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Updated: Feb 5, 2023

The New Jersey gubernatorial election for governor is scheduled to take place on November 4, 2025. For the last 40 years, N.J.'s democratic & republican parties have acted viciously toward their faithful Black voters by means and ways that can only be described as treasonous and racist. N.J.'s political parties, with the help of her minority special interest groups, have plundered Black citizens' rights and privileges in hopes of creating a new economy. You may ask, what's so bad about a new economy? Well, when it includes insourcing outside countries' workers plus population illegally to make Black citizenship populations in N.J. economically crippled, families homeless, plus votes of no effect. It is seditious in nature. Plus highly premeditatedly done. Moreover, the outright effects of this treasonous debauchery allow racist to freely act out their illegal behavior plus confederate Jim Crow policies without any consequences. Unless Black and sane White citizens stop the clock. There are approximately 1,190,000 Black citizens in NJ. And it's time to do an about-face. And make a difference for our people unashamedly.

As more cases increase, more Black citizens have become homeless, and many cannot access project or federally subsidized housing because of Jim Crow credit checks. That primarily blocks Black citizens from accessing federal housing projects in N.J. A change of guard must be had. New Jerseyans are witnessing increasing reports of missing citizens. As a result, our state is not abiding by federal immigration laws that properly and thoroughly vet all immigrants being allowed to take residence in New Jersey. Knowing that Mexican Human Traffickers in partnership with KKK plus drug cartel organizations in New York and New Jersey endangers citizens' lives. A consequence that could have been avoided if state officials and the justice system had done their jobs. Let's admit that it is time to clean the house in New Jersey. Governors, for example, who allow outside interest groups and their criminal organizations' influence to run roughshod over American citizens' well-being and lives must be stopped.

Murphy and his associates are driving by design more Black families who are long-term citizens out of Monmouth County N.J. Just to be replaced by federal lawbreakers. Because Governor Murphy thinks it's okay for racist big business plus criminally associated White supremacist organizations to act out stupid plans. This, by the way, leaves N.J. and the country in danger if tolerated. On a side note, Murphy was precursor by nine backstabbing racist governors before him. This purposeful action of state-passed policies that push Black citizens out of N.J. has financially crippled the Black economy by design. Plus, set up Black citizens' early demise due to various health factors that lead a portion of vulnerable Black citizens to self-medicate, self-destruct and or act out in risky behavior. That was not their norm before being repeatedly disenfranchised; moreover targeted for homelessness, incarceration, plus overly policed in addition to being overly fined for petty trespasses that others who have outrightly broken federal laws do not have to deal with.

Governor Murphy and his Jewish and Hispanic non-so-called-profiting friends have outrightly interfered with plus pilfered Black citizens' advancement in N.J. At the same time, they were providing rights of protection and advances plus S.B.A. grants and loans to any other minority group besides Black citizens in the long-term. That's why in Black communities today, Mexicans who are here, legally or illegally, or American companies that utilize non-documented workers have access to business loans and grants to set up businesses in Black-populated cities and towns. Much like their Middle Eastern predecessors did in N.J. starting in 1979 as fake republicans groomed Ronald Reagan, a racist actor much like Trump, into office.

The same game has been played to undermine citizens here in NJ. Complements of former N.Y. Mayor Micheal J. Bloomberg and his nonprofit organization's friends in N.J. and N.Y. Who are complicit to the ongoing disenfranchisement of Black citizens, primarily in N.J., repeatedly. This is why business opportunities on the boardwalk, such as The NJ Hub Zone Program in Asbury Park, were given primarily to White L.G.T.B.Q. Folks. Other minority groups in N.J., particularly bully plus, work against unaware Black citizens' rights ALL the time, and it's real. So Black citizens have to stop lying to themselves and face the brutal treasonous facts. This is why once the redevelopment in Asbury Park, NJ, was completed. We can count the number of Black-owned businesses in Asbury Park and Bradley Beach, starting with one and ending with two.

Historic abolitionist poster

Why are so many hassles aimed at African Americans?

It's all because the Black citizen population are the direct survivors of African Chattel Slavery and Lenni-Lenape, Cherokee, and/or other 1st Nation North American people who are the original people on the east coast. What makes matters worse is that these horrible people sought to profit from Black citizens son's and daughters' imprisonment by employing targeted incarceration starting in 1980 till now. Black Americans are incarcerated in state prisons at nearly five times the rate of white Americans. Nationally, one in 81 Black adults in the U.S. is serving time in state prison.

Below are the governors who worked against Black citizen's best interests plus constitutional rights:

  • Gov. Thomas H. Kean Republican 1982-1990

  • Gov. Jim Florio Democratic 1990-1994

  • Gov. Christine Todd - Whitman Republican 1994-2001

  • Gov. Donald T. DiFrancesco 2001-2002

  • Gov. John O. Bennett Republican 2002-2002

  • Gov. Richard J. Codey Democratic 2002-2002

  • Gov. James E. McGreevey Democratic 2002-2004

  • Gov. Jon Corzine Democratic 2006-2010 (who should know better!)

  • Gov. Christopher Christie 2010-2018 (the toad)

  • Gov. Phil Murphy, the 56th Gov. of NJ 2018 - to currently (the mole)

The three reasons we have the mass incarceration of primarily Black citizens in the U.S. are:

1) Over-policing in redlined and marginalized communities,

2) Longer sentencing for minor crimes, and

3) Endless restrictions after being released.

Although the war on drugs sparked the significant incline of mass incarceration, the above three factors sustain its impact, plus the structural dismantling of the Black Family on purpose, with the over-riding assistance of governors who worked preferentially with and directly for undocumented or insourced Hispanic plus Middle Eastern immigrates advancements that by the way breaks federal laws in the processes while subjugating or oppressing Black citizens civil rights. In addendum to a significant number of White citizens who suffer because of their moderate to poor economic standing.

South Jersey Food Pantry Line 2022

Black citizens' children's lives are purposely jeopardized because of the onslaught of illegal residents absorbing housing with the assistance of our government and racist nonprofits in N.J. And we know their racist by the way they take state and federal grants and do not equally share aid with Black citizens evenly or effectively. Just because some racist or criminally minded characters think they have a right to undermine and defraud long-term citizens. Citizens who, by the way, want

  • A quality place to work,

  • Over-policing policies and exuberant mandatory fines removed from the court system,

  • The right plus access to monetary legal resources so that they can operate a business successfully

  • A decent stable home for their children.

  • Plus, quality education resources in their public school systems that their tax dollars and ancestors have paid for centuries.

N.J.'s leadership purposely did not provide or protect their citizenship for years while publically advocating for illegal immigrant populations who were not adequately vetted by using this public relations campaign notice: "All immigrant families want to do is work and have a place to live." Well, guess what? All Black citizens who built this country want a workplace that will provide pay that matches the cost of living expense in N.J. Plus a place to live without Jim Crow confederate policies getting in our way! The law must be enforced appropriately and speedily for Black citizens, our fellow citizens, and children's protection need to be activated.

Above 1960s C.O.R.E. (Congress For Racial Equality) Protesting at a realtors office that discriminates against Black,civil%20disobedience%20to%20challenge%20segregation.

The evidence proves that citizens are not being protected as long as Black citizens are made homeless on purpose utilizing Jim Crow housing policies, and human trafficking rates climb as more American citizens go missing ever since political factions and their goons decided to team up with Bloomberg and allow human traffickers and their affiliates into our borders for the last 40 years. To make a "new economy." At the same time, it allowed White supremacists in every police station throughout the state. With whom to assist with the persecution of Black citizenship. This penal colonist Virginia behavior must stop. The North won. It's time to clean the house. And get law-abiding, non-racist representation in lower-plus state government positions. Stat

Rev Dr. Martin Luther King said a lie couldn't live forever. Why? Because it's a lie. Some believe that if they lie long enough, it becomes the truth until the absolute truth emerges. And because this incredible scheme of "a new economy" has been plotted by politicians and nonprofits in New Jersey since MLK was murdered in 1968. By means of N.A.A.C.P.'s Legal Defense Fund Dir. Goldberg, shortly after the death of our dear Dr. King, decided to begin a legal defense fund that focused only on the Mexican population in 1968. Utilizing N.A.A.C.P.s donation lists.

Informed listener

Because of these ignant moves by people who claim to be Black citizens' friends have in turn, endangered plus disenfranchised Black citizens on the whole. It is time for the fat hot air balloon of a devil's illusion to be popped with the pen of truth and justice. Hence, N.J.'s government must send back guests who overstayed their welcome and worked against citizens' best interests. With whom is the direct workforce behind treasonous land developers, pedophiles, crime organizations, and the like, along with their paid slaves like Van Jones, who publically on T.V. strongly advocated for Dreamers while trampling over the original Black dream of being free.

Vann Jones is sitting with NJ & NY land developer Jared Kushner plus Trump's daughter.

The state must compensate Black citizens as they ought to under the law for acts of reasons directed at them as citizens. And if these seditious, criminally associated people and allied insourced workers attempt to act the fool in any way. And I do mean anyway. Label them all domestic terrorists. At that time, N.J. citizens will need President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to please send the national guard to escort decently plus efficiently all their undocumented plus criminally associated organizations tomfoolery out of the state and country.

American citizens have suffered enough. American children are homeless or have become another number in DYFS cases. Citizens have died early deaths because of stress-related symptoms activated because of Jim Crow policies.


BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY PLACE TO LIVE OR QUALITY JOBS TO BE TRAINED IN. THANKS TO THESE IDIOTS, RACIST PLUS SEDITOUS PLANS TO ELIMINATE BLACK CITIZENS' PRESENCE IN NJ TO MAKE A NEW ECONOMY WITH PEOPLE, UNVETTED OR FROM OUTSIDE COUNTRIES. All while working with criminal elements which are known for their activities. This is why Black citizens are seeking and grooming representation with integrity, wisdom, and diplomacy for November 4, 2025.

Thanks for reading. Keep the faith. New Jersey's 1.190 million Black citizens, you can do it! Please enjoy The Isley Brothers' "I Got Work To Do!"


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