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Why Are Pediatricians Refusing To Provide Black American Babies With Antibiotics in America?

White and Foreign pediatricians are refusing to provide American babies with the normal resource of antibiotics in America. As a result of this philosophy, more Black babies are suffering from symptoms that would usually be resolved by having access to antibiotics. Norton Children's Hospital of Kentucky published an article by Mark A. Brockman Jr., M.D. on February 11, 2020, titled " Why Your Pediatrician May Not Be Prescribing Antibiotics?" shares, "Prescribing antibiotics is up to your child's provider." The article further shares that contemporary "pediatricians believe antibiotics are just one of the many treatments available for children's and babies' illnesses." The report further confirms that access to antibiotics is at the discretion of the pediatrician. This can seem frustrating to a parent whose child has been sick for over three months due to doctors refusing to prescribe antibiotics to a sick baby or child, especially when pediatricians have the discretion to do the right thing and provide preventative or life-saving prescriptions.

Another reality that Black parents must acknowledge is that privileged persons will always have access to antibiotics for their children. And because of the ungodly history of prejudice in this country towards Black citizens in America - said citizens should not be surprised that the blocking of antibiotics may be another blatant tactic of putting more Black citizens' babies and their trusting parents in harm's way unnecessarily. As we look closer at this new trend of having an excuse not to prescribe Black babies antibiotics at their most vulnerable stages, this report will leave readers to come to their own conclusions. And then act appropriately to dismantle any nuanced additional strategy to underserve Black citizens by design.

Usually, when American children and babies became ill, a traditional pediatrician would prescribe an age-appropriate antibiotic. Antibiotics help the body battle bacterial infections by killing the bacteria or preventing bacterias replication. For the majority of children who utilized antibiotics, many recovered quickly. There are always exceptions where antibiotics may not have been successful. But that falls under the exception, not the rule. Today if children or babies are diagnosed with RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) that's left untreated, it can develop into

  • Bronchitis,

  • Sinusitis,

  • Stomach flu, plus some forms of

  • Pneumonia.

Which, as a result, will allow sick children plus babies to suffer unnecessarily because of pediatricians' worldview. With that said, every college student knows that a portion of research studies depending on the author's race, can hold a biased perspective or a different agenda that one may assume is a super idea. Until the body counts mysteriously begin to rise.


Because a portion of White and Brown doctors hold misinformation and bias concerning Black citizens because of the unearned privilege and racist intent of before mentioned individuals while actively utilizing every civil, human, and affirmative action rights that Black citizens primarily pushed through, unlike most Black American Pediatricians, biased-based White and Brown doctors use an ingrained, long-term, culturally influenced belief system of either White supremacy or hispanic or middle eastern caste system ideology. Which is both archaic and erroneous. But to this day highly influence the way White and Brown people treat or react towards Black citizens.

Case and point:

Pope Nicolas V and the Portuguese Slave Trade confirms that fifteenth-century Iberian legal traditions regulated treatment of Jews, Muslims, and other Christians were deemed not enslavable. Hence "Spanish mariners began to return to Iberia with captives acquired in West Africa and West Central Africa. Notably, the treatment of black Gentiles plus Sacrens also known as Moors located in Africa and southern Italy was addressed in 1452 and 1455, when Pope Nicolas V issued a series of papal bulls that granted Portugal the right to enslave sub-Saharan Africans." The catholic church of 1455 put forth this proclamation that issued a mandate to the Portuguese King, Alfonso V, and instructed him:

. . . to invade, search out, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens and pagans whatsoever …[and] to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery, and to apply and appropriate to himself and his successors the kingdoms, dukedoms, counties, principalities, dominions, possessions, and goods, and to convert them to his and their use and profit."

Both mindsets of traditionally White and Brown people in the 15th century continued to opposed the basic Christian belief system shared in Book one of the bible namely Genesis that affirm that "all men are created equal." Hence, citizens of America should have equal access to life-saving resources, protections, and the pursuit of happiness, especially if they are babies. Despite rheoteric of historically disreputable persons who succumb to man made methodologies or laws to justify bad judgement or sin.

Below is the actual Romanus pontifex, papal bull of Pope Nicolas V, Portugal, 8 January 1455, courtesy of the Arqivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo, Lisbon, Portugal. This papal bull legally granted Portugal the right to enslave any and all people they encounter south of Cape Bojador, on the coast of Western Sahara. About midway through the bull, the Pope declares all Sub-Saharan Africans henceforth be held in perpetual slavery.

On a side note

In contrast in the mid 1700s a basic biblical point of view utilized by mistake by America's framers of the constitution also confirms that human beings are not animals. Unlike the framework used by penal colonists with their Spanish and Middle Eastern slave trafficking allies that submitted that the color of the skin of a man or woman makes them more of an animal and not human. Which is a falsehood from the pit of hell. Plus an excuse to justify the sin of

  • Selling other human beings for profit,

  • Chattel slavery,

  • Displacement,

  • Rape of men, women, and children

moreover, the murder and oppression of both

  • African and

  • 1st Nation people here in America.

Another sound for alarm, in addition to the rationale of blocking Black babies from life-saving preventative medication, alludes to the lack of American Black doctors and nurses in medicine today. Per an article in Fortune Online Magazine by Maria Aspan, August 2020, titled "The Lack of Black Doctors is Killing Black Babies, New Study Finds." Shares essential information about how the decreased number of American Black doctors - who would more than likely advocate and be inclined to protect Black babies' lack of attendance in medicine and, as a result, placed more Black citizens and their children in jeopardy. Because a portion of amoral White and Brown doctors hold misinformation, a possible treasonous agenda, and a bias or jealousy towards Black citizens. Which isn't good or trustworthy.

How did we get here?

The causation behind why Black physicians plus Black nurses became outnumbered by foreign physicians and nurses is because physician plus nursing opportunities were given more to immigrant populations with a medical or nursing degree from their land of origin. This later resulted in the immigrant population having access to a higher standard of living. That provided their children with the leverage plus economic resources to continue to pursue medical careers without hindrances. Just like Black citizenship growing upper middle-class population once did until being systematically replaced by the immigrant population. Plus, further constraints once the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton over-policing Black biased based laws resulted in the mass incarceration of Black citizens. That ultimately resulted in the dismantling and harming of the Black family.

As a result of this action, Reagan, Bush, and the Clinton Administrations, in partnership with the United States Immigration Department, expedited the placement of doctors and nurses from other countries. And as a result, their actions decrease the potential future of a new generation or generations of Black medical professionals. This disenfranchisement of utilizing other people of color to oppress black citizens' growth can be traced back to the late 60s throughout the 90s after the success of the Civil Rights Movement. American colleges and universities costs skyrocketed along with the cost of living expenses that blocked many potential American students seeking a degree in medicine impassable. Plus, they have made the designation of the outside country's population economically attractive because third-world governments provide, for the most part, college education for free. Hence creating a perfect excuse to utilize insourced doctors. Because America purposely made college education more expensive once the civil rights movement pushed through equal rights and integration.

Traditional LPN courses taught in high school were switched to primarily nurses aid-only certification. Which, as a result, systematically decreased the Black American citizens' population in the nursing field. While preferentially providing opportunities to millions of insourced workers who were given citizenship. This same group of immigrants, all thou people of color, designated themselves as White overwhelmingly per census data. They thusly revealed immigrants of color's allegiance to White America more so than to Black America calculatedly.

So now what?

This means Black America must acknowledge these two constant factors of race bias and replacement theory as a real danger pointed at Black citizens' children. Whereas a people, Black citizens, should not tolerate it. No matter how so-called scientific the evidence or how dark or African features your child's pediatrician may be. Because the ultimate goal of mentally ill White supremacists and self-hating people of color is to eliminate the Black citizen population by any means necessary, Black America must stop them from acting out their complete long-term plans against Black citizens for the sake of citizens children just like Black citizens' ancestors did repeatedly in the past.

Because of the unscrupulous behavior of contemporary pediatricians, Echo News TV will be submitting this article to both the governor's offices and senators and congresspeople. Because as the publisher/editor of the relaunched Echo plus an experienced mother who raised eight children, I clearly remembered what worked for my children and why my children, along with many other Black children, grew up to be healthy strong human beings. Because as citizens, Black Americans had pediatricians who did not think it robbery to provide Black children with antibiotics when needed.


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