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Who Murdered Afro-Native Muslim Muriyd 'Two Clouds' Ramapough Lenape Activist Of Mahwah N.J.

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

July 3, 2022, Two Clouds, a faithful Lenape plus Mohawk advocate who is the direct descendant of Ramapough Lenape Natives of Mahwah, NJ, was found in the water after four days in the Ramapo River during the summer dead; there has been no investigation into his death per family member till this day. Two Clouds was found in the water with his lower body on the shore. And his upper body in the water. He was very decomposed, and the water was shallow during the summer months when Two Clouds was found dead on the shores of the Ramapough River. Sources believe that Two Clouds was knocked out and transferred to the river, where possibly multiple people drowned him. Two Clouds was a strong and healthy 30-year-old man who was a respected leader, making his death all the more puzzling.

Per Two Clouds' mother, Mumtah "was an avid hunter and capable swimmer." Three weeks before Two Clouds' untimely death, he was given the title War Chief of the Ramapough Lenape people of Mahwah, NJ. And for a good reason. Muriyd's Two Clouds was a successful

  • Water and Land Protector

  • Indigenous Rights Activist

  • Historian

  • Writer

  • Musician

  • Anthropologist

  • Griot

  • Linguist (one of the few people who spoke the Lenape Munsee language fluently

  • Guest speaker at the United Nations, N.Y. University, plus worked closely with faculty at Ramapo College in N.J.

Two Clouds successfully had a Native American History Professor fired for the anti-Native viewpoints she taught on campus. Plus more

Before the American Revolution: the portrait of Ninigret, sachem of the Niantics 1600-1676 Narragansett Indians of what is now Rhode Island

Per witnesses that will remain anonymous, a Ramapough Lenape Indian was heard saying he was "the War Chief" at Two Clouds' funeral repeatedly. Moreover, when mourners went to the site where Two Clouds was found deceased for a special Lenape ceremony. The same Lenape Indian began speaking belligerently to an important Ramapough Lenape Nation of Mahwah elder. Per witnesses, the man continued, screaming disrespectfully at the Ramapough Elder that he was "the War Chief of The Ramapough Lenape." Plus, yelling, "Two Clouds isn't here anymore." Said fellow Indian showed no remorse or empathy at Two Clouds funeral and at the site where the Lenape ceremony was taking place next to the Rampough River in Mahwah, N.J., per witnesses. On a side note, the disrespectful fellow Indian was made a "sub-chief." To some Ramapough people, "he clearly is not qualified for," per some witness's opinion.

Unfortunately, via the Echo's sources, Muriyd's Two Clouds, despite all the good he did for the Ramapough Lenape Tribe in Mahwah, N.J., Certain White tribal members would call him the "Black guy who thinks he's Lenape." In fact, per Two Clouds' mother, Muriyd's genealogy shared that he had more native blood than others who ostracized him for being dark skin like the original Lenape people who dwelled on the east coast before the Indian Removal Act from 1830 to 1860. Another wonderful fact is that Two Clouds could clearly speak the Munsee Lenape language. For the last two years, Two Clouds lived on the Mohawk reservation and Ramapough sacred land, where his body was found on July 3, 2022. Two Clouds loved hunting, camping, and being an activist.

Above in sky blue, Chief Perry stood with other Ramapough Lenape tribespeople in 2012. To Chief Perry's in picture a - Ramapough Lenape man accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a smoke shop. According to Echo News TV sources, the person tried to blame Two Clouds for the crime. For many months Two Clouds and Chief Perry, per our source, were at odds because Chief Perry would not reprimand his cousin for said false accusation made at Two Clouds.

Two Clouds' mother is praying that the people behind her son's death be put in the jail. And be exposed as the criminals they are. And that her son's legacy and good works live on for all to know as justice takes her course on the villains who have taken her blessed sons' life. On a side note, Chief Perry of the Ramapough Lenape of Mahwah, while having an interview recently, did not mention Two Clouds' name or all of the accomplishments he successfully produced on behalf of the tribe. The interview with the chief was with The Museum of Public Relations and is on Youtube. Which by some accounts was very disappointing to the onlookers attending the event.

Two Clouds speaking to an audience of youth about Ramapough Lenape culture

Two Clouds lived on the Ramapough Lenape land for two years because encroachers were trying to steal land. The land is surrounded by Ramapough West Polo Club Mansions/Land Developers and is deemed valuable land that the polo club was attempting to purchase without the authority of the Ramapough. While staying out on land, Two Clouds shared with his mother and family members how, when camping, the neighbors would shoot at him and call him the N-word. As well as throw dog feces over the fence where he resided. His mother, Mumtah, wants justice. If you know anything about Two Clouds' death, don't hesitate to contact the Mahwah Police Station at (201) 529-1000.

About Muriyd Two Clouds referenced from the website.

"Muriyd Abdullah Muhammad Williams (jointly known as Niishwak Akumahkwak, translated as Two Clouds) was an Afro-Native Muslim who became known for his activism and teaching endeavors in recent years. In late 2016 he began fighting for the land, water, and civil rights of the Ramapough Lenape people in Mahwah, NJ, to whom he is directly related through his paternal lineage. During nearly six years of his life, he challenged large corporations, the Mahwah Police Department, and New Jersey state itself to (almost single-handedly) win back or stop the taking of dozens and dozens of acres of land which rightfully belong to the tribe. The first was the sacred religious land where he was recently found deceased along the shoreline of the lake he loved so much.

Along with his legal advocacy, Muriyd worked to teach others about the Ramapough plight as well as their millennia-long history. His knowledge was instrumental to great institutions such as Ramapo College, Mahwah Museum, Rutgers University, New York University, and the United Nations, to name a few. He also worked hard fighting against racist accusations made by Natives and non-Natives alike who attempted to make (and continue to make) claims that the Ramapough are illegitimate and, therefore, not the actual owners of their ancestral land. Further, he was a leading proponent in the historic Mohawk-Ramapough Alliance, as well as the (hopefully soon) validation by the federal government that the Ramapough are indeed true Native Americans due to their rightful place in society.

While Muriyd has become popular as a leader and academic in the past five and three-quarter years, he has long proven himself as both and more. Many newcomers need to know his life before his time in Mahwah.

The truth is that Muriyd was raised to be exactly who he became. From the very beginning, he had begun being groomed to serve others and to fight for his people, whomever they may be. He is from a long line of activists who have done the same. As an Afro-Native living in America, he and his family assumed the label of African American thus, his guidance came exclusively from others of his ilk. He was very proud of his Black heritage while also embracing his multiracial/ethnic/

Cultural/ spiritual reality- and seamlessly so.

As a homeschooler, he was a natural autodidact, gaining a love for learning early on. He devoured books that were far above his grade level. After studying the Arabic language in Cairo, Egypt as a very young teenager, he developed a knack for quickly learning foreign tongues. At one point, he spoke approximately fourteen conversationally, which included Spanish, Patois, Haitian Creole, Munsee, and Mohawk; others he was working on included Old Dutch, Greek, and Turkish.

His love of nature also began early as outdoor hikes were an essential part of his schooling, and he worked hands-on in the family arbor company throughout his childhood. In fact, he loved being in nature so much that he often slept alone in the woods, even as an older teenager.

However, of all the listed and unlisted skills and talents that molded him into the man he became, Islaam was the most significant and crucial guidance for young Two Clouds. Muriyd was born, raised, and died a Muslim. His propensity for humanity came from the teachings of the Qur'an and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad, who he believed to be the last Messenger in a very long succession of Messengers sent to humankind from The One Creator, Allah. His love of the Native traditional spirituality of his Lunaapeew and Haudenosaunee ancestors directly reflected his Islamic beliefs; he saw them all as the one- not separate- Truth.

Muriyd never obtained the status of a perfect human being, nor did he attempt to do so. He had mortal flaws that acquired sins and regret, but what he always did was repent and strive to do better. This is why so many are heartbroken by his transition from this world. Simply put, he was a good guy: a loyal son, loving father, sincere brother, cousin, and attentive friend. No words can be formed in any human language to express the pain of his departure. Only Allah knows best.

Umm Muriyd Mumtahanah Ansari"

Muriyd Niish Akumahkwak, translated as Two Clouds, canoeing down his favorite Ramapough River in Mahwah NJ


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