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Mother's Day Acrostic Poems Respecting Ms. Mamie Till From N.J.'s Teaneck Community Charter School

Dear readers, the relaunched Echo has lovely acrostic poems from Ms. Jewel B. Pollard's seventh and eighth-grade students featuring Emmitt Tills' mother, Mrs. Mamie Till-Mobley. Mrs. Mamie Elizabeth Till-Mobley was an American educator and activist. She was the mother of Emmett Till, the 14-year-old boy murdered in Mississippi on August 28, 1955, after accusations that he had whistled at a white woman, a grocery store cashier named Carolyn Bryant. Please be blessed by these beautiful, thought-provoking young people's poems of compassion, kindness, and truth from Teaneck, NJ.

(By the way children's last names have been omitted for privacy's sake.)

Ms. Jewel B. Pollard's 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies Acrostic Poems

Teaneck Community Charter School in Teaneck, New Jersey.


An acrostic poem by Adriana 3/20/2023


All over the world


In charge of different people


To care and to love until


Love is


Mamie Till

Only mother to Emmett

To love him

He left

Emmett never to be seen again


On that day filled with regret and sorrow

Finish line

End of an era

Mamie or mama

Mother forever

Eternal loss

Together again


An acrostic poem by Laila 3/20/2023

Mamie Till was the mother

And best friend of Emmett Till, it

Must have been really heartbreaking

It must have hurt a lot to know that because of racism there are many places some can’t go

Even so, Mamie Till kept fighting on

The day of her son’s funeral was brutal

It was so hard for her to even recognize her own son

Like the little boy laying before her was a stranger

Like she hadn’t seen that boy almost every day

Mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and strangers came to Emmett’s funeral

On that day people were passing out left and right

Thanks to the brutal and almost unrecognizable way that Emmitt looked

His ear was cut off, his teeth were pulled out, the bridge of his nose sliced down, and his

Eye was

Rolling down his face, so

Of course people were horrified by what they saw

For even his mouth where his smile once was had been beaten and swollen

Emmett Till son of

Mamie Till

Most beloved by all

Even though, let’s pray

That they’re both happy in heaven

That much at least

An acrostic poem by Leah 3/20/2023

Mother of

A young Black

Man who experienced

Ill treatment on his trip to Mississippi which

Ended his life.

Till was accused of inappropriately touching a White woman

In a

Little store when he was buying a

Little amount of gum.

Much later, a group of men took Emmet from the home

Of which he was peacefully sleeping and

Took him away.

He was found in a River, and his torture and murder was

Even tried to be kept a secret because of how badly the

Remains of his body were.

Of course the mother of Emmet was suspicious of why her sons body was

Forcefully chosen to be put in a casket that could not be opened.


Mother was determined to discover the

Mystery inside the casket and later found her sons lynched body.

Even with all the attempts Mississippi tried to hide

The lynching led to an open casket funeral for all the public to see and tell his story.

An acrostic poem by Audrey 3/20/2023

Mamie Till was born November 23,1921

Age was 81 years old when she died

Mamie Till died January 6, 2003

Is the first Black student to make the honor roll at her high school

Educator and activist

Toured with the NAACP around the country and shared her son’s story

Insisted to leave her son's casket open

Leaders inspired her

Lived in a small town

Mamie Elizebeth Till-Mobley was her full name

Obtained a masters degree in educational administration

Tried to educate people

Her son was murdered at 14 years old

Emmett Till was her son

Retired from being a teacher in 1983

Officially became an elementary teacher in 1960

Frequently advocated to fight for justice for her son

Eventually delivered speeches so the same would not happen again

Mamie was an Activist

Mississippi was her birthplace

Educator and Activist

Tried to do something after her son passed away

Truly loved poetry and tried to maintain her status as an A student always


An acrostic poem by Jane 3/20/2023

Mother of Emmett Till,

Always remembered, born in


Inspirational icon,

Educated on social issues.

The first African-American to make honor roll at her school,

Identified her son’s body in 1955, a

Loving and caring mother who

Lived in Argo, Illinois.

Married Louis Till, Emmet’s father,

Obtained a Master’s Degree,

Told that she wanted the world to see what Emmett had gone through,

Held an open-casket funeral for Emmett,

Eternal justice sought

Rest in Peace, Emmett

Objected to discrimination,

Fought for justice for her son.

Ever a remembered figure in social justice, has a

Memoir called Death of Innocence,

Memories of her son fueled her activism.

Established the Emmett Till Players, a

Theater group performing famous speeches.

Till just wanted her son to be at peace.

An acrostic poem by Osmani 3/20/2023

Mom of Emmett Till was horrified this one day

After she found out that her son was killed and left in the middle of the bay

Mad and sad she wanted to fight

In 1955, she tried to do what was right.

Everytime she knows and thinks about it, she gets creeped with fright

The Tills barely went through the night.

In 1955, Emmett was tortured and killed

Lynchings are happening still in the daylight

Loved her child and now she is sad

Mother of Emmett, she is mad.

One day something bad happened

Three weeks later at the funeral

Having to be strong beyond human belief

Everybody that is Black and even some Whites now want to fight for equal rights

Ready to march for change after what happened

Of course they killed him because of what was happening

Finally in 2003, her story was published

Emmett Till got shot in the head with a gun.

Mom still loves but she is sad

Mom is not happy because you will never be back.

Everytime things like this happen, it is bad

Today we have to start fighting back at the ballot box

Today we have to recognize Mamie Till for what she did.

An acrostic poem by Chadrine 03/20/2023


A loving

Mother was

Involved in a tragic experience, her son



In 1955

Lost his life over a

Little and insignificant


Only at 14 years old

This murder caused Mamie to unwillingly

Have to be part of American history

Even just whistling at a White woman, so they claim,

Risked his life

Of great potential causing many tears to


Emmett's mom

Mamie was a strong woman who went through

Many hardships and pushed through for


Tough and

Tiring but she still lived a life of good value

An acrostic poem by Sophia 03/20/2023

Mother of a young boy named Emmett

Always has to deal with the grief of her young boy’s

Murder and death

In late-night,

Emmett was taken from his uncle's house

The young boy died from his injuries, this happened

In Mississippi.

Legal justice would not work, all of this just because of a



Others were upset

That the men did not get in trouble, Mamie has a

Hard time mentioning her son.

Everyone in Mississippi did not care about the

Racial discrimination, the Mayor

Of Drew, Mississippi wanted the body buried

First thing.


Mamie had to grieve

Many people to this day feel bad for Mamie and


This was not okay and

The young boy did not deserve to die.

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