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Why The Treasonous Long-Term Betrayal Of N.J. Policy Makers Coupled W/Jim Crow Displacement Practices To Push Out Black Proprietors & Families Justifies Black Americans' Reparation Compensation Demand

December 27, 2023

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Betrayal trauma is the concept of how individuals and or groups respond and become traumatized by long-term deception or treasonous actions utilized to 

  • Trick

  • Steal or

  • Destroy

Said person or segment of a population's well-being. Especially when said segment of the population trusted the state policymakers that they voted for who ushered in unpatriotic transactions. As well as the disappointment of citizens, for example, who consistently gave monetary donations to nonprofits that did not intend to share taxpayers' donations with American citizens. But instead partnered with outside special interest groups to serve primarily immigrant populations. With whom a segment of insourced immigrant populations repeatedly break American Federal Laws as if federal laws are a joke. Black citizens, in particular, while being faithful taxpayers, local business owners, military veterans, church builders, state legislatures, and reliable, able-minded, competent employees, were severely affected by the onslaught of competition and overcrowding of insourced workers and their families' housing needs. This loss of housing access for American citizens in N.J. as a whole is a result of state and local government following the instructions of outside countries' desires and wants via their special interest groups partnerships. Which is normally outlined in special interest groups' partnerships or memorandums of understanding with upper and lower government. American politicians and policymakers should never place the needs of other countries' citizens above those of American citizens. 

As a result, for example, of preferential treatment for insourced workers, vetted or not, Monmouth County's citizens' homelessness increased, and suicide rates of Black American children 13 and older increased. Due to the unnecessary hassle citizens' children must endure from being pushed from place to place, which can lead to instability in young Black children's and their families lives by the usage of Jim Crow credit checks plus other treasonous excuses utilized by local government & racist landlords. Thanks to HUD, Governor Phil Murphy, and Lobbying Groups like Hispanic Affairs, United Way, and Bloomberg's New American Economy, to name a few.

What are some of the symptoms of citizen betrayed by their state and local government?

A report provided by Medical News Today ( a web-based outlet for medical information and news targeted at the general public and physicians.) Shares that betrayed citizens can experience "significant emotional upheaval like grief, or stages of trauma" as they process their experience. 

These include:

  • Denial: This defense mechanism may temporarily reduce the trauma or betrayal's effects.

  • Anger: This coping mechanism helps keep a person from becoming overwhelmed by other emotions like sadness and pain. The sorrow and pain may lie underneath the anger.

  • Bargaining: This is an attempt to gain control of the situation. Citizens may overthink or overanalyze a hypothetical scenario or action that could have prevented a specific adverse outcome.

  • Depression: This is an unmasked response to a person's trauma experience. Depression may also occur as a result of anger that has been turned inward. (On a side note, this behavior is something that the relaunched Echo has found repeatedly concerning American citizens' displacement or forced homelessness so that insourced businesses and workers can reside in their stead. And it is not the citizens' fault. It is the ongoing action of negligent special interest groups' partnership with racist organic groups in America that must be held responsible for their treasonous actions.)  

  • Acceptance is when a person comes to terms with what has happened and its effect on their life.

Betrayal trauma includes the following additional stages:

  • Shock: At this stage, a person experiences disbelief that the betrayal has occurred.

Per Medical News Today, "the stages are not sequential or time-bound. One person may move through them in an order and pace that differs from someone else."

The above-mentioned behaviors as a result of betrayal contribute to the

  • Mis-education of American citizens 

  • Mass incarceration of Black Citizens over petty offenses or false charges.

  • Plus, the early demise of Black and White citizens from stressors attributed to the betrayal action of their local and state legislature.

Who for one reason or another, did not count the cost or results of what may happen to the American citizens if millions of insourced workers with their families are crowded into towns and cities that are already at capacity with their own citizenship.

This is important:

Real Dana With The Data Migrant Crisis Report: City Mayors Begging for Assistance!

Citizens must realize that the culprit is special interest groups operated by racist, wealthy, non-Black, money-hungry minorities who have no good intentions for American citizens as a whole. And no, this commentary is not talking about citizens, minority spouses, children, or your children's schoolmates. Americans must acknowledge the actual operators or spearheads who made it their business to successfully systematically cut in line as well as ruin the Black man's walk into rights and privileges that were made for him and his family to survive with the enforcement of Civil Rights Amendments. That's been on the books since 1864, along with monetary reparations, which are still owed to Black citizens till this day. The underhanded methodology of special interest groups from outside countries, ergo, jeopardized America's stability and safety as a whole. In short, special interest groups and their advocates in New Jersey cannot be trusted.

Why Black Citizens Are Owed Their Reparations Now More Than Ever Before:

The re-establishment of Jim Crow Credit Checks in New Jersey typically rejects Black citizens' credit despite Black citizens having an excellent history of paying their rent or mortgage payments on time. But said population may owe student loans as a result of the crummy economy plus expensive college fees set up to discourage Black citizens from applying for college starting in the 70s. Or at least slow down the college graduation rate of Black citizens. Who if they are fortunate enough to be able to attend a couple of semesters at college for their first year often find that when they go home for college break, there's no home to return to, thanks to New Jersey's allowance of Jim Crow credit checks for project and local housing. As well as preferential housing access to insourced workers and non-Black minorities.

For example, N.J. state does not enforce rent control standards, which allows insourced and racist landlords to quadruple rent standards. As a result, insourced worker's families, who are supposed to be poor (which, by the way, doesn't match the purpose statement of being an asylum seeker.), can afford rent as well as home ownership with no problem thanks to the state of New Jersey, New Jersey mayors, and nonprofits like Social Services, and Bloomberg New American Economy that has raised trillions of dollars from private donations that may include money given to them from insourced workers countries as well as American grants hoarded for the use of insourced workers since 1990. As a result, this diminishes life-saving resources paid by citizens' tax dollars, home-ownership opportunities, career opportunities, and rental home opportunities for American citizens by design. (This is where you should say that's a dam shame.)

Black citizens also had to endure the result of long-term divestments in their communities (1970-2018), blocked quality on-the-job training career opportunities that sometimes only require a high school diploma. And pays between $60,000 to $70,000 a year. Such as in the pharmaceutical research field, that's primarily given to insource workers to become said research companies in New Jersey employees. Coupled with the preferential selection of graduates from outside countries (who obtain their education for free or at a low cost), which, as a result, has blocked the advancement of not only Black citizens but marginalized citizens throughout the nation in said field. Another issue that affects pharmaceutical companies is the non-representation of Black citizen staffers in said clinical facilities. Black citizens tend to be more likely to call out the bad or racist behavior of clinical research teams than other workers who would not. This is because the majority of test subjects are mostly Black citizens from prisons or halfway houses being tested on.

How did we come to this chaotic point?

One significant method that special interest groups, plus racist policymakers during the 60s, 70s, and 80s, took a term that seriously referred to Black citizens, such as the word "colored," just like how, at one time, Black Americans were called Afro-American or Negro as well. But Mr. Goldberg of the N.A.A.C.P. twisted the term "colored" to apply to all minorities of African lineage, including the Middle Eastern population who, although Black in complexion, are not Black American Citizens. And with that crack in the foundation of Civil Rights enforcement allowed outside immigrants to access the rights and resources that should have gone to citizens first. In correlation, the excuse for the misappropriation of funds plus resources by nonprofits provided outside countries with American rights and privileges. (Which in certain frameworks of thinking concludes with thievery. Why? Because grants are to be shared equally with the American public, who match the guidelines of the grant. Not just outside interest. ) 

Not to mention that the same person, Mr. Goldberg, who betrayed Black citizens' interests by obscuring terminology of the word "colored" the same year that Rev Martin Luther King's assassination happened, Goldberg initiated the Mexican Legal Aid Fund in 1968 as if on cue. Hence, instead of questioning Mr. Goldberg's reasoning, the N.A.A.C.P. marched in lockstep with him, which led to a betrayal of the N.A.A.C.P. and other Black institutions who followed Goldberg's lead. With whom said Black institution's original mission statement before being changed has always focused on "In concern of the Negro." Which translates to In Concern of Black Citizens.

In conclusion:

Hence, Americans, especially Black Americans, must realize it is time to stop avoiding the eluding of said complicated situation. Exercise their rights as citizens to correct the situation. Come to terms with what has happened and its negative effect on their lives, plus fellow citizens' lives. Stop over-criticizing themselves and their people as if unethical policymakers' actions are their fault. Completely ignore fellow Black citizens who seriously hate other Black citizens and do not care about Black citizens' children's future or protection. They have the ability to make an ant hill of petty issues about their own people into a mountain. As well as deem their own people as "bottom feeders." No words can describe their disloyalty to their own people. Except for the fact that post-traumatic slave syndrome is real.

And put the blame where it belongs. Special Interest Groups, nonprofits, and over-empathetic state legislatures are more concerned about insourced populations' well-being instead of the American people as a whole. Citizens do not need to fight anyone physically. What citizens need to do is enforce laws already in our legal system's books and stop the chaos. Because our state has seriously screwed up, and the future of Black and White citizen's children is in jeopardy. American children come first. It's as if Americans have been betrayed to give the insourced immigrant population the whole loaf of bread while citizens get the crumbs. That's unbelievable, but it's happening right here in New Jersey.

Lastly, it is "we the people" responsibility to stop following fools and allowing nonsense to affect our future. Especially when we have citizenship rights that can demand that this is not what citizens signed up for. Or that political leadership and nonprofits are wrong for doing such a treasonous act against their fellow citizen. Once again, this commentary does not refer to people with wives, husbands, children, or children's schoolmates who are immigrants. The problem is the immigrant's special interest groups that covertly disenfranchise and steal American citizen's rights and resources by twisting the law. With the help of White supremacist groups who never wanted to see Black citizens aspire or ascertain their full citizenship rights in the first place. Which is treason.

One quick way to resolve all of the disenfranchisement committed against the American public is by simply releasing the monetary reparations owed to Black citizens in New Jersey. ($5 Million Dollars each.) This sets an example of consequence for political lawbreakers who think it's cute to steal from the American public in order to provide to outside countries insourced workers who aren't fleeing their countries for asylum. But for a piece of the American pie.


Origin of Caste System

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