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Tragic Building Collapsed in Surfside Florida Update

Currently, 12 people lives were cut short due to the tragic condominium collapse in Surfside, Florida, Thursday June 24, 2021. Per recent reports shared by USA Today and CNN. Right now, 149 people remain unaccounted for. Per a USA Today article written by Ryan Miller, Jorge Ortiz, and Wendy Rhodes on June 28 confirmed: "Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine-Cava's that "four victims were taken out of the Champlain Towers South rubble Sunday." Champlain Towers South, North, and East properties were developed by the Champlain Towers South Associates, with the primary property owner being Nathan Reiber.

(Champlain Towers South before collapse)

The Champlain Tower South address is 8777 Collins Ave (State Rd A1A) Surfside, Florida. The property was built in 1981, and Mr. Reiber, the primary property developer, passed away July 1, 2014, at 86 yrs old. Reiber emigrated from Czestochowa, Poland, to Montreal, Canada, in 1929 and would later become a real estate mogul developing properties in the United States and Canada. (Champlain Towers South before collapse)

USA Today article notes that "amid the shock and grief caused by the catastrophe, some hints about its possible origin are starting to emerge." Per a CNN report written by Maureen Chowdhury, "more than 400 rescue workers are assigned to the search with 200 scouring the wreckage at any given time." The endless search for victims in the collapsed building is hindered by sudden fires and the other cave-in debris of the existing structure.

(Champlain Towers South after collapse June 24 approx 1:30 AM)

Amid emerging news of the Champlain Towers South tragedy, per USA Today report states that "the building's condo association president shared that damage to the basement garage had gotten significantly worse since an inspection less than three years ago." Champlain Towers South Condo President also shared that "deterioration of the building's concrete was accelerating."

(Pictured below Surfside Mayor Charles W Burkett and current Miami-Dade Mayor Levine - Cava notifying tenants residing in Champlain Tower North to evacuate the building June 25th)

Sadly no real cause regarding buildings' collapse has been provided. Some witnesses felt as if the area experienced an earthquake. Others speculate the possibility of a sinkhole that had developed under the building. Others believe that materials utilized in constructing buildings were not adaptable to the long-term exposure of being located next to a coastal ecosystem. Either way, the surrounding community, family members, and country are heartbroken and desperately seeking a miracle to assist survivors. And an answer that would diagnose the cause of the building's collapse hopes to prevent other vulnerable high-rise sites located next to beaches from experiencing a likewise tragic event.

Referenced links & 2018 public structural field survey record below

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