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Time To Clean The House An Artistic Commentary Acknowledging Biden's Return To The White House.

Thankfully the Trump Administration will be leaving next week as the Biden Administration will be ushered in. The presidential inauguration will be Wednesday, January 20, 2021. President Joe Biden's inauguration will usher in a change of management that will be very different from Trump's. But are Americans ready for the change that is necessary to right wrongs? And break up the fallow ground of bigotry that the Trump administration has left behind? Bob Dylan's song "The Times They Are A-Changing" expresses Americans' current state of affairs. Per one portion of Bob Dylan's music, he states, "Come senators, congressmen; please heed the call - Don't stand in the doorway, don't block up the hall - For he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled - The battle outside raging - Will soon shake your windows And rattle your walls - For the times they are a changin." Per, Bob Dylan shares that the song was released on January 13, 1964, but written in 1963. Bob Dylan shares in the article that "folk songs back then mirrored" contemporary events, such as the enforcement of "civil rights" laws and "President John F Kennedy's assassination."

Americans are once again at the apex of coming clean about racism and all the mischief it creates. We all witnessed last week's attack on the Capitol Building by a mob of racist gun toters. Many news media outlets seemed surprised, while other media outlets stated that they told us that this would happen. Never the less the reason behind the mob of insurrectionist outburst had to do with the impression that they received from President Donald Trump. Thousands of people believed that they could go out in public and misbehave and get away with it, which was a lie. President Donald Trump's talent plus modus- operandi was that he could lie in a charismatic manner and get away with it. Most Americans probably have never seen such boldface lying in their life. And the sad part is that the people who follow him enjoy believing his lies. The bible tells us in Revelations Chapter 22:15 that there are people who "love to tell lies and do wrong." It's who they are. And this is America. We will let you believe a lie if you keep it to yourself. But what happens when those lies incite a large portion of the population to charge the Capital building? Murder innocent citizens? Or block life-saving COVID19 resources from fellow citizens? And how can we keep that from happening again?

Americans need to confront the root cause and reaction to why a million people are okay with 45's lying and the lies that white supremacy perpetrates as truth. Furthermore, Americans will have to face the chain reaction and or end product that Black America has been left with by design for the last 100 years because of a mixture of blatant and treasonous policies based on lies administered by policymakers and the like toward Black citizens. Per an article in The Catalyst, a global nonprofit advocating for women's behalf in the workplace. Report shared on September 30, 2020, titled "The Impact of Structural Racism on Black Americans," written by A. Costigan, K. Garnett, and E. Troiano, states that "Many of the disparities between Black and White communities in the United States are an outgrowth of a long history of discriminatory and dehumanizing laws and policies that have created and exacerbated inequality in almost every sphere of Black Americans life."

Article further states that since "the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution that abolished slavery in 1865, laws and policies have been implemented that overwhelmingly favor and protect jobs for White people by discriminating against and denying opportunities to Black people." Such regulations "limited" Black citizens to occupations of farming and domestic servitude per article. And if they received an opportunity to be a contract worker, said workload would be oppressively burdensome or impossible to complete. We can see these implementations of racially motivated policies in effect today—for example, the performance of blocking Black citizens from occupying job opportunities earning $80,000 a year. People who come to this country who struggle with the English language are obtaining these jobs over Black Americans by exponential proportions. Why? Below are a few examples.

The average salary of a registered nurse in NJ is approximately $75,510 to $86,280.00 per year. Per a study by The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health titled "Counting Nurses - The Power of Historical Census Data." It gives us evidence of how many Black women and men occupy nursing careers than their white counterparts. Per the chart link below, you will see that, on average, between 1980 to 2006, a lower portion of black nurses entering the American Registered Nursing workplace compared to 160,000 White nurses who entered the field on average each year between 1980 and 2006.

Local racist policymakers ensure a limited number of registered nurse training opportunities are located in districts where the Black population is higher in NJ. The ideal is like any unethical lawyer's strategy. If they can make you wait long, enough other life events will occur that will distract you from achieving your goal or claiming what is rightfully yours. Ensuring that you do not have access to a said learning opportunity that would empower Black Americans with the skills to do the job, in effect, brings forth the goal of stated bigoted inspired strategy. To economically keep that portion of citizenship disenfranchised. Or out of the loop of opportunities purposely, which is against the law.

On a side note, you can find treasonous behavior throughout Monmouth County, NJ, in the field of civil servants, for example. Everybody knows this. Just ask any Black person who's had a tort case here in Monmouth County, NJ. Black citizens, on average, never receive the tort court judgments they deserve. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but on the most part, Black citizens are given little to no money that they rightfully deserve by law. White and Middle Eastern lawyers have been doing this disenfranchisement in this county for years. And the Black lawyers are too afraid to confront them on their unlawful behavior. Especially since racist lawyers have the full support of racist judges who abide in Freehold Court. To persecute and disenfranchise Black citizenship by design. And yes, Judge Quinn, I'm talking about you. Local lawmakers and other racist lawyers and judges unlawfully deem Black Americans' tort claims lower than anybody else in or outside of this country. And that, my friends, is treason to the highest level.

Per the Catalyst report, other areas where Black citizens have been systematically disenfranchised nationwide by unlawful policymakers and their enforcers are

  • Homeownership via redlining

  • Project Housing via credit reports

  • GI Bill blocking

  • Education

  • Voting Rights/Voting Suppression

  • Health and Healthcare

  • Wealth Gap

  • Criminal Justice System

Because of systematic racism, police reform will be necessary. Still, so many other areas where racism and deceived people's agendas spring up like weeds in a dunghill need to be immediately reformed as well. So here's my song celebrating the return of Biden to the White House

“Let the Cleaning of the House Begin”

The cleaning of the house must begin. And the dirty sheets removed! Time to clean the windows so that we can all see the stars, sun, and moon. Drag the rugs outside and fold over a line so that the beaten rugs can receive fresh air plus sunshine. Let the wind carry away all their dirt, dust, and grime. Time to clean the house again because it's time. Especially when the cleansing can right wrongs that have sat on the pantry shelves like rotten meat for much too long. Such as caste systems and other man-made lies. All must be put outside in the sun to dry. Reform must happen to give everybody a clean start and a fresh beginning for repentant hearts. Let the cleaning of the house begin as we welcome President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in!

Thanks for reading my commentary/poem! Stay safe. And know that just like Rev Jackson said you are a somebody. Let the sunshine in!

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