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Local Kid From Asbury Park & Neptune Promoted To Medical Dir. Of Cooper Univ. Ambulatory Operations

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Young Dr. Ernest Seth Egu was promoted to Medical Director of Ambulatory Operations for the Cooper Center for Healing, in April 2023 while serving as the Medical Director of Correctional Addiction Medicine At Cooper University Health Care Camden, N.J., since September 2021. Dr. Egu is a product of Bangs Ave Primary School in Asbury Park and the Academy of Allied Health and Science of Neptune N.J. for his middle and high school education.

Dr. Ernest Egu, age seven years old, holds his good conduct certificate from Bangs Ave School Asbury Park, N.J.

At Asbury Park Elementary School, he received his first student of the month certificate as a child. Dr. Egu shared, per our interview, that when he received a good conduct certificate as a seven-year-old child at Bangs Ave School that the experience made him feel so good that he said to himself, "I got to get more student of the month certificates plus A's on my homework assignments and tests." Dr. Egu then shared a humorous fact that Egu got expelled from Bangs Ave School the following year in 3rd grade. Dr. Egu as an eight-year-old student was transferred to Bradley Elementary, where a substitute teacher showed the class a video on Dr. Ben Carson. On a side note, Egu giggled, "The old Ben, not this new guy." I assured him we at the relaunched Echo understand entirely.

Dr. Egu shared, "As soon as I watched a documentary about Dr. Carson, I said to myself, I'm going to be a doctor, and I meant it." Fast forward 23 years, and Dr. Egu has received numerous invitations to give lectures and has recently accepted a role as an Outpatient Medical Director during his first year attending. Dr. Egu shared, "It's been a crazy journey, and this is only the beginning. Not bad for a kid from Neptune."

Christina Thomas Sunrise 1985- Sunset 2018 pictured above holding her son Jazmhiere

When asked who were some of the people who inspired him to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor? Egu shared that wanting to help his beloved sister Christina Thomas who had diabetes, was a turning point for him to believe in his ability to achieve and make a difference in the medical field. Additional inspiration came from the support of his loving family members Mr. Ernest Egu Sr., Ms. Alberta January, Stephen Thomas, Christina Thomas, Aisha Jackson, Amanda Carter, and his St. Stephen A.M.E. Zion Church family located in Asbury Park, N.J. under the pastorship of Rev. Derinzer Johnson. Egu then shares that being a part of the public access program produced by myself, Ms. Karen Brittingham-Edmond called "I Can See You Well with the Kidz Club," an urban Sunday School broadcast shared on T.V. every Tuesday and Wednesday in both central and south Jersey for over ten years boosted his self-esteem. Egu commented that seeing himself on T.V. representing his schoolmates, church lineage, and community made him feel good inside and out.

Dr. Egu also shared that having a secure home during his formative secondary school years made a big difference for him as a child. When he entered Middle School, Dr. Ernest's family had relocated to Neptune, N.J. His mother, Ms. Alberta January, purchased a home for her five children: Christina, Stephen, Ernest, Aisha, and Amanda, with the help of Habitat for Humanity. A project spearheaded by the Fuller Family in 1976 that would gain vital support from President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter in 1984.

Dr. Egu is pictured here with his mother, Alberta January, to the right, and his nephew, little Mr. Jazmhiere Thomas!

At this time, while attending Neptune Middle School, Dr. Egu met his childhood sweetheart Jordan Althea Edmond while participating in the urban Sunday School public access T.V. show. Dr. Egu, in later years, would marry Jordan. They have a beautiful family that includes Dylan Edmond and Ernest Egu to the Third Power, also known as Ernest Egu III! We of the relaunched Echo, N.J.'s oldest Black-owned newspaper, would like to thank Dr. Egu for his incredible accomplishments. If you know someone who has achieved exceptional academic procurement, please share their story with Echo News T.V. so that we can uplift and acknowledge these unique stories with the public so that others can be inspired to touch the sky like Dr. Ernest Egu, Medical Director of Correctional Addiction Medicine At Cooper University Health Care located in Camden N.J.

A maternity picture of Dr. Ernest Egu with his wife, Mrs. Jordan Edmond-Egu

Please enjoy Donald Lawerence and The Tri-City Singers' The Prayer Of Jabez

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Kim Myrick
Kim Myrick
Aug 10, 2023

This article makes me proud. I ha e know Ernest since a young

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