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A Labor Day Poem "Ode to Mrs. Yopp."

In honor of Labor Day, a unique reflection on African American elders Mr. & Mrs. Yopp of 117 Conover Place Long Branch, NJ. Mr. & Mrs. Yopp's entrepreneurial and Christian work ethic and faith influenced and modeled younger generations to carry oneself with dignity and kindness. In her spare time, Mrs. Yopp would plant beautiful roses without fail up and down Conover Place. Her Memorial & Labor Day Rose Gardens no longer stands. But the memory of her work of love lives on.

Ode to Mrs. Yopp

Mrs. Yopp's roses bloomed up and down the street.

Blue ones, green ones, yellow ones, pink.

Mrs. Yopp pruned her roses and cared for them with love.

Springtime, Summertime, Wintertime Fall.

She revived her roses each summer and pruned them in the fall.

She made sure that on Memorial Day, red roses flowed for all.

Up and down Conover Place to Hendrickson Street.

Where the ancient arc once stood wide.

And freedoms trails of railroad tracks.

Is where her Godly home abides.

A poem by Karen Brittingham-Edmond Sept 7, 2020

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