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Mexicans Become Enraged When Sandwich Maker Refused To Allow Them To Cut In Line In Bradley Beach NJ

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

August 31, 2023 Commentary

Around 1:00 P.M. on Saturday, August 23, 2023, Mexican men became enraged at the Speedy Mart Store located At 1000 Main Street, Bradley Beach, New Jersey, because the Speedy Mart Sandwich maker would not make their sandwiches first. Per an anonymous source, the Mexican men truly believed they had every right to cut in line and be served first, although Black American Citizens were in line first. The Mexican men, with whom reportedly one had a tattoo behind the top of his ear and an additional Mexican man with an odd tattoo on his arm, were very angry when they stood outside the convenience store. And this is not the first incident of outright racist behavior from Mexican residents.

Multiple shocking complaints from Black and White citizens of such racist behavior are becoming common, especially in N.J. school systems where the student population in certain areas has become overwhelmingly Mexican. These various instances of bigoted behavior reveal that not all asylum seekers have relocated to North America with the help of New Jersey State Departments plus nonprofits for sanctuary. But are indeed emigrating to North America with unacceptable behaviors and agendas that American citizens have the right to question. The American public, whether working class or homemakers, has been bombarded with what, in retrospect, seems to be a type of psychological blackmail disguised as persuasive asylum seeker rhetoric for 25 years in North America. By nonprofits with a history of taking the lion's share of grants and using said funding to uplift and provide for noncitizens or insourced workers and their families in a very Jim Crow kind of way. On a side note, Jim Crow Laws were made to relegate American citizens to second or third-class status. Said laws are deemed treasonous plus against the U.S. Constitution, but states like N.J. underhandedly use these illegal policies in more ways than one.

Even though most citizens in N.J. did not have a say in making N.J. a sanctuary state, no one could imagine that people arriving in New Jersey by the millions between 1990 and the present could act out with such prejudice towards American citizens. Worse yet, thanks to state officials, lawmakers, and nonprofits, more and more long-term Black citizens' businesses were pushed out successfully by allowing insourced workers, their businesses, plus families access to business loans, grants, homeownership, federally subsidized housing, and business opportunities that are systematically blocked on the norm to citizens' who have lived in the area for generations and paid their taxes.

Not to mention, Black American citizens descend from those who built the country without pay. And are owed legal reparations since 1865. Hence, you can see how racist behavior plus the allowance of unearned privilege from other people of color being insourced to replace citizens by design seriously will eventually exacerbate an already fatigued American Society. An American Society who has its own long-term issues to confront plus correct within the citizens' government themselves. So why aren't Black citizens demanding justice and fighting for the reparations owed to them? Better yet, why are White citizens allowing loads of their fellow White families and veterans to suffer long-term homelessness? American citizens are free, right? Well, yes and no. Both groups can easily be manipulated. This technique has successfully assisted citizens to forfeit or not demand their rights as well. And to esteem others as better than themselves. Especially if American citizens are the descendants of North American Natives, with whom many were against the mistreatment of other human beings, Penal Colonists plus Royals from Europe, or Africans who suffered and survived chattel slavery, plus Jim Crow Laws. It's called a conditioned response.

A conditioned response is learned through repetition. So if, for example, a person turns on their TV, and every media source repetitively says, "All insourced workers from other countries want to do is work," but does not mention that all American citizens want is to be safe and free. Then, a person, group, or population who are citizens, no matter how many family members, friends, or fellow citizens are being disenfranchised of their citizenship rights, will naturally esteem other parties more worthy than themselves and fellow citizens. This is why so many American citizens are imprisoned. As well as dying early deaths from drugs that, for the most part, aren't even being produced here in America. The conditioned response allows systematic processing of moving generations of American citizens out of the way. For insourced workers utilizing an immigration precedence of "asylum seeker." To fulfill Bloomberg's New American Economy. Which is treason. But this isn't the first time American politicians have done this. In the early 1980s, American politicians, with the assistance of news media, repeatedly deemed homemakers (people who care for and raise their children to adulthood) as bad people throughout the 80s and 90s. Even though, more than likely, an entire population of American citizens would be alive and well today if their mothers were allowed to supervise and raise them properly. Because children are not cats. They can't raise themselves effectively without adult supervision, instruction, clean, secure homes, and healthy meals.

On a side note, Black citizens are not associated with Bloomberg's New American Economy. The money that the state, special interest groups, and racist business people spend on formulating plans, excuses, plus other illegal maneuvering could have paid Black citizens their reparation three times over. Citizens, Black and White, have to understand that all the money spent to pay South American drug dealers and their workers for years has stolen millions of American citizens' lives that would more than likely be alive today. Citizens have a right to be offended. And demand action to correct this blatant treasonous behavior of politicians and their allies. And if they are not the allies of those racist politicians, treasonous American business owners, and outside special interest groups. Why have so many American citizens died in direct correlation to the South American illegal drug and gun trade for the last 45 years? With the assistance of both democrats and republicans?

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.), a government department that provides direct access to essential health and safety topics, scientific articles, data and statistics, tools plus resources, has data on drug overdose death rates and totals that would make one think that American citizens are simply under attack—strangely kicking off in 1968, when Rev. Martin Luther King was assassinated in correlation to when the N.A.A.C.P. Legal Fund mission statement was extended to Mexican Americans thanks to Mr. Goldberg. Approximately 1,106,900 US residents died from drug overdoses from 1968 to 2020. The C.D.C. has confirmed that 110,500 people died because of illegal drugs in 2022 alone, thanks to illicit drug trafficking. Moreover, 109,900 people died in the 12 months ending February 28, 2023, at a rate of 301 deaths per day. American citizens aren't sending drugs to their country to kill their people. Why are they allowed to do this to us for years while being ushered over many, breaking federal laws to create Bloomberg's New American Economy plan to replace citizens with the assistance of racist White liberals and their Brown allies? It may have to do with the "I think I'm more deserving than American citizens" attitude of the Mexican men at Speedway Convenience Store in Bradley Beach, N.J. Because American citizens' very government is assisting with ensuring that generations of American citizens are slammed with ridiculously high fines for years, plus Jim Crow Housing policies have made American citizens the #1 homeless population compared to non-documented or insourced workers.

Can someone say send in the National Guard to escort these seditious persons, organizations, outside special interest groups, and their allies out of our country? Because the last 40-year plan is not working for the benefit of generations of citizens at all. Even racist Americans are beginning to think twice about this mess. That's what Trumpism is all about. They started the mess with Reagan just to undermind everything Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King successfully implemented to work primarily for any other spectrum of color except Black citizens by design. In effect, for the last 30 years, White citizens have become more homeless, White citizens are losing job opportunities because they can't speak Spanish, and more White people who thought to block the rights and privileges of Black citizens are now being replaced with a Brown demographic who deems themselves White on census bureaus. And we can't forget the many self-hating Black citizens who have squirmed their way into leadership positions from other countries and America who seriously hate themselves for being darkly colored. Or having too many African or indigenous features. (You saw what they did to Michael Jackson.)

"Happy Birthday, Michael! We miss you!"

Although rarely spoken about, there's been an ongoing war of bad rhetoric sent overseas by media servers that seek to slander Black citizens' character as well as post-traumatic slave syndrome behavior that has not been unlearned thanks to the non-teaching of true American history here in New Jersey. Here's an example where insourcing workers disenfranchised citizens' nursing opportunities between the 80s and 2000. Clinton justified insourcing nurses thanks to Hilliary Clinton's Green Card Project; rhetoric made it seem like high school-aged American citizens, who could have done the job if equally trained, for example, did not want to be nurses but nurses' aids, which is a much lower-paying job. When, in fact, the state cut nursing L.P.N. Classes in America on purpose to provide the opportunity of being a nurse and, more importantly, an R.N. to anybody else but low-income Black or White citizens utilizing treasonous policies that put American citizen nursing opportunities somewhere back there as Wendy Williams would say. Ask Obama, and he'll tell you. And if he doesn't, Michelle surely will. Better yet, go to your local hospital. You can count the number of qualified American nurses or doctors, in this case, on the floor, male or female, on your hand. That's no accident. That's treason in the 21st Century.;jsessionid=FB7604DC3A76B279AFE624AB654B;jsessionid=4413507A9A8FE821399A2275FDD0

H.U.D., an agency whose job it is to make sure that Americans, including Black citizens, have equal access to affordable quality housing, skillfully used Jim Crow Policy Credit Checks for Federal or subsidized housing for long-term taxpayers to assist with removing citizens so that noncitizens could easily and preferentially replace them. In contrast, Black and White American citizens experienced a rise in identity theft cases for the last 40 years. Hence, American citizens' credit scores had been tampered with long before new housing policies and home-ownership standards were finagled. Many unaware. One would think, which tactic is worse?

  • Mass incarceration of citizens,

  • Blocked homeownership or affordable housing for long-term citizens

  • Insourcing workers from other countries to infringe upon citizens' rights.

There are so many unethical tactics at work against the American public that I don't think I Ken tell the difference between which infringement is worse. Hopefully, Biden and Harris can do something about these treasonous affairs quickly, at least before election day.

A report by Raoul Lowery-Contreras of The Hill Washington D.C. Civil Rights and Opinion Newspaper published on January 24, 2018, titled "Mexicans Admit They're Racist–If Only We Could," Shares that per historical accounts plus studies administered in Mexico under the department of The Mexican National Council to Prevent Discrimination founded in 2003 which is a Mexican Federal Government Department that enforces anti-racist laws that must be upheld and consistent with international treaties on Discrimination to which Mexico is a party. Contreras reports states blatantly that Mexicans, for example, "are seriously racist people." Thanks to recent critical race theory information, Americans better understand that many Mexicans fought on the side of the Confederates during the Civil War. Plus, they uphold White supremacist viewpoints while being dark skin people in the long term.

This is what makes South American people of color distinctively different. Black North American people, for the most part, do not have a problem being Black. North American Black citizens do not have a problem identifying with their African and 1st Nation Roots. While South American people seek to assimilate and identify with the White European bloodline. That's why when you ask a person of color from South America, "Who are they?" They will generally say I am Spanish. Black North American citizens acknowledge their African and indigenous North American roots equally with their European ancestors, whether Spanish, British, Irish, or what have you. One group of people of color uplifts and assimulates their White bloodline (no matter how thin.) While the other, in acknowledging their African and North American heritage, does not exalt Whiteness above their traits despite having European descendency in their family bloodline. This is what makes Vice President Kamala Harris a culturally sensitive, qualified candidate for American citizens. She doesn't have a problem being Black while acknowledging her Middle Eastern roots.

Per an article by Dr. Noam Shpancer, Ph.D. in Psychology Today, published on July 17, 2020, titled "Unearned Advantage: What to Make of "Privilege?" the author suggests that "Privilege rigs the game by bestowing unearned advantage on certain select groups, which improves their odds of obtaining the unearned advantages, thus letting group affiliation rather than true merit decide the game. (If you get to take the first shot every time, then you are likely to win most duals, even if you're the poorer shot.)" Spencer further shares that "Identifying and eliminating unfair advantages is desirable for everyone because unfairness oppresses, and an oppressive system while harming the oppressed sooner and more harshly, ends up destroying the oppressor. The torturers will inevitably be (and become) tortured."

Dr. Shpancer leaves us with this inevitable thought that Bloomberg and his New American Economy Billionaires would not care for. And that is, "Finally, even once we've identified that Privilege exists and is consequential, the question remains as to what we should do. The current zeitgeist advocates seeking to eliminate it or at least account for and correct it. The heart of this effort is righteous. The game can and should be made fairer. One (long overdue, morally imperative, and inevitably forthcoming) example of how this may be done in the U.S. is by returning to African-American families' stolen historical rights and wages. In other words, reparations."

This is a tough chat to share. Unfortunately, too many disturbing situations happen to average, law-abiding citizens and their children that must be addressed and not normalized. Looking forward to your feedback.

Please enjoy The O'Jays' 1971 song "Backstabbers."

Maybe the OJays were trying to tell us something. Hmmm, I'm not sure if I Ken tell the difference.


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