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The Relaunched Echo's May 2023 Black Beauty Is Mrs. Tracey Pitts-Cansler!

The relaunched Echo May 2023 beauty is Mrs. Tracey Pitts-Cansler. She is a native Long Brancher who modeled in her younger years and remains a captivating beauty today. Tracey shared that the definition of her name means strength and courage, and that means that Tracey has what it takes to survive another day while being fabulous simultaneously! Cansler is a direct descendant of historical Riceville, N.J., established in 1830 by freed Africans and Native Americans within a Lenni Lenape enclave of Monmouth County, New Jersey, currently called Navesink.

(Click link to learn more about Riceville

Tracey is a beloved mother of three fantastic young adults and wife, plus a caring Christian whose educational background includes the study of Law at Brookdale Community College. Plus, Gateway College of Vancouver, Canada, where Tracey majors in Philosophy & Economics. Please celebrate with the relaunched Echo Mrs. Tracey Pitts-Cansler, everybody's favorite NJ Transit Ticket Representative, plus Echo Spotlight Black Beauty of the Month.

Above, Tracey is pictured with her youngest son, who's 21 years old. Let's all send a big God bless you to our Echo News TV May 2023 Black Beauty Mrs. Tracey Pitts-Cansler!

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