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A Letter From the Publisher of the Relaunched Echo NJ’s Oldest Black-Owned Newspaper.

As the leaves begin to change and the nights start to get a little longer, and colder Echo News TV is looking forward to bringing you culturally sensitive reading that will make you think, giggle, and speak your mind. Great Grandfather William Rock’s mission was to provide a place where both long-term freed & recently freed people of color could hear their stories told without shame or retribution. As well as a place where they could be alerted about current events and opportunities.

My journey to assist and spearhead the relaunch of the Echo Saturday Evening Press set sail on June 7th of this year. The day and month of my mother’s Mrs. Cynthia Leona Rock- Brittingham’s birthday. The last four months have been full of activity and learning. I thank you all for your support, likes, commentaries, and article submissions. I am gathering a

truly gifted group of young Black and talented business owners who look forward to sharing their stories that I can’t wait to tell you all about.

November’s shares will include the acknowledgment of 1st Nation History Month informative, delicious fall recipes, new volunteer reporters, plus a beauty makeover with none other than our “Beauty On The Go Girl,” the lovely Ms. Karla Brittingham. Our “Less we forget” history portal will kick-off with a 1st Nation History Month share about John Horse - Seminole Military Officer.

Echo News TV looks forward to sharing media links on the cutting edge of 1st Nation news reports and happenings. This initiative is in hopes that our readers who have 1st Nation lineage can, in some way, connect with the rest of their people on the res. Echo News TV also seeks to share information that both people of color and people of non-color can relate to and provide shares that will help our fellow Americans understand who Black people are and why they feel the way they do about racial injustice and reparations. (BTW pic to right dates back to 1800's)

Lastly, "Relaunched Echo Winter Fundraiser" will be seeking out 40 goodwill supporters to donate a one time gift of $75 to Echo News TV for project development purposes. As a thank you for your contribution, you will receive from us a lovely gift basket that will include Professor Rick Geffken & Dr. Walter D. Greason's non-fiction novel titled “Stories of Slavery in New Jersey.” Along with an African American Calendar plus two tickets to attend a public meet and greet with gripping and informative novel authors.

Thank you for supporting the rebirth of The Echo NJ’s oldest Black-owned Newspaper. Please remember to keep Black media that’s about doing the right thing up and running for both yourself and future generations. Peace & blessings. Black is beautiful and so are you!


Karen Brittingham-Edmond

Great Granddaughter of Mr. William Rock Publisher of The Echo 1904

Studied Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University

Sollers College Edison Clinical Research Mgt. Cert.

Brookdale Community College Public Relations A.A. Human Services A.S.

Please enjoy Stevie Wonders "Contusion" because were on the move people!

Oct 30, 2020

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