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Immigration Crisis At the Mexican Border. An Introspective Perspective For Black America.

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Ever look at a picture and see two distinctive images? Ambiguous images or reversible figures can create two distinct formations in the same picture. These hybrid images, also known as optical illusions, result in seeing a picture, depending on the distance, reveal two facts, concepts, or lenses that can be interpreted per the effigy. This principle can also be utilized per perspectives of a situation or current events. With both attributes reveal authentic details of said events. Hello all! Today's chat will delve into the immigration crisis and how the impact of a new population of citizens may or may not affect Black citizenship.

A Pew Research Study written by Ana Gonzales-Barrera shares that "Mexican immigrants have been at the center of one of the largest mass migrations in modern history. Between 1965 and 2015, more than 16 million Mexican immigrants migrated to the U.S. – more than from any other country." For many Americans watching the masses of immigrants crowding the Border with their children is just a heartbreaking theme. It is a scene we have witnessed repeatedly in mainstream America's newspapers and media broadcasts. As African American viewers, we wonder how governments like Mexico, El Salvador, & Guatemala, for example, allow their citizens to go through this ungodly modern-day exodus. While we as Black Americans sit wondering when we turn on Roland Martin Unfiltered, what group of Black citizens or children have been slaughtered today in the name of police brutality or self-hate? Immigrant populations from Mexico & South America are fleeing their country because of uncontrolled drug cartels running ramped in their streets for at least the last 30 years.

Mexican authorities have been "waging a deadly battle against drug cartels for over a decade," with little to no success. Some reports from Mexico "estimate that the cartels are responsible for "more than 70,000 murders in Mexico between 2006 and 2015." Instead of Mexico initiating a military attack on drug cartels to neutralize the violence & criminal activity, Mexico and other southern border countries, like El Salvador, Venezuela, and Guatemala, prefer to utilize asylum resources here in the states that, in retrospect, seem odd. Depending on how the issue is viewed. Per most Americans' perspectives, if Mexico, for example, utilized what would seem to be a simple military dispatch or skirmish on the criminal elements residing in their country. That said, implementation would squash these unfortunate violent events in their country. However, that is one perspective. Nevertheless, America accommodates population relocation resources for immigrants. Furthermore, African Americans assisted with the mobility of immigrants of color to not be blocked from seeking asylum in the United States by enforcing the Civil Rights Movement Amendment, The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. This action abolished the race-based immigration quota system because people of color from other countries would be systematically blocked from immigrating to America simply because of the color of their skin. Immigrants of color could then successfully seek asylum here in America if they meet the criteria for acceptance.

To be granted asylum in America, "an individual must provide evidence demonstrating either that they have suffered persecution on account of a protected ground in the past, or that they have a "well-founded fear" of future persecution in their home country." America provides immigrants seeking to relocate to America. * Employment and Training Programs * Refugee Cash Assistance * Housing and Essential Needs Referral Programs * Refugee Advisory Council "provides statewide planning, guidance, and recommendations on policies, programs, funding, and service delivery for refugees and immigrants documented or undocumented in America. * Plus Voting Registration Assistance

To name a few. It usually takes approximately 18 to 24 months for a documented immigrant to become a full-fledged citizen with the right to vote. Where per some reports, as Latino immigrants become citizens, they are voting republican more and more. An effort that will make Black voters vote ineffective unless Black citizenship votes in the masses. Below is the Immigrants Rising Logo below.

Per an article by Iliana G. Perez, director of Research and Entrepreneurship at Immigrants Rising in San Francisco 4/18/2020, titled "Your Next Boss Could Be An Undocumented Immigrant; Growing Number Of Business Founders Lack Legal Status." Shares that "The number of undocumented entrepreneurs is growing in the U.S., and it is one of the main ways that immigrants can thrive in America's workforce." Per a report on the New American Economy website, for example, immigrants in Passiac County, NJ, have a 3.6 Billion dollar spending power. Per the report, this "provides a vital economic resource for the county. Plus, per an N.J. Policy Perspective report by Erika J Nava published on Mar 18, 2019, "On any given day and in every corner of the state," immigrants – both documented and undocumented – wake up and set out to work at small, local businesses that they themselves own and operate. This follows a nationwide trend, as immigrants are almost twice as likely to start new businesses than their native-born peers." "Furthermore, while immigrants are more likely to open any kind of business — including large corporations like Tesla, Google, and Pfizer — they are much more likely to own a "Main Street" business than native-born residents. These small businesses, like grocery stores, hair salons and restaurants, generate approximately $1 billion in economic activity every year and are critical to downtowns and local economies across New Jersey with its 565 unique municipalities." (The NJ Policy Perspective is a collaborative organization that has advocated for economic advancement for Latino immigrants here in NJ since 1997.)

(Below is a recent NJ Policy Perspective Conference with a panel of supporters from Sept 23, 2022. Familiar faces from Asbury Park & LGBTQ community)

Maybe that is why Spanish-speaking people are automatically paid more in N.J.? The fact is that America provides lucrative options for undocumented or documented immigrants.

Undocumented immigrants can obtain an: * Individual tax I.D. number * Open a business bank account * Incorporate as a business * Employ workers

With this target population of immigrants crowding the Mexican Border, additional benefits here in the United States have to do with their influential and financially strong advocates. Advocates have worked primarily for documented or undocumented Hispanic immigrants' advancement and well-being for a long time. For example, The New American Economy Organization. Founded by none other than,

* Micheal R. Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York & founder of The New American Economy Organization * Steven, Ahlenius, President & C.E.O. of McAllen Chamber of Commerce * Tim Armstrong, Chairman & C.E.O. of AOL * Leo Apothekerr Former President & C.E.O. of Hewlett-Packard * Lee S. Ainslie Managing Partner, Maverick Capital, a company whose value of $4,050,094,000.00 * Charles, H, Allison Jr CEO OW Biofuels worth $219.97 billion.

The above list of advocates is just a farthing of the army of both democratic & republican leaders, businesses, and fundraisers who have joined together to advocate & provide for undocumented or documented immigrants' rights and prosperity. To fill the gap in the American workforce. Advocacy that none of the listed above multi-million or billion-dollar corporations, political leaders, or just old money wealthy Americans would never, never, never, do for Black citizenship. Let us continue. We are almost done.

Multi-millionaire John Feinblatt, President of the New American Economy, shares, "The findings show that immigration creates an economic opportunity — creating jobs, filling workforce gaps, and helping communities thrive." Bloomberg & Feinblatt, both of Jewish descent, believe in investing in immigrants coming into America. The New American Economy Organization comprises mayors from across the country and business leaders from all sectors of the economy from all 50 states. The New American Economy organization was founded in 2010. Organization interest is not directed toward the needs or struggles of long-term citizens here in America. (Pictured below is a traditional Black family photo from 1955. Mother Muscogee Creek & African and father African & Cherokee Detroit)

Especially not towards Black citizenship. However, they depend on our advocacy power via historical institutions such as The Black Church, N.A.A.C.P., Black Chamber of Commerce, and Urban Leagues across the country to deliver a message of calm and nothing to worry about here - to the Black masses. (Because everyone knows that if the N.A.A.C.P. or Urban League shouts out bull shit! On any number of causes. That Black citizenship would do an immediate about-face on causes that do not advance or discriminates against our people.)

Black America needs to take a detailed look at the critical aspects of contemporary society driving this need to create a new economy. Moreover, what part of the mission statement of Mr. Bloomberg and Feinblatt correlate to the state of Black America post the slaughter of Black lives because of the crack cocaine pandemic and mass incarceration initiated between 1980 - 2005? Also, Black America needs to ponder that if America needs an economic boost, why not just pay Black citizens the $540,000.00 reparation checks owed to them?

Said action would stabilize the entire American economy and spending power in the long term. How? Because Black citizens spend the majority of their monetary resources here in America. Lastly, as Black citizens who vote, how long have our mayors committed to creating a new economy with a population of people who aren't citizens? Instead of addressing the plight of their citizens, issues right in their towns, cities, & villages? The New American Economy needs to "fill in workforce gaps" in America. It leads one to wonder whose missing in action. And why? But that's no mystery.

Unfortunately, Black America is aware, thanks to Ronald Reagan's commitment to roll back every civil right advancement pushed through primarily for & by working poor Black Americans & Black college students. Millions of Black citizens were blocked or deterred from reaching their full potential because of policies that empowered over-policing efforts. That led to high fines for non-violent non-drug-related offenses that put millions of Black citizens into jail illegally across the nation for not being able to pay the excessive mandatory fines implemented on them in the 80s, 90s, & 2000s.

This, in turn, led to massive homelessness plus an uptick of neglect in D.Y.F.S. cases that further dismantled the Black family because Black fathers & mothers would lose both their businesses, jobs, and homes because of mass incarceration efforts—at the same time, facing the downsizing of local institutions that provided quality employment opportunities to Black citizens at one time. Along with higher living increases in regards to obtaining a long-term stable home.

For example: * Ford Car Manufacturing Plants began moving their factories to Mexico around 1975,

* The closing of Fort Monmouth, a former Department of the Army installation in Monmouth County, New Jersey. * Plus, the downsizing or closing of hospitals throughout the nation.

(Words of wisdom from Major General Retired William H. Russ about the camaraderie and work ethic of Fort Monmouth Civil Service Workers & Military service.)

Said efforts also disenfranchised Black America's historical institutions, such as historic Black churches. Because actions dwindled membership and caused a type of hopelessness in Black communities, in some cases, these historic Black churches hold the evidence of our Monmouth County Freedom story in N.J. that dates back to the late 1700s. With whom pulled the stronghold of slavery down to its knees here in N.J.

Hence, Black citizens lost their jobs repeatedly because they were imprisoned for not paying a fine. Or petty drug offenses also put Black citizens in jail by the millions between the 1980s and 2010. As well as the depletion of Black citizens' by early death directly caused by the crack pandemic. Whose ingredients primarily were delivered to America across Mexico's borders from 1980 to 2010.

We know this because reports exposed how the United State C.I.A. used the sales of crack cocaine that killed millions upon millions of Americans to pay drug traffickers from Mexico & South America "for the humanitarian assistance to the Contras." Senator John Kerry's 1988 Committee on Foreign Relations reports shared that "senior U.S. policymakers were not immune to the idea that drug money was a perfect solution to the Contras funding problem." Because in their minds, the slaughter of millions of Black citizens across the country and the traumatic effect Crack would play in breaking up the Black families was ok with U.S. policymakers in 1988 and beyond.

In closing, from a cause-and-effect perspective, we can see two accurate pictures relating to the immigration crisis in America. However, it is up to you to decide which perspective to perceive the situation. In the meantime, it will be Black America's mission to vote in the masses in coming elections, plus groom political candidates who will not undermind or discriminate against them. Plus, understand the area of history concerning our freedom stories. Both African & 1st Nation. Because if we understood North American 1st Nation East Coast history. We would know that the gun did not put native land into colonist control. But the actions of other tribes working with colonists against other native tribes made America become America today. That triggered the immediate removal by the masses of our first nation relatives per President Andrew Jackson. (The dude on the $20 bill that's not supposed to be there!)

However, that's another discussion for another day in November to discuss. Thanks for reading. Please make it a point to get out and vote. Love yourself and your children for who you are. Furthermore, remember that we are no better than anyone else & they are no better than us. Show up to vote and do research when selecting a candidate, where future reports per the relaunched Echo will pick up where my Great Grandfather William E. Rock and

Great Uncle Arnold Rock, publishers of the original Echo newspaper, left off. By informing the public of candidates' agendas and causes they support. Moreover, to remember the old quote, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." – George Santayana, The Life of Reason, 1905." (Spooky!)

Please enjoy John P Kee & the New Life Community Choir's "West Coast East Coast" jam.

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