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Tele-Evangelist And False Prophet Pat Robertson Dies at 93 Years Old.

June 9, 2023

Known White Nationalist and false prophet Evangelical Rev. Pat Robertson dies June 8, 2023. Matt Schudel of The Washington Post article titled "Pat Robertson, the televangelist who mixed politics and religion, dies at 93," 6/8/2023, shared that Marion Gordon Robertson was born March 22, 1930, in Lexington, Va, passed away Thursday, June 8. The popular tele-evangelist of the 700 Club acquired his nickname, Pat, from his older brother, who liked to pat young Marion's cheeks, per the above-mentioned Washington Post article on June 8th. Robertson's parents were the children of Baptist pastors, and Rev. Robertson often boasted of his early American roots.

President William Henry Harrison

Robertson is a descendant of two presidents, William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison. Many of Rev. Robertson's political and religious ideals were shaped by his father, Absalom Willis Robertson, a representative who served seven terms in the House as a Democrat from Virginia and then was a senator from 1946 to 1966." A time when the Democratic party still held solid Confederate views for the most part. Robertson's "early American roots" reveal that the apple never falls far from the tree in such cases of racist ideology. Robertson's ancestor was President William Henry Harrison—a direct descendant of penal colonists who was an enslaver.

President Harrison opposed the idea of Congress restricting slavery in new territories. As Harrisons' political career took off, he carefully avoided condemning slavery. He believed that each state should decide the extension of the fate of bondage for African and indigenous tribespeople deemed uncivilized because such North American tribes were against the abuse of children. Harrison was the ninth President of the United States (1841.) He was the oldest President to be elected at the time. On his 32nd day, he became the first to die in office, serving the shortest tenure in U.S. Presidential history. To learn more about Pat Robertson's slave-holding ancestor, President William Harrison, click the below link.

Tele-Evangelist Pat Robertson convinced the American public to give millions upon millions of dollars of donations to build Robertson's enterprises that, include

  • The 700 Club

  • Regent University, an evangelical Christian school in Virginia Beach;

  • American Center for Law and Justice/ Heritage Foundation

  • Operation Blessing is an international humanitarian organization that has worked heavily on Hispanic causes in Mexico and South America since 1981.

Robertson claimed the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King "led Black citizens into a genocide." Dr. King wanted to see his people receive the full enforcement of citizenship rights established for African Americans in 1868 per the 14th Amendment. And Robertson and his evangelical Ronald Reagan supporters had a problem with that. The American Center For Law & Justice / The Heritage Foundation, funded by the Koch Brothers, also known as The Koch Family Foundation, supported and provided advocacy for George Zimmerman, the murderer of young Trayvon Martin. Where with the Heritage Foundation on July 23, 2013, stated, that "It is fundamentally unfair for someone like George Zimmerman to be charged by the federal government under a different law, one applied to the very same facts that failed to convince even a single juror that Zimmerman was guilty of manslaughter, much less murder, in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin." To learn more, click the link below.

Robertson's Heritage Foundation also made this statement just as recently as April 27, 2023 "The Founders wouldn't bat an eye at a citizenry well-armed with modern weapons to defend itself against either tyrant or criminal." On a side note, the Koch Brothers are known to be "Republican Mega-donors" who have supported Republican causes for a very long time, per Ruti Levy's December 14, 2017 article in the Israeli News publication called the Haaretz titled "Republican Mega Doners Koch Brothers Invest In Israeli Start-Up." To learn more, click the link.

Tele-Evangelist Pat Robertson, host of The 700 Club, dead at 93 years old.







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