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The Trump Biden Debate. Who Let The Dogs Out?

On Tuesday, September 29, the first presidential debate was held at The Health Education Campus of Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. And what a debate it was. Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden stood six feet apart from President Donald Trump, and Trump should be happy that there were six feet between the two. Biden made more enraged, “I’m gonna get you sucker,” faces than what the law allowed. Biden, on several occasions, seemed to clutch his fist. At the same time, Trump acted like the naughty little boy who prods a lion with a stick whose locked in a cage.

Chris Wallace of Fox News had little to no control over President Trump. And to think that Wallace being a seasoned news anchor who makes millions of dollars a year could not manage President Trump on a media stage is mind-boggling. (On a side note. I know three Black middle school-aged children who could have monitored that debate better than Wallace.) But I digress. Wallace seemed to have the wherewithal to control his interview with Trump’s friend Putin; why couldn’t he command the room when Trump was in his cipher?

Nevertheless, as the debate continued, I honestly wondered who would draw blood first. Democratic Candidate Joe Biden tried to follow the rules of a typical political debate, but Trump wasn't having that happened. Biden spoke candidly on issues while Trump threw potshots at him. President Trump walked in his White supremacy like he was the righteousness of God, lying all the way down to the home stretch. If President Trump squatted down on the stage and took a crap in the state of mind he was in, he'd probably have blamed Obama for doing it. While claiming his defecation doesn't stink!

It was quite a show. But Biden didn’t come there to dance. And neither did Black America.

And here’s why,

Racial tensions & White supremacist movement in our country is real.


Gun violence

Human trafficking

Mass incarceration


Drug trade

Is all real.

The next president of the United States will either help reduce and resolve these issues. Or fan the flame of discontentment and strife for all the world to see.

On October 7, The Vice Presidential debate will be at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. Vice President Pence and Democratic Vice President Candidate Senator Kamala Harris will be entering the ring. And a word for the wise. If Democratic Vice President Candidate Kamala Harris puts a jar of vaseline on her pulpit stand and begins to take off her earrings. I strongly suggest that Pence’s leave the ring early in order to save face.

Thanks for reading. Your feedback is important to me. Remember to vote on Nov 3rd 2020.

“Who Let The Dogs Out” Baha Men

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