-3371 - Email:

Assemblywoman: Kimberly Eulner Ph: (732) 268-8968 Email: Assemblywoman: Marilyn Piperno Ph: (732) 268-8968 Email:

District 12 Senator: Samuel D. Thompson Ph: (732) 607-7580

District 13 Senator: Declan J. O'Scanlon Ph: (732) 444-1838 Email:'scanlon/contact Assemblyman: Gerard Scharfenberger, Ph.D. Ph: (732) 856-9294 - Email: Assemblywoman: Vicky Flynn Ph: (732) 856-9833 Email:

District 30 Senator: Robert W. Singer Ph: (732) 987-5669 - Email: Assemblyman: Sean T. Kean Ph: (732) 974-0400 - Email: Assemblyman: Edward H. Thomson Ph : (732) 974-0400 - Email:

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