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When The Other Shoe Drops: Why Crack Cocaine Survivors Must Lead Heart Healthy Lives.

Black people who are between the ages of 40 to 60 yrs old more than likely have known someone who in their younger and more vibrant years experimented or became addicted to Crack Cocaine. Many Black citizens have lost family members and friends because of this particular substance early on during the crack pandemic of the 80's & 90's. More recently Black population have witnessed a spike of sudden cardiac-related deaths or strokes of people who managed to survive crack addiction from their early years.

This report touches on the inevitable dropping of the second shoe of crack cocaine for those who survived the initial slaughter of drugs devastation to their body, community, institutions, and future. The report will also explain why reparation should be allocated to compensate Black citizenship plus communities damaged by the crack pandemic. In time survivors of crack cocaine would come into the knowledge that the flooding of crack cocaine in Black communities, high schools, and college campuses was not by accident.

Thanks to a variety of investigative news reports, Americans would later become aware of how under the Reagan Administration, with the assistance of the CIA in the 80s, purposely allowed the primary ingredients to manufacture crack in the country to flood areas where Black citizenship populated. The profit of crack sales would be used to fund mostly but not only Central and South American humanitarian causes. Crack sales-funded armies plus other institutions of social services for the advancement of non-North American populations. While systematically destroying the progress of Black citizenship here in North America because of the drug's debilitating effect on users.

Above pic of Journalist Gary Webb on C-Span Author of Dark Alliance Oliver North current recently retired NRA President on trial in 1989 in regards to contraband charges.

With the need to make as much money off of addicted Black bodies as possible to fund mostly Central and South American humanitarian needs. Multiple methods to dispatch cocaine from other countries was utilized by

  • Planes

  • Boats plus

  • Borders

The timing of increased surges regarding populations crossing the border illegally and not being reprimanded are evidentiary factors. These actions correlate with increased crack availability on the streets of America in the 80's and 90's. Per a 2007 U.S. National Survey on Drug Use and Health "more than 8.5 million people have used crack at least once in their lifetimes." Crack use has been "linked to various cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, and psychiatric problems." (Cornish and O'Brien, 1996.)

U.S. National Library of Medicine and the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information.)

Below FIGURE 3-1 Drug use in the past month, 1979-2007, for persons aged 12 and older.

SOURCE: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (2008)

Why was the drug so efficient at devastating so many Black lives?

Crack is a uniquely addictive substance that could turn first-time users into fully addicted slaves. Crack has also devastated White communities because, per NCBI reports, the primary user of crack cocaine has always been White Americans. Most people reported that loved ones addicted to crack acted out in behaviors that were not their norm or reflective of their value system. Future investigations published by journals would find that Reagan, Bush, plus Clinton Administration enforced laws and penalties that would further devastate Black citizenship in the long term on purpose. The addiction provided a perfect excuse for said administration's implementation of mandatory fines plus sentences that would manage to block the advancement of the Black family post the civil rights movement era. As well as allow over-policing over minor offenses that would more than likely lead to tragic events for Black men, women, and children.

The timing of the flooding of crack cocaine was unique in Black communities as well. During the 80s & 90s, backlashes because of the success of the Civil Rights Movement manifested as the re-birth of Jim Crow plus economic dis-investment inundated Black citizens lives here in North America in the area of:

  • Cost of living increases,

  • Living wage decreases

  • Disinvestment in Black communities

  • Outsourcing of corporations

  • Exaggerated College & University cost in states

  • In sourcing of employees

  • Police brutality cases

  • Homelessness

  • Mass incarceration plus

Simply put crack cocaine along with systematic racism created a perfect storm to stymie the progress of Black citizenship here in North America. Thanks to help provided by mostly Central & South America plus other countries contra deals.

Black America in the 1980s G Kimloch

People who survived the slaughter of crack cocaine consumption suffered many degradations, shame, and imprisonment. Degradations that all could have been avoided had our governmental leaders not had chosen to use crack cocaine as a means to support other country's agendas financially. As well as use said deadly substance as a means to decrease the Black American population. On the flip side, the trauma of crack use isn't over yet for survivors in their 40's, 50's, and 60's. Hence, the purposeful actions supported or orchestrated by our government and outside forces provide the reason why Black populations in North America must be compensated for their loss in lieu of their government's betrayal. Using Black bodies as a means for profit is akin to chattel slavery. This action is against the law. And cannot go uncorrected.

Black Economic Development Intentionally Sabotage Throughout US History

In the meantime

Survivors of crack usage must live heart-healthy non-stress-filled lives. This means that they need to reside in an environment that will be safe, nurturing, and non-toxic. When communicating to people who have survived crack addiction, calm, controlled vocalization should be used. When discussing a situation, communications should be held within boundaries of mutual respect and consideration of said person's well-being.

Regular physical activity is recommended per medical journals. Hence, communities should coordinate consistent, open-air free exercise-based cardiac classes to the public. Including nutritional plus housing resources for survivors of crack and their families that support their overall well-being as a unit. (Especially if citizen were incarcerated due to their addiction to crack.) In closing, Black citizenship must look in the mirror and be okay with acknowledging the unique wrongs executed on their people. Demand justice and speak life over themselves and future generations by any means necessary, like voting at every election from the schoolhouse to the White House, for example. As well as demanding legislation to be pushed through in order to address before mentioned injustices.


Middle age crack survivors should revisit institutions that their ancestors built & supported. There's healing in the walls of those ancient churches and chapels. Per NCBI research attending church can be good for you. Crack survivors should utilize this unique resource. And treat themselves and their families to gather, enjoy, and heal in a place that their grand & great-grandparents found solace, joy, and purpose.

Belief, Behavior, and Belonging: How Faith is Indispensable in Preventing and Recovering from Substance Abuse

Thank you for reading this informative share. Blue highlighted links are provided to provide readers confirming evidence of report. Please enjoy. T.S. Monk Bon-Bon-Vie

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