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  • Karen Edmond

Reparations And Voting Can Be A "Win-Win" To Disenfranchised Black Citizenship.

With the rise of White nationalism since the election of President Donald Trump, economic attacks on Black citizenship, in particular, have tripled. Economically a large portion of African American income, on the whole, has flat-lined. It's a sad commentary to share. But the truth is that collecting unemployment insurance affords lower-middle-income households more monetary gain than their bi-weekly paychecks.

Increase unemployment aid afforded many laid-off workers a temporary resource to live a better quality of life. (But said makeshift help was only for a season.) As many return to work, the reality of their financial shortcomings is making many working-class African Americans reflect on how they ended up being the lowest man on the totem pole again despite having a good work ethic and comprehensive education.

Per a 2019 study in the Joint Economic Committee titled "The Economic State of Black America in 2020," found that "over 97% of respondents vastly underestimated the huge gap between the median wealth held by Black families ($17,000) and White families ($171,000) a ratio of 10 to one."

Despite the substantial goals achieved during the denouement of old Jim Crow policies and gains of Civil Right Act enforcement, data reveals that Blacks in particular "face more difficult circumstances than their White counterparts." Currently, 42% of African Americans do not own their homes despite programs like HUD Section 8 Home-ownership Resources available via the state.

Black Americans experience far less upward economic mobility per study. This series of unfortunate events should lead Black registered voters, not just to ask for reparations. But demand it!

Right now

  • Voter suppression disenfranchises Black citizens more so than other groups in America.

  • Black citizens are incarcerated six times the rates of their peers. (Many for petty crimes.)

  • Black citizens, young adult children are more likely to be shackled by the chains of mandatory exaggerated fines and or sentences.

  • Black citizens, more so than any other target populations, juggled the extreme abuse of economic injustices since their advent to this country.

The rippling effect of said injustices passes down to future generations a debt or stigma instead of inheritance. Voting for an empathetic political party can empower political candidates who could more than likely implement reparations to Black citizens. This action would change the long term tide of disenfranchisement.

The time for African Americans to stop undermining or ignoring their own people's suffering must come to an end. Black athletes are doing their part to advocate on behalf of their people boldly. Now it is time for Black citenzery to do their part. Here's the deal. Studies have confirmed that poverty is Black citizens Achilles heel in America. The only way to dismantle poverty's grip on this segment of society is by allotting them the money owed to them from approximately 150 years ago in addendum to civil right act. (Including additional factors to the proper interest value of 40 aces of southern land 2020.)

The right political candidates can do this. Hence Black American voters, young and old, rich or poor, big or small, need to run and not walk to the ballot boxes. Once ascertaining said candidates into their presidential positions, Black citizenship should sit on railroad tracks in teams of hundreds until checks are cut. Amen walls? Amen chandeliers? (Don't do that...I'm just playing.)

Thank you for reading commentary. Please remember to vote on November 3, 2020.

We look forward to your feedback.

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