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The Relaunched Echo's Spectacular February 2024 Black Beauty Is Jazmen Taryn Conover!

February 11, 2024

Picture Source: Jazmen Conover Facebook

Dear relaunched Echo readers, I am so proud to introduce to some and present to others Ms Jazmen Conover, our February Black beauty for 2024. Jazmen is a fantastic single mother who owns and operates "Taryn's Treats & PRINK BEAUTY Cosmetics." We of the relaunched Echo are genuinely in awe of her homemade baked goods and event cakes. Even more impressive is how she balances running her business and starting a cosmetic line while raising children. With that said, please enjoy the beauty, grace, and style of

Ms. Jazmen Conover.

Jazmen Taryn Conover was born in Neptune, New Jersey, to her parents, Jennifer Conover and Wendell Wiley, on October 16th, 1986. She's the oldest of six siblings. Conover is proud and honored to represent Black women in New Jersey because Black women, in particular, face unique adversities daily and overcome them with poise and grace. Jazmen's favorite Black History role model is Madame C.J. Walker. Jazmen shares that she "loves Madame Walker because She was a self-made African American businesswoman when no woman of color rarely worked outside of the home. Our young people need to know about their history because it didn't start with slavery. Our history is an opportunity to spotlight and celebrate the achievements that African Americans have accomplished in this country despite racism and oppression. We are the inventors, entrepreneurs, and revolutionaries." End of quote.

Conover believes learning about Black history is essential in fostering a sense of identity, resilience, and empowerment among Black individuals and communities. She further states that being aware of Black History unites us and helps us better understand the importance of our own stories. Conover has a nine-year-old son. His name is Jax Porter. She aspires for him to be true to himself in all ways & to know that he is always loved and free to be whatever his heart desires. Jax is so wise and full of light; Conover shares "he's been here before, for sure."

Conover's son loves to draw and can build things. Jax aspires to be the best animator in the world one day. He also wishes to own a restaurant. Jax even has the name picked for it. His mother, Jazmen, would love that for him. Conover doesn't know much about her Native American bloodline, but she recently discovered that she's Trinidadian from her father's side (his mom), which is exciting!

About Taryn's Treats!

Jazmen Conover is the owner and operator of Taryn's Treats! Conover's brand is best known for its delicious Banana Bliss (banana pudding), which turns into an ice cream when you put it in the freezer. Another customer fave is the strawberry crunch cakes.

Conover is also the proud owner of the upcoming cosmetics line PRINK BEAUTY, which specializes in Vegan and cruelty-free makeup. Conover shares that "I always dreamed of having my own business." She wanted to be a writer and fashion designer when she was younger. Conover shares, "I wanted my fashion magazine because I loved reading Teen Vogue. My mother is an entrepreneur, so she inspires me to always put my best foot forward in everything I do and never settle."

Jazmen doesn't have a favorite scripture, but she uses the quote, "Ohana." Ohana means Family. "And Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten."

What a wonderful inspiration, plus perfect Black History Month Beauty. Dear Echo readers, please give a round of applause to our Echo News T.V. L.L.C. Black Beauty of the Month, Ms. Jazmen Conover!

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Q&R Home Improvements LLC
Q&R Home Improvements LLC
14 feb

Congratulation Jaz. Great woman. Great person.

Me gusta

Love Unfiltered
Love Unfiltered
14 feb


Me gusta

14 feb

This article speaks volume about such an Amazing Talent Beautiful, and such an inspiration mom! ♥️

Me gusta

13 feb

Love the article of  Ms. Jazmen Conover!, she is a pioneer And have done an awesome and an amazing work

Me gusta
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