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Updated: Feb 11, 2023

The day football lovers worldwide have been waiting for is almost amongst us, and this years Superbowl features two of the leagues most talented young stars. February 12th The Philadelphia Eagles will take on The Kansas City Chiefs in what is sure to be an action packed thriller, but the true stat that deserves the most praise is that this SuperBowl, for the first time in NFL history, will feature two African-American starting quarterbacks.

Patrick Lavon Mahomes II was born on September 17, 1995 in the Eastern Texas city of Tyler. Though being born to a former MLB pitcher father, it has been an uphill battle for this young phenom, with him forging his very own path to the history books. After becoming an instant success in the National Football League, he won the MVP award in his second professional season. Then to add insult to injury to the few nay sayers two short years later in 2020 he won his first Superbowl and overwhelmingly won the games MVP award. He has been phenomenal on the field, and a spectacle to watch, his determination and grit on the field and attention to detail will ensure that he will put 100% into Sundays championship game. This game will be Mahomes' third Superbowl appearance, and I’m sure he will give it his all to win his second championship.

And now to his opponent; Jalen Alexander Hurts was born on August 7, 1998 in the much larger Texas city of Houston. After coming out of Channelview High school (2015) as a four star recruit, Hurts went on to be recruited by the University of Alabama where he became an instant success. In 2016 he was unanimously voted as the SEC Freshman of the year and also SEC Offensive Player of the year, not to mention he led his team to the 2016 SEC Championship and won over Florida State ALL AS A FRESHMAN. Throughout his 4 years in college he proved that he was a once in a lifetime talent and after being picked 53rd in the 2nd round of the NFL draft he went on to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. Although he sat for most of his rookie season he became their full-time starter at the end of the 20-21’ season and has since became the youngest player to reach 14 regular season wins in NFL history. Now in his third season, and with his most impressive numbers yet, he has led the Philadelphia Eagles to the Superbowl and has no plan on taking it easy against his formidable foes. Hurts is a blossoming Superstar, a dedicated leader, and a Swiss army knife on and off the field and for this amazing feat he accomplished this year and throughout his career he deserves much praise.

Both these young stars deserve much praise in their on and off-the-field endeavors, and me and everyone at Echo News TV and ENDEP ENTERTAINMENT wish both of these young men luck. This is not only a win and an accomplishment for them, but also for the young black men that hope to be in their position one day.


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