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When The Other Shoe Drops After Charges Of Treason Are Successfully Processed. In Walks Confiscation & Deportation.

February 24, 2024

Confiscation is the after-effect of being convicted of treason here in the United States. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King shared in his 1967 book "Where Do We Go From Here? Chaos Or Community."  States that Civil Rights Enforcement is a stepping stone where once alienated citizens such as Black folks could enforce the law via the Constitution of these United States on their behalf as long as they demand that the law be enforced. Although Black citizens are the surviving descendants of African chattel slavery, North American 1st Nation genocide, and the Indian Removal Act. Black citizens in North America are citizens because they won the Civil War fair and square alongside abolitionists, Christian-minded White citizens, and Natives who were completely against the ungodly behavior of Confederates and all other slaveholders and their Spanish allies.

So when industries such as companies that do not want to hire American workers but prefer insourced workers, plus political parties that hold malice towards, for example, Black citizens and push through Jim Crow plus hardship policies and other disenfranchisement to block the advancement of Black citizen's wealth, land acquirement, safety and pursuit of happiness. Such as in the example of exuberant fines and jail time for petty offenses that often have left citizens to lose their jobs plus homes repeatedly here in N.J. All while simultaneously providing for insourced noncitizen workers' mortgages, affordable housing, jobs, free education, business grants, and business loans while establishing a very effective legal fund made out of long-term citizens' tax dollars. Plus, additional resources to protect immigrant populations who broke federal laws with the state of N.J.'s help. Plus, with the help of trillion-dollar non-profits such as Bloomberg's New American Economy, to name a few. Provide readers a few excellent examples of why citizens have a right to enforce constitutional policies to get the monkey of treason & racism off of their backs, plus be compensated with reparations for wrongdoings done to them on purpose for just being citizens. (Please remember this is just one example.)

Picture Source: Photo Taken By Karen Brittingham-Edmond Summer 2022

What makes New Jersey a unique case is that N.J. has historically redlined Black citizens, for example, from accessing mortgages, business grants, business loans, and quality job training opportunities while confiscating land recently from Black citizens utilizing Jim Crow Confederate policies such as in the case of the N.J. Cemetary Board that utilized "The Latches Law" to steal Black citizens historic burial grounds located on Ruffin Court in Tinton Falls named Shadow Rest, Ruffin Cemetary, & Pine Brook A.M.E.Z. Churchyard. A Confederate law that has been outlawed since the establishment of the 14th Amendment. N.J. provides citizens with a few examples of how treasonous plots to undermine citizens' rights have gone on for too long. This is why the Constitution of these United States provides a penalty for such treasonous actions, and that penalty is confiscation.

Hence, for example, Black citizens can demand their reparations and enforcement of the law of treason because government officials, racist wealthy persons who lack morals with their insourced allies, can be stopped plus made to pay reparations for their money-hungry, bad, treasonous, and outlandish behavior plus policies toward fellow citizens, such as Black folks in North America. Who, by the way, built the country. Deportation follows after being found in the act of treason and confiscating all party's properties, including outside countries' assets located in North America. So when the confiscation shoe drops, how will that look?

The Above Photo Shows The Further Desecration of Historic Black Church-owned &

Privately Black-owned

First Nation Burial Ground.

Confiscation is a punishment for treason in America because it is considered a form of punishment that is both severe and effective. The idea behind confiscation as a punishment for treason is to deprive the individual of their ill-gotten gains, which are often seen as a reward for their disloyalty to the country. The forfeiture of property is also intended to serve as a deterrent to others who might consider committing treason, as it sends a clear message that the consequences of such actions will be severe. Additionally, confiscation is seen as a way to weaken the enemy's ability to finance and support their activities, which can help to bring an end to the conflict as well as the flooding of illegal drugs, guns, and caste system policies that have nothing to do with the Constitution of the United States in the state of New Jersey. (And don't misquote me. I believe that all things should be done decently and in order. I respect authority, the lineage of Kings and Queens, and the rights of parents, but caste systems aren't a North American standard.) Overall, confiscation is viewed as a harsh but necessary punishment for those who would betray their country and threaten its security and stability. Confiscation twin sister is deportation. Where both treasonous American citizens and insourced residents can be deported for their public plus economic securities threat more over the breaking of highly sensitive Federal Laws. A long with said persons, groups, non-profits, business entities, moreover state legislatures unethical, unfair, treasonous, plus dangerous actions that disturb the safety and well-being of citizens while breaking federal laws.

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