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Why Are People Comfortable Raising A Confederate Flag In Front Of Their Home In Monmouth County?

Update: September 8, 2020. The flag of treason has been re-propped up on Central Ave Keansburg as of Labor Day Weekend just in time to offend little boys and girls of color and their non-racist white peers. Just in time for children to see the confederate flag of sedition fly above and over the American flag on their way to and from school. Very sad. I have tried to reach the Mayor of Keansburg but his official contact email service is non-functioning.,in%20varying%20capacities%20for%20decades. Here's the email I wrote.

"Dear Keansburg Mayor Hoff, the flag of treason has been re-propped up on Central Ave Keansburg as of Labor Day Weekend just in time to offend little boys and girls of color and their non-racist white peers. Down the street is a new honorable firefighter memorial park maintained with care and respect—a perfect example for children to walk by and admire.

Dear Mayor Hoff, to have the flag of treason fly over, not just the American flag, in said neighbors yard, but also down the street from the firemen's memorial park, is ridiculous at best. And should not be tolerated by your office. No citizen or person of color should have to take blatant disrespect in their faces in the name of non-repentance of chattel slavery. A cause that both Black, 1st Nation, & White soldiers gave their lives to dismantle.

I am trusting that you are a man who esteems the American flag over the flag of sedition. As a tax-paying citizen, I am asking you to send the proper authorities to have said intimidating symbol removed for Keansburg's children's good, which should be your primary concern and allegiance. (The kids returning to school un-intimidated in anyway, shape, or form.) And not support grown non-repentant sinners with a grudge about a war they lost years ago.

Thank you for doing something about this matter."

Thanks for reading this very interesting topic. If you would like to reach out to Keansburg Mayor his contact info is below. Peace & Blessings! Echo News TV.

Keansburg Mayor Hoff's contact info: George E. Kauffmann Municipal Building 29 Church Street, Keansburg, New Jersey 07734 Ph#(732)787-0215

Update: September 1, 2020 Per Karen Brittingham-Edmond

For some reason the flag of sedition was removed in August 2020. Since then, neighbors have cut shrubbery to avoid seeing a flag of sedition across the street. A beautification process has happened on Central Ave in Keansburg. I hope it never ends. Neighbors walk comfortably up and down street with regularity. Maybe next year, the city will put a little sprinkler system in the new memorial park on Central Ave so that children can freely play and moms enjoy the ambiance of a Keansburg summer.

By Karen Brittingham-Edmond July 16, 2020

On Central Ave in Keansburg NJ, there is a house with a confederate and American flag in front of it. The American flag is on the bottom, and the confederate flag is perched high above the country's state flag publicly for everyone to see. Although this is a rare sight to see up North, this isn't the only confederate symbol lingering in New Jersey. In Monmouth County NJ, quite a few confederate symbols hang on gas-guzzling over-sized trucks with matching subnormal tires.

But here's the thing, do neighbors and peers of racist have the right to request that flag of treason plus white supremacist symbolism be removed? Well, apparently, in the Marine Corp, co-workers and peers do. Per an article in the titled "From Bumper Stickers to T-Shirts, Confederate Flags Now Off-Limits for Marines." by Gina Harkins, shares. "Marines got the official order to remove all items featuring the Confederate battle flag from public areas and workspaces Friday night as protests across the country continue into their 11th day following the death of George Floyd. Marines can no longer wear T-shirts or drink coffee from mugs featuring Confederate flags on base, according to new force-wide guidance on the ban. The ban also applies to bumper stickers, posters, and any other public displays of the flag on Marine Corps installations worldwide."

Hallelujah ding dong the witch is dead. Now how can civilians enforce the right to have a confederate flag removed from public places in NJ? Per the department of NJ Division On Civil Rights, citizens have a right to file a complaint because "The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination prohibits discrimination in the workplace, housing, public accommodations, and certain business transactions." We can all agree that children who are African American should not have to tolerate a flag of treason in the neighborhood where they live.

Confederate flags are propaganda of sedition that represent people who did not want to see Black people access the resources and privileges due them as citizens. Hence the confederate flag is a coward's stance of hate to let people of color know that that segment of white society does not agree with the doctrine of the United States. They are still fighting against a specific population of citizenship who obtained citizenship rights post-emancipation. Said segment population "modus operandi" places overt racist symbols in neighborhoods and acts out in public and on their jobs, whether they are a teacher, social worker, police officer, lawyer, or government official.

Per a medical review in The Very Well Mind, written by Kendra Cherry, It is essential "to understand that implicit bias is not the same thing as racism, although the two concepts are related. Overt racism involves conscious prejudice against members of a particular racial group," and is influenced "by explicit and implicit biases."

So what do you think? Should communities of color protest the raising of confederate flags in the neighborhood where they live or go along with the program?

I am looking forward to your feedback.

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