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President Joe Biden Boldly Visits President Zelenskyy In Ukraine February 20, 2023

President Joe Biden made a sudden unforeseen visit to Ukraine, where he stood boldly with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a "defiant display of Western solidarity." This is Biden's first visit to a war zone as president of the United States of America. Per a report with the Associated Press/White House Reporter Aamer Madhani, "Biden spent more than five hours in the Ukrainian capital, consulting with Zelenskyy on next steps, honoring the country's fallen soldiers and seeing U.S. embassy staff in the besieged country."

President Biden's witnessed the sudden distressful sound of an air raid alarm. An unfortunate horrifying sound that Ukrainians have had to hear since Feb 24, 2022. President Biden and President Zelensky made their faces like a flint, unafraid of air raid alarms - placed two wreaths and held silence at the Wall of Remembrance out of respect honoring "Ukrainian soldiers killed since 2014, the year Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula."

While in Munich, Vice President Kamala Harris warned: "China against providing Moscow with any kind of support during her appearance at the Munich Security Conference" at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich, Feb 17th to the 19th, 2023. President Joe Biden's abroad trip to Ukraine and Vice President Kamala Harris's outright stance against China's shenanigans while attending a conference in Germany share a united image of strength, integrity, plus forthrightness that America will neither be intimidated nor deterred by doing the right thing for Ukraine and her American citizens, despite Putin supporters here in the United States.


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