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Now That Trump Is Leaving The White House Can We Get His Professional Grifters To Leave Our County?

On November 3, Americans took to the streets like bats out of hell to vote or encouraged other citizens who typically don't vote to vote! Per Time Magazine's Olivia B Waxman November 5 report, states that "more Americans voted in 2020-than in any other election in U.S. history." Approximately 160 million people voted. When all was said and done, former Vice President Joe Biden became America's newly elected president of the United States.

But here's the thing: Although President Trump was defeated, he and his followers have no intention of quietly leaving the playing field. Per some psychologists, Trump's followers share his cognitive dissonance way of thinking. And they have no plans on changing. And in some ways, that's good because now Black citizenship can see clearly who they are working with. And who's genuinely working against them.

Although Trump lost support from voters 45 years and older, many educated working class Whites and Latinos voted for him overwhelmingly. And like a Tammy Wynette song, Trump voters are standing by their man! Per an article in Psychology Today by David P. Barash, Ph.D., titled "Social Psychology Sheds Light on the Troubles of Trump Supporters," Dr. Barash explains that it is complicated for people to "hold two contrary notions."

Especially when one believes that they are better than other people.

Article shares that these people are wrong, but they can not see it because they operate out of their group certified cognitive dissonance.

Dr. Barash uses the example of the Heaven's Gate Cult when describing Trump's followers.

The article states, "In their book, Mistakes Were Made, But Not by Me, psychologists Elliot Aronson and Carol Tavris tell some revealing stories" that correlate to the thinking that Trump followers exhibit. "For example, members of the doomsday cult Heaven's Gate believed that the Hale Bopp comet would be followed by an alien spaceship that would rescue true believers such as themselves from imminent catastrophe. They pooled their money and bought a fancy telescope to observe the great event but shortly after that attempted to return the telescope, claiming it was defective because they couldn't see the spaceship. And after that, they died by suicide." The moral of the story is that when groups of people are in a cognitive dissonance state of mind aided with racist rhetoric, it's easy to see that the outcome isn't going to be good. Nor are they able to operate in offices of authority with competence because of their delusional thinking.

A portion of White America always knew this segment of society existed. Unfortunately for Black citizenship, the operators of systematic racism work in all spears of our everyday lives. Their judges, senators, police officers, lawyers, teachers, sheriffs, mayors, landlords, and real-estate people. Case and point. Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner's criminal father, Charlie Kushner, owns a variety of mixed-income properties here in Monmouth County that regularly utilizes illegal eviction processes. More low-income white and Black people have moved out of these brand new housing units than in. And frankly, it's because somewhere in HUD's interior branches, they have allowed criminals to manage project housing. And it is not in a criminal's mindset to do a job such as providing homes for the poor, just like it's not in the philosophy of a white supremacist to be the commander and chief of an country care for all their citizenship. It's not in white supremacist to have that level of common decency. The Kushners are causing more homelessness in Monmouth County, just like how Trump caused more COVID patients in the country. Originally it was hard to tell what was happening in our communities. What was the cause that launched the effect of so many homeless Black citizens in county? Plus college dropouts?

Even Michelle Alexander, author of "The New Jim Crow," and ALCU Lawyer admitted that on the surface, even she and her colleagues did not see initially how obviously mass incarceration was just another vestige of systematic slavery playing out in modern times. Criminally-minded racist and their cohorts put in place policies that would lead Black children in particular into a life of purposeful disenfranchisement, homelessness, underachievement, and mass incarceration by design, instead of the pursuit of happiness all in the name of profit and reallocation of resources to others and not Black citizenship. Black leadership should have never allowed these scammers to access such a life-saving resource such as low-income housing for a political bargaining chip. But these scammers came in baring cheap gifts, Black moles, and a lie that sounded nice.

These freaks of nature use a process deeming poor people not eligible for housing because they are poor. Unfortunately, everyone can't steal or prostitute themselves and make it to the top like Kushners have, nor would any sane Christian person want to. Per Bess Levin's article written in Vanity Fair, these people are no more than "professional grifters." Criminals baring cheap gifts to steal from the poor and give to their cohorts who are just as racist as they are, resources that rightfully should have been allocated to Black citizens first and not other minorities. The devils in the details.

But here's the problem many of Trump's people and their cohorts are gatekeepers to ensure that segregation and systematic racism continue to thrive, not just in this country but also in our little quadrant called Monmouth County. Because of these grifters' actions throughout the years, we can better understand why Long Branch Boardwalk looks like a mini-mall with fancy highrises wherein original citizens can't afford or are even invited to live in. All in the name of urban renewal & manifest destiny, even though little to no urbanites dwell therein on the most part.

In the 60s and the 70s, once integrated section eight and project housing afforded Black families a safe and stable place to raise their families. Post the Black codes enforcement of the 30s through the 50s wherewith Black citizens lands were stolen by employing manifest destiny procedures operated through the state. Black landowners experienced high taxes that were designed to push Black farmers, business owners, and homeowners from their homesteads here in Monmouth County. (i.e. Reevey Town) Hence low-income housing that was mostly white in Long Branch, for example, became integrated. Many Black children raised in project housing became the new middle class and leaders in their community despite the pillaging that their people experienced less than 40 years earlier.

Because of the backlash against the Civil Rights Movement's success, political parties and outside interests purposely enacted systematic racist policies that would destroy thousands of Black families, and we have not forgotten our fallen brothers, sisters, and classmates. But we do need to wake up to the idea that everything is not a coincidence. In retrospect, the Black community should be able to see now why HUD was so hell-bent on blocking young Black mothers from obtaining housing and changing housing policies so Black and White poor citizenship would end up in the streets. But not the people coming here from other countries. Or deemed illegal residents.

Just look around. Where are the Black businesses, homeowners, doctors, nurses, teachers, and Black political presence in Monmouth County? (We've been played, and it's time to shake off these grifters' shackles.) They are giving us a few resources so that they can take much? And Black people must look at what is happening and tell the truth and go get their stuff back. Now that White supremacist and their cohorts have clearly shown us that they only have ass for us to kiss. It is time to dust off the old "o-kee-doke" way of thinking and get to the business at hand. And unashamedly, like bats out of hell, dismantle every vestige of systematic racism in this county.

And do not expect people who suffer from cognitive dissonance to be able to do us any good. White supremacists or their self-hating minority cohorts who genuinely believe that they're better than us (when nothing is further from the truth.) Why do we know this? Because these individuals depend and utilize every right and humanity law plus departments (ie, HUD,) that our Black citizenship, the survivors of chattel slavery, and 1st nation genocide made happen. (ie, Civil Rights Movement) Seriously. The first thing Black citizens need to do is remove all laws deeming disenfranchised, stolen from, Black citizenship to have good credit to occupy low-income housing. It's time to stand by our children and say hell no professional grifters, and their cohorts are no longer welcomed to our resources.

Professional grifters and their cohorts are not getting away with this any longer in Monmouth County, and they are going to have to pay us for their treasonous plans against our people. Its time for Black citizens to organize a state-wide petition to make relevant the point that the HUD allocated laws to block poor Black women and their families from housing and distribute to anybody other than them must stop. Black citizens must be allowed to persecute illegal evictions in court to the fullest extent, including reparations to families who were taken advantage of by the design of systematic racism and classism enforcement efforts utilized by the Kushner families and alike.

And we need to thank God that we have a Vice President Kamala Harris in the White House who's familiar with the hate that racist act out but who is also aware of the haughty spirit and self hate that people who believe in a caste system perpetrate. The buck stops here.

Thanks for reading, and remember romanticizing a lie only makes you vulnerable to the lie's goal.

Please enjoy Tye Tribrett's "If he did it before ....Same God"

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