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Justice For Rasheem! Another Young Blackman Murdered And Lynched In Mississippi.

Rasheem Ryelle Carter was a vibrant, caring, and handsome 25-year-old from Fayette, Mississippi, who had his whole life ahead of him. Carter had just accepted a new job with the Trillium Staffing company. Although they had contracted him out to work for George Pacific Plant in Taylorsville, Mississippi, almost an hour's drive away, Carter was still grateful for the opportunity and began to structure his life around the lumber company. It wasn't long after that Rasheem started feeling racial tension amongst his co-workers; the men even went as far as threatening another man, Eduardo, with the same treatment if he continued to carpool Rasheem to work.

That same day, October 2, 2022, Rasheem called his mother, Tiffany Carter, and immediately her motherly instinct sensed something wasn't right with her usually upbeat child. After much questioning and probing into her sons' standoffish behavior, Rasheem finally began to admit the problems he had been having at work, and then the floodgates would open. Carter told his mother about the racial tension and cruel remarks he would hear from co-workers as far up as his immediate supervisor. He would constantly hear derogatory comments about slavery and the current status of black Men in America. Most, if not all, of his gripes went without as much as a word being mentioned by his higher-ups. Carter also reported to his mother and police that three car fulls of white men had followed him, and he feared for his life. The very next day, Rasheem disappeared without a trace. Nobody could understand why this young man's cries for help would go unanswered and why law enforcement was so eager to brush off this young man's plea and send him away from the Taylorsville PD without even allowing him to charge his phone.

After days without hearing from Rasheem, his family and friends grew increasingly worried. They immediately began to search the area where Rasheem was last seen; they posted flyers and did a full canvas search of the small country town to no avail. The search team backtracked every place they knew Rasheem had gone the days before, but they still left empty-handed with no help whatsoever from local law enforcement. Almost exactly a month later, Tiffany Carter, Rasheems mother, received a call about trying to identify a dismembered, badly beaten body, almost skeletal remains found in a wooded area outside of town. A wave of fear quickly spread amongst black residents, and it wasn't until Ms.Carter made it to the county coroner's office that she was told it was, in fact, her child and that identification had been found on the brutalized corpse.

The report not only confirmed that Rasheem had been beaten to death, but there were also reports that the body had been severely lynched and in the wooded area for up to 30 days.

Although the Taylorsville Police Dept. claims to have been investigating thoroughly, they failed to find any suspects. After protests from the family and community leaders, the MBI (Mississippi Bureau of Investigation) launched a full investigation into the crime and the claims of racial bias made by Rasheem and other African-Americans once employed at the lumber company. The only lead found so far came from a deer hunting camera that showed a person his mother identified as Rasheem, walking through the wooded area, beaten and bruised with what appears to be a large stick in his hand. He was also moving as if chased and nervous that someone was following him.

Above Tiffany Carter with her beloved son, below is the link where Ms. Carter spoke before a crowd of protesters and media regarding the murder of her son 25, year old son.

This is another sad instance of an injustice that we as a country have gotten no answers for. This young man had an entire life ahead of him, and for him to be beaten and left to rot without anyone taking accountability is a sad example to set as a country that proclaims "Liberty and Justice for all." We must speak up against police brutality and racial discrimination as often as possible to get justice and equality. Until we do, instances like this will continue to happen.

We, as Black people as a whole, have been through enough!

One was too many; how many more Black Kings must die before enough is enough? Keep the Carter family in continued prayers. And Mr. Benjamin Crump Esq, pictured below with Ms. Tiffany Carter, will represent the Carter family.

Written by Umar Muhajjir



'Lynchings in Mississippi never stopped' - The Washington Post 08/08/2021

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