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President Biden Withdraws Troops From Afghanistan. Was It The Right Thing To Do? Yes And Here's Why.

America has approximately 1.4 million active-duty military service persons, per an Statista Analysis Report published by Erin Duffin on Mar 8, 2021. Per an additional article written by James Fallows titled The Tragedy of the American Military Jan 2015, "A total of about 2.5 million Americans, roughly three-quarters of 1 percent, served in Iraq or Afghanistan at any point in the post-9/11 years, many of them more than once." Fallows's report emphasizes America's frequency of participating in ongoing wars by nicknaming the phenomenon as a "Chickenhawk Nation."

The term references to the powers that be that are eager to always put American Troops constantly in danger for the greater good of other countriesmany countries who, by the way, hate us but covet American lifestyles and resources. Per Fallow, "A chickenhawk nation is more likely to keep going to war and to keep losing - than one that wrestles with long-term questions of how" genuinely are they being "effective" in said battles.

America's pride in our military servicemen and women has always been chiefly respected. But not to the point of saving service member's lives. The fact is that America has been at war nonstop for the past 13 years. Its been over one decade post 9/11 since the Afghanistan war started.

Technically, once Navy Seals located and took out Osama Bin Laden on May 2, 2011, the mission's goals were accomplished-period. Afghanistan is the "longest military engagement." Per a Washington Post report written by Adela Suliman on Aug 20, 2021. "5,200 troops have been stationed in Afghanistan since 2014." And as of today, "2,352 U.S. military members have died in Afghanistan per the Defense Department."

(Below military soldiers who were among the dead, while 18 other U.S. service members were wounded in Thursday's August 26th's bombing)

Furthermore, "the number of American service members who have been wounded in the war effort for the last 19 years totals to 20,666 per SIGAR Audit. (BTW: SIGAR stands for Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. The function of this military department is to send out auditors to inspect the area where troops are stationed. Plus, collect data.)

(Below Vietnam Memorial)

The goal of assisting Afghanistan in fighting their own battles for the last 19 years has led Afghanistan citizenship to esteem the American military as heroes on one side. But on the flip side, take for granted the presence of the American army to fight their battle for them instead of raising a military force that can stand against the Taliban and Isis on their own. As of 2021, there are 39,928,346 Afghanistan people. Wherewith 15 million are able-bodied men. So what's going on here?

If a country has 15 million males, not including 14.2 million females, why must we rent out American soldiers' lives to fight non-American wars? Currently, per a report by Isabel Debre, "The Defense Department's latest 2020 report said war-fighting costs totaled $815.7 billion over the years. That covers the operating costs of the U.S. military in Afghanistan, everything from fuel and food to Humvees, weapons, and ammunition, from tanks and armored vehicles to aircraft carriers and airstrikes."

(Pictured below is Afghanistan President Ghani who left country suddenly as American forces prepared to leave Afghanistan. As if on que.)

The ongoing influences of special interest groups of other countries and their American allies are calling the shots when it comes to innocent American soldiers' lives. With that said, President Biden is calling out this dysfunctional relationship between

  • Outside interest and the

  • American military

President Biden's getting plummeted by American media and particular special interest sources fanning the fire of disillusionment just to have their way to make America feel guilty for a job other countries refuse to do themselves.

(Below Biden having a quick word of pray before addressing his accusers. The press.)

America has gone above and beyond for Afghanistan citizens. To witness the domino effect of them handing military resources over to the Taliban shocked many Americans. I didn't know whether to cry or applaud for the spectacular premeditated performance that was so skillfully played out on my T.V. screen over the week. It's horrible. And the drama compares to a Bollywood production. It seemed staged. Is this why so much expensive plus new housing is being built here in N.J. for the last 20 years? To accommodate a pre-planned in sourced population? My father Sonny Brittingham use to say, "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... IT'S A DUCK!"

(Pictured below Taliban quickly regain control of Afghanistan August 2021)

Was it all just so that 100,000 deemed Afghan allies could come to N.J. and start setting up shop? Thanks to political forces who take American tax dollars for granted? As well as the continued acting out of treason by biased politicians using this same old facade to invest money into anybody else except for the long-term debt owed to Black citizenship per the case of reparations & other crises issues? $815.7 billion could have solved the homeless crisis in our country. And the 1.5 trillion dollars that the military spent on a plane that could barely fly could have been put towards the debt owed to Black Americans per the case of reparations.

(Below Afghans awaiting flights & Visas from American government)

Being incompetent with American taxpayers' dollars to look like a hero for another country is the equivalent of being an unfaithful man spending the money that should be put towards his family and church on a side chick. (Aside chick who, by the way, hates your family and the church.) That man, per the bible, is deemed more than an infidel. And in turn, reaps an infidel's bounty of

  • Lost money

  • Lost Land

  • As well as lost respect

With that said, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are right. And President Biden should not have to fight other politicians and special interest groups agendas here in our own country demanding better care for outside interests. Instead of settling long-term issues here in the states that need an economic investment or boost. It's time to leave a bad situation that has no intentions of getting better. Until 39,928,346 Afghanistan people decide that enough is enough. Then the issues of Afghanistan will be solved.

(Below Rev Dr. Martin Luther King the III, Rev Al Sharpton, Plus other Black Leaders & citizens March on Washington demanding enforcement of voting right protections.)

Thank you for reading my post and looking forward to your feedback!

Please enjoy The Winans "Flying Away."


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