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Liz Cheney, The Last Great White Hope Of The Republican Party, Rejected By Republican Voters

Liz Cheney, former United States Representative of Wyoming, was jilted Tuesday, August 16, 2022, by republican voters for speaking the truth about #45. As well as publicly ousting the bad behavior of the January 6, 2021 insurrection orchestrated by #45 & friends.

The former U.S. Representative of Wyoming, Elizabeth Cheney, an American attorney and politician, is the daughter of Dick Cheney. As you all may remember, Dick Cheney was the Vice President of the 43rd president of the United States, George Bush. Vice President Dick Cheney was a strong supporter of Donald Trump in 2016.

Nevertheless, in the past and currently, Liz Cheney has surprisingly clapped back at some of her father's and republican politicians regarding their unethical behavior plus policies during both the Bush & Trump administration periods. For example, during the era of Trumpism and the aftermath of Trumpism, Liz stood up publically like Joan of Arc and, in no uncertain terms, gladly joined the commission as the top republican leader of the January 6 Committee investigation in regards to the attack on the capitol building that happened on January 6, 2021.

Liz Cheney, in times past, exposed the racist undercurrent of gay organizations that wholeheartedly support Trump. (Ask any person of color who's gay; they'll be more than happy to share their incredible experiences dealing with their White gay racist peers.) Thanks to the help of both the republican & democratic parties, LGBTQ, made up mostly of White men & women, has been deemed the deserving minority group for businesses and affirmative action advocacy resources and rights...right after White women in the United States. Pushing Black citizens' needs further and further behind, although the primary group who fought, died, and bled to enforce human, anti-child abuse, and civil rights mandates in North America from 1860 to 1965 has always been Black North American citizenship. Cheney and her father, Dick Cheney, the actual initiator of gay rights publically since 2004, have repeatedly bumped heads until recently on said issue.

Liz Cheney has bravely and, to many Black citizens' surprise, openly shamed White and want to be White republicans regarding their go along with anything Trump tells you to mind control behavior. Cheney snaps back at Trump and his supporters despite knowing that these people are armed, dangerous, primarily white supremacists, where a portion of the population has managed in this day and time to dawn police badges. But that doesn't stop Liz.

It's easy to say that there is no coward in Liz Cheney or her camp. People who fear, admire, or bow down to Trumpism would say, as Harriet Hageman inferred during her CNN interview, that Cheney's show of integrity was probably the primary reason she lost her re-election as a Wyoming U.S. Representative. Which, by the way, Liz Cheney expected. So what's going on with the Elizabeth Cheney political camp now? Per a Finance Yahoo report, Liz Cheney is worth 15 million dollars. As a congressperson from 2016 until now, she was paid $174,000 annually.

Whatever her future, we cannot doubt that this last great White hope of integrity from the republican party will not be muted or ignored. Liz Cheney will continue to defend the constitution as we know it today plus object openly when politicians and voters attempt to put the rule of law under their feet to be trampled upon—acting out their destructive RINO behaviors. (RINO: Republican in name only because they hold confederate beliefs that have been outlawed since 1863.) Those whose only goal is to uplift white nationalism and not equality & protection for all citizens as stated per the constitution of the United States.

Lastly, an NBC News report on August 17, 2022, by Rebecca Shabad titled 'Liz Chaney Thinking About' White House Run After Primary Loss, Vows To Do 'Whatever It Takes To Defeat Trump." Shares that Cheney stated, "I believe that Donald Trump continues to pose a very grave threat and risk to our republic. And I think defeating him will require a broad and united front of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, and that's what I intend to be a part of," she said in an exclusive interview with Savannah Guthrie on NBC's "TODAY" show.

(Abraham Lincoln "The Great Task.)

Cheney reiterated that she would do "whatever it takes" to keep Trump from returning to the Oval Office in future elections. Overnight, Cheney formed a new leadership political action committee called "The Great Task," an aide confirmed to NBC. Cheney "filed with the Federal Election Commission to transfer the remaining cash from her federal campaign account to the new PAC. At the end of July, she had more than $7 million cash on hand, according to FEC filings."

(Classic, I'm gonna get you look)

Some may call Liz Cheney's actions on the streets an "I'm gonna get you sucker" move. Nevertheless, we have not heard the last of Elizabeth Cheney and the conviction in her heart to at least try to do the right thing. Thanks for participating in this chat with me. Big thank you to everyone who gave feedback on the different articles and events published by the relaunched Echo. Your perspective is welcomed and appreciated. Please enjoy Amy Winehouse Rehab.

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