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  • Karen Edmond

The 1st Relaunched Echo Fall Fundraiser

Dear readers.

Relaunching a historic newspaper as of July 6, 2020, online has been a blessing.

For close to two months, numerous readers have responded to articles published on the Echo News TV website. Being able to provide a platform where people of color, in particular, can voice their opinions, is an honor. I take great pride in the work that my Great Grandfather and others have accomplished in journalism. Plus, their proficient usage of first amendment rights.

Because we have only started this journey, I am seeking pledges $25 or higher to support the pilot relaunching of the newspaper. Utilization of resources will help historic newspaper to obtain,

501C4 Certification

LLC License

National Negro Press Association Membership

Nonprofit product resources.

As a thank you for your gift, you will receive an #EchoNewsTV - Anti Confederate Face Mask. Simply go to

Thank you for your support, and looking forward to your continued posts and suggestions.

You matter and your vote matters too!

Sincerely, Karen Studied Psychology at SNHU, A.S. Human Services, A.A. Public Relations, Certified Clinical Research Manager Sollers College

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Your donation is greatly appreciated!

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