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Murphy Goes To Ukraine To Witness Humanitarian Crisis

Governor Murphy, for some reason, had an opportunity to visit "war-gripped Ukraine on Thursday ahead of a planned trip to Germany for a global security conference," per news reporter Matt Acro. In short, the Ukrainian people, of no fault of their own, are being persecuted with instruments of war because of Russia's emboldened trespasses against Ukrainian citizens, initiated approximately one year ago as of this month. Millions of Ukrainian civilians' homes have been destroyed by bombs from Russia. Many Ukrainian citizens who still reside in their country are forced to live without access to food, water, health care, and other essential supplies. The effects of Russia's war against Ukraine have also caused blockades of Ukrainian grain exports that fed some of the world's most "vulnerable regions internationally." For example, in East Africa, a perfect storm of continued drought and the blockade of grain from Ukraine. Moreover, the economic fallout from the war in Ukraine is causing mass starvation internationally and putting millions of people's lives at stake.

And still, Ukranian men and women stay in their country fighting physically, mentally, and strategically against Russian soldiers to defend their land. Because of a war perpetrated by Russia, over 8 million refugees have been forced to flee from Ukraine and relocate across Europe. This is very different from the self-made humanitarian crisis of millions of undocumented non-vetted persons breaking federal laws which have come to America. Per some reports, primarily from Mexico in the last 42 years. With whom claim persecution in their country from drug lords. After their governments worked with groups from Columbia, El-Salvador, and the like to assist with the intentional funneling of crack cocaine into black communities, which decreased African American population substantially. Moreover, said drug killed millions of Americans, Black, White, and otherwise. In contrast, today, millions of Hispanic persons, sex traffickers, and families are fleeing their countries and lining up at the Mexican border seeking asylum because drug lords have been overrunning their country with the help of their government and law enforcement departments the last 20-30 years.

As a result of the flooding of crack cocaine into Black communities between 1980 till today plus, other disenfranchisement factors, including

  • Economic divestment skeems,

  • Jim Crow Blocked housing, and

  • Mass incarceration.

Black citizens who were once the minority-majority in New Jersey are now the minority in N.J. Replaced with a Hispanic majority as if by design—utilizing asylum or amnesty here in America as "asylees" under U.S. immigration laws, with the full-out assistance of N.J. governors since 1981. Perhaps this humbling visit to Ukraine might help the N.J. Governor better understand the difference between pre-planned asylum seekers versus a genuine humanitarian crisis where victims boldly fight back against the injustices set upon them by monsters like Putin and expose the wrongdoings of Putin's cheerleaders here in America.







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