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Mr. Donald Winn Williams II Tells The Truth And Shames The Devil At The George Floyd Murder Trial.

Donald Winn Williams II, a mixed martial arts fighter and prosecution witness, shared his testimony regarding the George Floyd killing on May 25, 2020, at the Derek Chauvin homicide trial held at Hennepin County Government Center in Minneapolis. Per Laura Collins, Chief Investigative Reporter for the U.K. Daily Mail Newspaper, Williams's "began to cry" as he and jurors were played his audio that he called in on the day of Floyd's killing, which he named officer 987 (Chauvin) and stated in the call to the 911 operator that officer 987 "just pretty much killed this guy." Williams's further stated in 911 call that he" (Floyd) "wasn't resisting arrest." Per 911 call Williams explained that Officer Chauvin had his knee on the handcuffed victim's neck and how victim (Floyd) wasn't resisting arrest but that he was trying to breathe." Officer Chauvin attorney Eric Nelson tried to use Williams's angered words against him on the day of the trial because Williams repeatedly called Officer Chauvin a "Bum Bitch" while murdering George Floyd on May 25, 2020. (Pictured below Donald Winn Williams II & Darnell Frazier with gathering crowd witnessing the murder of George Floyd May 25, 2020.)

Williams also shared at trial how officer Thao protected Officer Derek Chauvin as he murdered George Floyd. Williams stated that Thao "put his hands on his chest and pushed him back to the curb" as Williams rebuked Chauvin for what he was doing. Williams said that officer Thao & Chauvin "watched Floyd in 'tremendous pain…his eyes rolling back, his mouth open, drooling, trying to gasp for air and trying to breathe." All at the same time with their accompanying police officers prepared themselves to shoot at a crowd of witnesses if need be for rebuking officers for their barbaric behaviors. A group of witnesses that I might add had children in it. (Williams was right.)

(Pictured below Officer Thao protecting White nationalist officer Derek Chauvin whilst murdering a unarmed innocent Black man.)

According to Williams, "the crowd that had gathered was not threatening the officers, and his calls (Williams) to check for a pulse were echoed by an off-duty firefighter whose pleas to the officers also went unheard." Officer Derek Chauvin's attorney arrogantly questioned William's who by happenstance is a mixed martial arts fighter, "whether it was possible for a person to lose consciousness in a choke hold then come round and start fighting again?" Wherewith William's "agreed," but then Williams turned directly to the jury and said flat out, "when a fighter loses consciousness in an MMA fight, the fight is stopped, 'right away,' and medical attention is given, right away." Chauvin's Attorney Nelson also asked William's if he "told Officer Thao that he hoped he would shoot himself?" Williams responded with, "No...I said you will shoot yourself in two years because of what you did.'

Per the article shared by Daily Mail UK after Williams's testimony, the prosecution called forth Darnella Frazier. Darnella recorded the incident. She was only 17yrs old at the time on May 25, 2020. When asked why she did tape the event, Darnella said that she had "started recording because she knew that what she was seeing 'wasn't right." The article further shared that "She asserted that Chauvin pressed his knee into Floyd's neck even harder as the growing crowd begged him to stop - and that he didn't remove his knee even when paramedics were searching for a pulse. "

A word from the editor of Echo News TV Karen Brittingham-Edmond

Thank you for reading this most revealing article. Let's as a community keep Brother Donald Winn Williams II and Sister Darnella Frazier up in prayer as God's will prevails in this most unjust and grievous crime. Thank you, Mr. Donald Winn Williams II and Miss Darnella Frazier, for speaking the truth and standing for what is right when the world has gone wrong. Please enjoy and reflect on Sly and the Family Stone's "Everybody is a Star."

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