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Long Branch NJ Executed Illegal Sundown Laws On Black Beach Goers on Juneteenth Weekend 2021.

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Long Branch, NJ, a town during the '50s & '60s, would allow the KKK to dress in their unholy attire to have parades and march down Broadway publicly. And then take off their robes and put on their police uniforms. Long Branch Police Department executed an old fashion Jim Crow Sundown police presence on Juneteenth Weekend at the Long Branch Boardwalk/Beach. But why? Illegal Jim Crow Sundown practices fine the company of too many Black citizens gathered together or one solitary Black citizen in a primarily White area to be a threat. So Jim Crow Sundown executions physically push Black people out of a place where mainly White racist people believe that they should not be, even if it's a public beach.

(Below typical Jim Crow Sun Down signs of the 60's)

Per a report by Olivia Liu on June 19th of the Asbury Park Press reports that a band of police officers was sent out to make a group of Black citizens leave the beach because, well, there were just too many of them there. Young people came out to attend a "spring break" like party hosted by a local trendsetter on Tik Tok. Just like White people when they go to the beach or the race track - some of the college kids brought drinks & barbeque grills to the beach to enjoy a summertime evening on the most boring beach in Monmouth County Long Branch.

(Below typical Spring Break Party California)

Strangely enough, during the 60's, 70's, & mid-80's, it was customary to see crowds of Black citizens on the beach. In addition, it was normal to see a large population of long-time Black residents living, working, owning homes & businesses in Long Branch generationally.

(Below Beach goers at Long Branch Beach on Juneteenth Weekend 2021)

(Vintage Long Branch Beach photo from the 70's)

But because of unchecked systematic racism that executed economic disenfranchisement efforts that laid off loads of Black workers to accommodate insource workers. As well as the

  • Implementation of making Black citizens move out of town utilizing jacked-up taxes

  • Illegal HUD credit checks were explicitly designed to disenfranchise single Black mothers raising children and Black lower-middle-income families from obtaining affordable housing units (That btw Black citizenship tax dollars paid for.)

  • As well as the implementation of skyrocketing rental cost throughout the city starting in the early 80's

White power structure assisted with the dispersing or removing the native Black population out of Long Branch to make room for others.

These implementations were successfully advanced during and right after a period where lawmakers in Monmouth County, NJ, made sure that mass incarceration and gang propaganda swindled the 80's, 90's, & 2000's Black citizen youth population from their future of being college material to becoming jail bait. Monmouth County made sure that those first fruits of the Civil Rights Movement & MLK Head Start participating children as young adults would have a chain around their ankles. Just like their ancestors did who penal colonists and the like kidnapped.

(Below discussion link on ending the Cradle to Prison Pipeline with Michelle Alexander, Bryan Stevenson, Mayor Nutter and Honorable Patricia Martin.)

With that in mind, it's easy to see why racist White people and their allies would feel threatened by the presence of Black citizens on the beach. Per an Asbury Park Press report, witness Chavonne Berry said, "the party started at 5 PM, and it was just "a whole bunch of young adults enjoying ourselves." Per Lui's report Berry further stated that "she went to check out a dance battle that was forming a crowd and by the time they got over there they heard sirens and saw police coming towards the public. Per Berry, police broke up the group at 6:17 PM. No major incidents happen. Only four arrests were scored for LB Police. But because crowd was large and mostly Black local newspapers called crowd "rowdy." As if Black citizens gathering together at the beach were a bunch of insurrectionist.

Black beach goers didn't even have a chance to get their feet wet. All because the sun was going down in a revived sundown city. Public Safety Director of Long Branch Domingos Saldida said he had to get

  • The state police

  • Police from neighboring towns,

  • Plus, Long Branch Police

To show up and chase the Black people off the beach because their mere presence disturbed the peace. One White woman in a nearby super-expensive apartment complex built where the once family & community-friendly boardwalk once stood said that the Black people on the beach just looked like a bunch of cockroaches to her. (I wonder what makes her such an expert at identifying cockroaches up close? Well let's just say that I wouldn't want to go to any of her tea parties. But I digress)

On a personal note, I would recommend that Black people do not act out their post-traumatic slave syndrome symptoms & not publicly bow down to White people, but it's too late. Immediately on Monday, Salidida managed to get the small group of Black leadership that were not systematically moved out of the area to publicly state that Black citizens gathering on the beach having a "Spring Break" like party in June were just a group of bad Negros in short. Black leadership further stated in the article that they agree and stand by local police and Public Safety Director Salidida in executing sundown laws in Long Branch 2021 on Black citizenship. (Very disappointed as a Black voter in regards to Governor Murphy's statement on incident per above link.)

In closing, I hope all 1,000 Black citizens return to the beach every weekend to show turncoat Black leadership and the racist powers to be in Long Branch that we HAVE JUST AS many RIGHTS TO BE ON the BEACH AS RACIST WHITE PEOPLE AND THEIR WANNA BE WHITE SLAVES DO! BECAUSE WE ARE CITIZENS. And when Black consumers come back, please make it a point to boycott the businesses in Long Branch with their low-budget, high-cost stores and segregated low-class restaurants.

I will personally come out and bring an

  • Old fashion fish fry man

  • Soul food barbeque caters

  • Lemonade stand making

  • Drill team stepping

  • Black choir singing

  • Spoken word preaching

  • Live Black band playing

  • Karaoke singing

  • With pony rides for the kids

Black-owned businesses. So that beach visitors can support Black business on the beach and have what James Brown called "A funky good time!" On a side note, if racist explicit or implicit White people start saying that, "Karen Brittingham-Edmond is a non-conformist!" You let them know I said, "I'll bee dat." - "It's me, Shu-Shu!"~ Awkwafina is Nora from Queens LOL

Thanks for reading my share. And enjoy the one and only Brick City! Everybody's cousin! Reginald Noble aka Red Man's "I'll Be That." Hey how great would it be if Red Man a native New Jerseyan came down to Long Branch to have a concert on beach? We could build on this opportunity people. Make lemonade out of lemons! Let me know what you think?

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