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Echo News TV Black Beauty For February 2023 Ms. Lorrie Haymon!

Dear friends, readers, and supporters, the relaunched Echo will present monthly Black beauties from N.J. This proactive step to acknowledge and share representatives from the Black communities' stories, joyous and beautiful images, and inspiration will be both an honor and a pleasure. If you know someone who fits this critique, don't hesitate to contact me via Echo News TV website. On a side note, if we don't honor and uplift ourselves, no one else will. And it's time to make a change. To kick off this new tradition, we will present to you a sister who is a survivor, mother, grandmother, businesswoman, and poet. Echo News TV proudly presents to some and re-introduce others to Ms. Lorrie Haymon.

Good day, people; this is Lorrie Haymon, AKA Jerzee Widow. I'm not a Native New Yorker! I'm a Native of Long Branch, New Jersey! I left Long Branch in 1980 to move to Colorado! Today I'm known as AKA The Jerzee Widow! I was married for 36 years up until 2014! Based on things I've been through, I'm a big advocate of domestic Violence! However, mentally spiritually, and emotionally, I'm learning to love myself again! I'm not perfect; the struggle is real! I am an incredible poet, and I have some poetry for anybody struggling with addiction. I've been clean since 1998, but let me share this Poem with you when I was at Integrity House in Newark, New Jersey! The name of the Poem is called Crack Destroyed Me Yesterday!

Crack Destroyed Me Yesterday!

By Ms. Lorrie Haymon

"I used to drink. In time I couldn't think, I was high and lost and deprived. And I was deprived of my self-esteem. Let me tell you what this means. The reefer made me mellow when I smoked with the fellow. The fellow that I married. -It was a burden; I had to carry. Because I carried this high of pain and fear. And this is something you need to hear; this high escalated to powder something that looked like flour - flour which you shouldn't eat and it was something you should not seek - your high you think you can fly watch out you can die here comes Crack! Crack, it's not for today because Crack destroyed me yesterday.

That was 1998! Drug-free since then! I want to shout out to everybody suffering from addictions, whatever compulsive disorder you may be going through!

Peace Lorrie

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