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Hello Alice: The People’s Champion For Minority-owned Business Development Under Attack By The AFL.

October 14, 2023


In The Beginning, There Was Chaos

The pessimism of racism began well before 1619. Its devastation unleashed its rage on African Americans until 1863, though the abolition of chattel slavery wasn't complete until 1865. The bad behavior of anti-Black segregationists wasn't halted or slowed by the abolishment of slavery. Nor, during Reconstruction, it just changed its methods. Lynchings and terror permeated North America. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 just provoked racism even more. In its attempt to quell Black pride and achievement, bigoted White supremacist and their allies sought to destroy further the entrepreneurial capability of newly freed people's spirit with terror. We were to remain in our place, or there would be a dear price to pay.

Case and point: In Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the summer of 1921, Black people's intellect and financial acumen angered plus enraged mainstream White Americans who continued to believe that people of color, particularly Black citizens, progress must be stymied with gestures of racist acting out via violence plus unethical states policies that can only be born of hate and jealousy. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made the offspring of before mentioned racist blood boil, and when Affirmative Action became the law of the land in 1965, the same spirit began to seethe with unmatched, otherworldly hatred. Declaring war that every civil rights advancement be reversed plus citizens of color, particularly Black Americans, be systematically stopped by any means necessary that included divestment in Black communities. Plus, blocked economic resources so that people of color businesses may not operate and advance equally with their White fellow citizens.

Now we have Hello Alice, a company born out of the need to help small businesses get off the ground and succeed, particularly businesses owned and operated by women and people of color. Hello Alice was founded by Carolyn Rodz, a three-time award-winning Latina from Bolivia. Carolyn has always been an advocate and champion for the underdog and underrepresented. Mayor Turner of Houston recognized her heart and hard work to co-chair the Women and Minority Small Business Task Force in 2019. Carolyn was recognized as one of "17 Women to Watch" by Inc. Magazine. In 2020, she was named Hispanic CEO of the Year by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Entrepreneurs Magazine stated Carolyn is a "Woman to Watch." Carolyn is not new to discrimination and bias in the business world, particularly to women and minorities. Ms. Rodz sought to level the playing field by establishing "Hello Alice Small Business Grants and Funding. Carolyn has the heart of a lion when in service to the underprivileged. (To learn more, click the link:

Elizabeth Gore co-founded Hello Alice with Carolyn. Elizabeth is committed to empowering small businesses to achieve equitable capital. Elizabeth is also a highly accomplished business leader. Ms. Gore also founded "Nothing But Nets" and "Girl Up." Girl Up provides youth globally with training and the tools to recognize and achieve leadership skills that will affect social change. Nothing But Nets is a global campaign of the United Nations Foundation to raise awareness and funding to fight malaria in Africa. Elizabeth has always had a heart for the underserved. She volunteered for the Peace Corps, serving in Bolivia, South America. Her heart is pure regarding her desire to serve.

Carolyn's and Elizabeth's dedication to the underprivileged has been noticed by that dark presence that lurked well before 1619. Hate and jealousy have reared their ugly heads once again. Though not as overt as its response to Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Tulsa, Civil Rights Act, and Affirmative Action, it is just as potentially devastating. When Hello Alice was founded, it roared once again. However, as is racism's custom, it slithered in under the guise of benevolence. It must protect America from…. the others.

Hello Alice has been targeted by American First Legal (AFL). Stephen Miller and Jonathan Mitchell lead this evil organization, and it aims to ultimately halt the noble efforts of Hello Alice to assist those on the fringes of our society in their pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness. The lawsuit claims that Hello Alice's work with Progressive Insurance resulted in capital assistance for minority businesses and violates civil rights. We remember Stephen Miller, don't we? The mastermind of the terrible racist policies of the Trump administration. Jonathan Mitchell is no different; their characters align with their actions.

They accuse Hello Alice of using soft language such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as euphemisms for social engineering, Marxism, racism, and sexism. The founders of AFL are masters at euphemisms and "dog whistles." They view the world through their twisted lenses, believing everyone would be as crooked as them. A racist thinks everyone is racist because a racist views the world through a racist lens. The title of their company is a dog whistle, America First Law. Are not those that Hello Alice serve Americans? Or are they the "others"? The founders of Hello Alice have proven that their advocacy comes from a pure place. It doesn't come from a place of self-aggrandizement or for political gain. Their advocacy and service to people outlined in this article is only a snippet of their service.

Hello, Alice is joined by a team of like-minded individuals. There are too many to mention, but this writer salutes them all. Hello, Alice provides technology, capital, connections, and assistance to businesses that need it most. It seeks to level the playing field and bring about equity in the company. We must stand with Hello Alice and resist oppression that only changes faces and methods. Racism has become more sophisticated but is recognizable. It's been around for a very long time, since before 1619. To learn more about "Hello Alice," please click the link:

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