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Relaunched Echo Media Updates: Headless Body, Kidnapped Kids, The Hawk Returns And More

December 8, 2023

Headless Body Leads To A Murder Suspect Fleeing Back Home To Mexico

Per a story written by Josh Bakan of the Middletown Patch on Dec 7, 2023, titled "Headless Body, Blood-Stained Home Lead To NJ Murder Charge: Court Docs in Camden NJ, a woman by the name of Cathleen McGrath was reported missing by her family members. The family shared that McGrath, a 26-year-old White female, was last seen on Oct 27, 2023. Per a review from the Camden County Police Department's surveillance system per Bakan's report on Oct 28, 2023, the following night that McGrath was last seen, footage showed a man leaving the home of 53-year-old Carlos Acevedo carrying "a large object." That was wrapped in Black and clear trash bags, an affidavit says." After further investigation of footage, Camden County Police Detectives "determined that Acevedo was carrying McGrath's body."

Surveillance video tapped Acevedo, placing McGrath's remains in the back of his Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck.

On Nov 27, when authorities executed a search warrant, detectives discovered blood splatter up at the top of stairs and on the second floor. The following day, Nov 28, Acevedo closed his bank accounts and told his coworkers he was traveling to Mexico for a family

emergency. Camden County police arrested and charged Acevedo with second-degree disturbing human remains. McGrath's headless body was discovered on Nov 15, 2023. Her remains were wrapped in duct tape and left near an overpass on "8th Street and Atlantic Ave." To learn more about this grisly murder, plus the capture of Acevedo, please click the link.

Kidnapped Children Found In Aberdeen, New Jersey

Per a report shared by Carly Baldwin of the Middletown Patch titled: "PA Man Abducted 2 Girls, Left Them On Side Of Highway In Aberdeen: PD on Dec 4, 2023, a thirteen and eleven-year-old was abducted by a White male by the name of Benjamin Pessin a 43-year-old grown man from Philadelphia. Per the article, after molesting one of the children, Pessin abandoned children on the side of the road in Aberdeen, New Jersey, at 5:00 A.M. The children wandered down Route 34. They mustered up the strength to knock on Aberdeen resident's doors, hoping to find someone to help them. A homeowner called 911, said the mayor of Aberdeen and the "police responded and rescued little girls." Per Baldwin's article, "What followed was 20 hours of diligent police work by the patrol division and detective bureau, along with assistance from the

  •  Marlboro Township Police Department

  • Old Bridge Township Police Department and 

  • Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office

Thankfully, Pessin's car was identified per security cameras, and at 8:40 P.M. on Monday, Dec 4, 2023, police located and arrested Pessin. To learn more about this story, please click or copy the link:

The Hawk Returns This Weekend, Possibly Bringing Heavy Rains And Strong Winds

Per forecast, although Friday's temperatures hovered around 50 degrees with beautiful skies on the Jersey Shore, this weekend's weather may turn into what the Middletown Patch reporter Alexis Tarrazi shares as a "rare" December storm system. A storm system could bring heavy rains, plus strong winds late Sunday into Sunday night." It is possible that "an estimated 180 million people" can be affected. If indeed said winter hawk lands. AccuWeather Meteorologist Joseph Bauer said, "While Central states are expected to get some snow, New Jersey will unlikely see any. It is predicted that an inch to 1 inch per hour of rain may accumulate for several hours if a storm lands. So, if you're going to church on Sunday, pack your favorite umbrella and wear your raincoat because it will be wet and chilly outside if a storm system flies through!

Multi-Millionaire Melinda French Gates: Complains That Women Need More Childcare To Remain In The Work Force

American women supposedly made significant gains in the workforce this year, reaching their highest labor force participation rate since before the pandemic. Unfortunately, because of a lack of affordable caregiving options threatens progress made for women worldwide, philanthropist Melinda French Gates told Forbes in an interview with Maggie McGrath, a Forbes Journalist who shared, "We still expect women to do the unpaid labor that our societies are built on the backs of, and our economies are built on the backs of," Gates says.

Per a report on September 30, "$24 billion of federal childcare funding that had been a part of the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act pandemic-relief package expired. More than 3 million children could lose their spots in daycare, and the parents who cut back on their working hours or leave the workforce to fill the gap stand to lose a collective $9 billion in earnings, resulting in tax and business revenue losses that are likely to cost states $10.6 billion in economic activity per year, according to research from the Century Foundation."

This year alone, the "Gates Foundation invested $70 million in organizations promoting female economic empowerment." The Gate Foundation Initiative includes funding nonprofits building solutions to the caregiving crisis. On a side note, this may lead to more moms staying home and raising protected, happy children. To learn more, please click or copy link:

Thanks for reading the relaunched Echo, NJ's oldest Black-owned Newspaper Since 1904.

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