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What's Going On? Treason In The 21st Century. How Racist America's Actions Supports Putin's Agenda.


In the early 70's Marvin Gaye seminal album titled "What's going on?" spoke truth to the masses and reflected the feelings of a nation that was tired of economic disenfranchisement, war, racism, and police brutality. Fifty years later, America is facing the same issues with a new twist.

Whether we talk about:

  • Structural Racism's Devastating Disenfranchisement Towards Black Americans for the last 40 years.

  • The Enforcement of poor laws by community courthouses that's driving countless numbers of working poor citizens into prison

  • Or trumped-up charges that falsely accuse citizens of crimes they never committed.

Non- Racist White America and Black America will have to recognize that White racism has morphed or, one could say, evolved into a super party. That's wholly committed to the White Nationalist agenda dictated by Putin and his flunkies worldwide. Furthermore, if Putin were a pimp, his bottom hooker would be none other than Donald J Trump. But President Trump is not the only one.

To be precise, a bottom hustler per the Urban dictionary "sits atop the hierarchy of prostitutes working for a particular pimp. A bottom girl is usually the prostitute who has been with the pimp the longest and consistently makes the most money. Being the bottom girl gives the prostitute status and power over the other women working for her pimp. However, the bottom girl also bears many responsibilities. In U.S. v. Pipkins, the Eleventh Circuit described the bottom girl's duties as working the track in [her pimp's] stead, running interference for and collecting money from the pimps other prostitutes, and looking after the pimps affairs if the pimp was out of town, incarcerated, or otherwise unavailable." "Bottom hookers may also instruct and advise new pimps on the ways of the prostitution business."

And per an abundance of investigative reports and books, former President Donald J Trump fits the bill. And because of Donald Trump's status and power given to him by Putin America's number one threat to its democracy today is how White Nationalist nations can infiltrate the country. With the help of rich and poor racist White America to do their biddings. Some utterly unaware that they are being played by influences who have no good intentions for them.

Outside influences have managed to get racist White America to follow their lead. Per some reports, intelligence officers aren't sure which actions or worse. The ability for authoritarian and autocratic governments to be able to attack our country with Cyber Attacks. Or the ability that these outside authoritarian governments influence over racist White America to do their bidding. It's treason in the 21st century. But how? When did Gizmo morph into Stripe?

Most bread crumbs leading back to Ronald Reagan. Reagan did not appreciate the triumphs of the Civil Rights Movement. He referred to Black people from Africa or America as being animals. Reagan was not a fan of integration, affirmative action, or a plethora of other equalizing initiatives such as voting rights for Black citizens and career development. Reagan promised his constituents that he would bring back the good old days. And thanks to mass incarceration, divestment actions in areas where the Black population found quality jobs and careers, such as in Detroit, plus the cost of living increases that made more and more citizens homeless, including veterans - he did.

Per N.B.C. News Article Titled Reagan: A contrary view. Joe Davidson shares that "After taking office in 1981, Reagan began a sustained attack on the government's civil rights apparatus, opened an assault on affirmative action and social welfare programs. Embraced the white racist leaders of then-apartheid South Africa and waged war on a tiny, Black Caribbean nation called Grenada." -

Intelligence agencies have found that outside authoritarianism, plus autocratic governments that are a genuine threat to the United States, have successfully gotten in the heads of a segment of the American population for years. And just like a cult seeking membership, authoritarian White nationalist leaders have found loyal supporters via the weakest link in our country. Non-repentant racist White people. These folks, much like President Ronald Reagan, want things to go back to the "good days." Where racism ran wild, and murdering Black citizenship and molesting children were free to do on this side of the Jordan. And look around. They're doing just that. Whether by the human trafficking industry that per F.B.I. reports revealed that White supremacist organizations in partnership with, for example, Mexican Drug Cartels. Or the training of police officers to shoot to kill Black civilians in particular. It all leads back to the unethical behavior and cult-like thinking that white supremacists believe to be an example of "the good olde days."

White Nationalists from Central Europe and their supporters from other countries who wished they were White have managed to manipulate racial tensions in America that have now put our entire country in jeopardy. What's worse is that even the widespread dumping of millions of illegal immigrants per some intelligence agencies is just another catalyst to trigger White extremists to act out. And boy did they. That, along with many other scenarios, has set up a perfect reason for Trump followers to act out by design, even to the point of attacking the capital building. Not to mention wanting to murder nonconformist congresspersons, senators, and V.P. Pence. Because Trump told them to, let us not forget that Trump managed to get millions of citizens, mostly made up of white males & females, to vote for him. And within that population included Hispanics, Asians, Jewish, and a small percent of Black voters.

And that's what's going on. A portion of the American population is receiving ques to support the ambitions of another country whose intention is not now or ever will be good towards the United States. And this is why reform must happen in America. And not just at police departments. Per reports, reform will be happening everywhere. In judicial systems, social work departments, education boards, local government, and people holding political offices. Why? Because Putin is playing these people like a fiddle, and that's not fair to the rest of America, who refuses to bow down to the White nationalist agenda. In or outside of America.

Per an article by Fred Hiatt, Editorial Page Editor of the Washington Post titled Democracy Dies in Darkness. Shares that "authoritarian states like Russia do not believe in a rule of law or human rights." He further states that "despite America's imperfections, America is a democratic society. That means the consent of the masses governs us." Lastly, "authoritarian and autocratic governments believe in a caste system where the wealthiest 1% rule over the majority." Now I ask you does that sound familiar?

Per Malcolm Nance, a security specialist, intelligence analyst, author, military vet, U.S. Naval Intelligence officer specializing in counter-terrorism, violent extremism advisor for the U.S. Government Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and Intelligence agencies book published in 2019 titled "They Want To Kill Americans." Provides evidence of the long-term history of the "development of armed militias, fanatical terrorists, and deranged ideology that predicted the Trump insurgency that happened on Jan 6, 2021." The book exposes how Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia (to mention a few) play a considerable part in manipulating ordinary American citizens to do their bidding.

Russia's Cyber and Social Media interference since the Reagan Era has compounded and help to rev up White supremacist angst here in America. And thanks to the fact that our country did not remove every remnant of White supremacist false teaching plus unfair treatment towards America's Black citizenship. The chickens of racism have come home to roost. And now, the entire country in jeopardy. But trouble doesn't last always. Below President Biden being sworn in with First Lady Jill Biden by his side.

Thanks for reading this special report. And because I don't want you to take my word on the subject matter, I have made it a point to leave you links plus taped discussions per trusted intelligence agents, studies, and news reports so that you can decide for yourself. Or what my father Sonny Brittingham would say. "Hear it straight from the horse's mouth!"

Below former President Barack Obama giving Putin the stink eye!

Please enjoy Walter Hawkins & The Hawkin Family "Our God Is Standing By"

Reference Links:

Malcolm Nance: How Russia is Destroying Democracy

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