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Co-Conspirators Flock Together. How Trump Republicans Acquitted #45 From Impeachment Again.

Trump's republicans managed to allow the non-impeachment of Donald Trump again. Despite numerous articles of evidence and Capitol Police testimonials, Trump Republicans in the Senate refuse to stand for what is right. Trump Republicans' actions have shown the entire country and world that they stand for what is Trump. Not what is right. Above Rep Stacey Plaskett Delegate of the U.S. Virgin Islands

Per thug life, this is expected. They are ride or die with Trump no matter how many God awful things he does. Whether he

  • Instigates

  • Provokes

  • And acts out on

At least now, Americans can come to a simple conclusion that our country looks to be under the influence of a coup. A coup that's going to fail. But a coup nonetheless. Said fault lyes mainly on the portion of the country & their minority cohorts who have passed down the sore losing attitude regarding the victory of the Civil War that managed to grant Black people citizenship. Their malevolent spirit plus actions throughout the years have resulted in the mess Americans have to confront today.

So what should the Black community be doing now? First, we need to look at that judgment passed by a group of non-repentant senators as a non-factor. The truths out, and they can't hide the facts of their treason with a million donuts! Moving forward, Black Americans will have to face off with our political leader's state and county-wide who we voted in, to dismantle every policy that utilizes Trump & liberal racist behavior plus discriminatory practices towards our people specifically. Point blank. Black Americans are going to have to see that what is happening in Washington is happening locally. But here's the thing. We can terminate what's happening to our people locally. Plus, speak truth to issues that have ruined Black families out rightly.

Case and point. Governor Murphy put in effect an policy that provides 444,000 undocumented (aka illegal) persons to be provided with NJ driver's license as of Jan 2021. But hasn't done a damn thing about lowing the mandatory fining of working poor Black citizens or allowing them not to be put into prison because they didn't have the money to pay NJ's required lofty mandatory fines of

  • $750,

  • $1,250, or

  • $1,750

Simply because police officers caught them with an expired driver's license or a red tag on their car's window shield. Which, by the way, is a non-violent and non-drug-related offense. So why are they putting so many Black citizens in jail anyway? Many Black citizens utilizing their vehicle to keep a roof over their families' heads have to deal with racist cops tracking them like runaway slaves just because they're trying to make some money to keep a roof over their families' heads. If our politicians cared, they could enforce a right to drive license to block such racist buffoonery targeted at Black citizenship. But it's been 20 years, and they haven't.

And while we're on the subject of housing. NJ has allowed #45's son-in-law Jared Kushner and his criminal father to buy up rental apartments in our area like some monopoly game. These criminals were granted millions of Black taxpayers dollars to build affordable housing, just in time to block housing resources from local long term Black families because of discriminatory behavior and policies pushed through by HUD during Governor Christie and Murphy's term. So what the hell. Regional HUD offices made policies that Black families, in particular, must have "good credit" to rent a project or low-income apartment, which is ridiculous—at the same time, our state legislatures are doing everything in their power to provide families coming here illegally with home ownership plus full access to housing resources. No good credit is required. Plus access to SBA loans. How come?

NJ needs to get real. People who need affordable housing on the norm do not have the greatest credit, especially Black citizens. Black citizens who have been economically disenfranchised in the long term. Never the less Black citizens do need long-term sensible, quality homes to raise stable and prosperous children. (That's a fact and proven in an assortment of studies.) Over the last 15 years, Black families in NJ are the number#1 homeless group in the area because of this housing policy, in my opinion. Thanks a lot, HUD. Another organization that would have never had life if it was not by Black unemployed folks' efforts to take to the streets to enforce equal access to housing for low-income people.

So in closing so what if a bunch of racist and treasonous senators sided with #45. That's what they're supposed to do. That battle was small potatoes. Now what non-Black-hating Americans have to do is organize and force out every policy or racist leader in their county by voting, petitions, and numerous complaints to our local politician's democrat, republican, and independent. In hopes that they will team up with us to address crisis issues directly related to why Black citizens such as

  • Policies that block Black citizens from affordable housing & home-ownership

  • Address economic inequalities

  • Dismantle all caste systems from the last 25 years

  • Plus address, why free, quality summer camps and recreational resources are not made available to Black children?

I say Black citizens children because we all have witnessed how most Red Bank YMCA's Summer Camps are mainly populated with Hispanic children, many here illegally. At the same time, Black children get left on the outskirts of eligibility. (Even though the Red Bank organization was founded by Black and 1st Nation men who were my Great-Great Uncles on the family's Rock side.) My Great-Great Uncles launched the YMCA initiative specifically for Black children because segregation was regularly utilized by White organizations plus school systems in Monmouth County and beaches.

So what a bunch of racist sided up with another racist to continue to do bad things on this earth. That's on them. Our job is to stand on the side of truth and righteousness and protect our children first by dismantling every vestige of slavery that has lingered so that our children can have a brighter day tomorrow. And don't get it twisted. We can't do what self-hating Black leaderships do to their people—putting what mainstream America deems as essential first.

No! Black Americans must always be vigilant about racism and all the laws and people who stand by unethical standards to discriminate or steal from us purposely. The bible says that "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:" But Jesus says that he has "come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly." So what if racist people and their cohorts act out. This is what they do. Not everybody is going to heaven. Just know that you can make a difference by speaking the truth on behalf of your people and not forfeiting any of your rights, resources, or power to other people who will call you the "n" word before a White person in this country. And that's the double truth, Ruth.

Thank you for reviewing my commentary. And remember, the pen is mightier than the sword and speak the truth. It's good for yah! Dr. Martin Luther King said, "A lie can't live forever." No matter how big and tall it is. Whether it's racism or a caste system, both are illegal per the law. All we need is a sharp pin of truth to watch it deflate before our very eyes. Pictured above President Obama. Pictured below the one and only Marcus Garvey.

Please enjoy Tye Tribbrett's "If He Did It Before He'll Do it Again.

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