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Biden vs. Trump: The Showdown of the Century or Just Another Comedy Sketch For SNL

June 29, 2024


(Gif Source: Wix Media)

Thursday's (June 27, 2024) debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden focused on Biden's performance, raising concerns about his future as it was seen as a test of the candidates' aptness for office. The two candidates discussed various policies on stage in Atlanta but did not cover new ground. Instead, much attention was on how the 81-year-old president and his 78-year-old predecessor would handle another term in the Oval Office, leaving Democrats anxious about Biden's debate performance. Trump almost seemed sane as he stood calmly, allowing Biden to speak.

And then, in true Trump fashion, he blurted out some ridiculous comment about immigrants taking all the jobs as if America is hosting a competition for the "Best Job Snatchers" award. It's like he's advocating for segregation ("Black Jobs?"), which, last time I checked, is not exactly in line with the whole "freedom and equality for all" thing we've got in the Constitution. Here are five factors that may influence viewers while watching one of the shortest debates in all time.

(Picture Source Wix Media)

Per President Biden, we as a society must admit that old age can impact a president's ability to run for office in several ways.

  1. Concerns about physical and cognitive health may arise, causing doubt about the candidate's capacity to handle the demands of the presidency effectively.

  2.  Additionally, older candidates might struggle to connect with younger voters and understand and address the concerns of newer generations.

  3. Lastly, their ability to relate to and mobilize support from a diverse and evolving electorate can also be hindered.

Nevertheless, Biden brings a type of sanity plus order to the White House that Trump could not successfully pull off. Please click the link to learn more.

According to some observers, it could be considered unfair to expect an 82-year-old man to manage a workload that many individuals half his age would find challenging. While older candidates may offer valuable experience for the position, they may also encounter additional pressure due to public scrutiny regarding their endurance, mental sharpness, and capacity to adapt to rapidly changing social norms and issues. Additionally, they may need to address and rectify policies they established during earlier years of their political careers that have proven problematic in the long run.

On the contrary

With Trump, the general public has not forgotten about January 6, 2021, nor have upholders of the Constitution. Individuals running for office with insurrectionist inclinations may be deemed unsuitable candidates due to their propensity to resort to unlawful and aggressive methods to achieve their aims. The actions of former President Trump on January 6, 2021, eroded.

  • Democratic norms and institutions,

  • Stoke division and violence, and

  • Imperil the stability and security of the nation.

Candidates associated with or supportive of insurrectionist activities may be perceived as lacking the necessary commitment to upholding the rule of law and fostering unity and inclusivity within society. Consequently, insurrectionist supporters' integrity, adherence to democratic principles, and capacity to govern effectively may be called into question.

It is believed that the Democratic party could benefit from prominent leaders like Michelle Obama or Hakeem Jeffries, which could inspire greater confidence in many Americans. However, it is crucial to recognize the heightened scrutiny that older candidates may face, which can be perceived as discriminatory and unjust. Experience matters!

Let's eagerly anticipate the upcoming debates between Biden and Trump and actively vote for the best candidate for the job.

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