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Is It Time To Show Mexican Gov't Tough Love? You Decide.

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Updated 02/22/2023 & reshared per subscribers request. KBE

According to news media reports and television, thousands of Mexican, El Salvadoran, and Honduras children are flooding the border. According to various media interviews, children claim that their mothers and fathers came to America eight or ten years ago and want to be with their parents. We know that parents who leave Mexico illegally or with expired passports, for example, seek a better life here in America. As well as to escape the violence and corruption in their particular communities. Strangely enough, "eight million Americans flock to Mexican beaches to vacation every year. And most of them come back unscathed." Per an article written by Nancy Porode titled "Is it safe in Mexico?" in Trip

So how is it that the Mexican Government can manage to protect "tourist-centric destinations" but not their countrymen and children? Per an article in written by Sofia Miselem reported that when President Trump "vowed to designate Mexican cartels as terrorist groups" and suggested the United States and Mexican Governments conduct "cross-border armed operations," Mexico's President Lopez Obrador said, "Armed foreigners cannot intervene in our territory."



Another article in the Washington Post (W.P.) written by Mary Beth Sheridan on Dec 17, 2020, shares that "the U.S. Government has had a mixed relationship with Mexico's military and law enforcement agencies." The article further shares that Washington, D.C., "has spent tens of millions of dollars on training and technical assistance for Mexican police and legal personnel in recent years." Although "the impact of the aid remains unclear" per the Washington Post. When General Salvador Cienfuegos, Mexico's Defense Minister in 2018, was arrested in Los Angeles on drug trafficking charges, a U.S. judge was later forced to drop charges against the former Mexican Defense Minister. Per the article, Mexican government officials perceived American prosecutors "as undermining an ally." Otherwise, by U.S. authorities, intervening and capturing a high-level narcotic trafficker is unwelcomed by the Mexican Government. Let me warn you that the plot thickens from here.

Upper Left Mexico's ex-defense minister Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, known as The Godfather, was arrested at LAX for 'taking bribes to protect a cartel linked to El Chapo and helping to smuggle drugs to US'

The tripling of the undocumented population for the last 30 years has lead to a series of negative consequences in the long term for Americans. For example, with the exodus of 12.2 million people entering America illegally between 1990 to 2017, gang violence exploded in the U.S., Labeling situation as a "Black on Black crime," when that may not be true. American Black gangs often shared that the Hispanic gangs instigate much of the streets' violence, leading to increased gun violence in urban areas. Urban areas where clusters of non-documented immigrants are allocated to per edicts of state legislatures that are influenced by special interest groups representing Hispanic Affairs, for example, outside and inside the country. Resources that most low-income Black or White American citizens have to wait for - for many years before having access to them. This preferential treatment of non-citizens versus citizens causes a rift in overpopulated segregated areas by design.

The reality is that the undocumented population has access to a variety of life-saving resources utilizing corporate grants and foundations that use American tax dollars. These organizations make mission statements or allocations per their grant guidelines for that specific Hispanic population. This strategy normally blocks citizens from accessing equal resources such as business loans, specific career training in the I.T. field, low-income housing or home ownership programs, etc, etc.

Non-partisan organizations based in Washington DC work tirelessly utilizing every civil rights law and precedence to ensure that, in the long run, undocumented residents or workers achieve the American dream. Sanctuary states are doing everything possible to ensure that federal immigration enforcement agents are blocked from undocumented residents' deportation. These provisions give the Mexican government the perfect excuse to do nothing for their citizenship. Plus racist police officers more fodder to attack Black citizens as a means to fulfill their own twisted behavior. But moreover, to distract the public. Nonprofits who assist with advancement processes for non-registered immigrant populations from Mexico, for example, are

  • ACLU


  • CHIRLA (Humane Immigrant Rights)

  • ILRC (Immigrant Resource Center)

  • ACE (American Council on Education)

  • NILC (National Immigration Law Center)

  • Asian Americans Advancing Justice

  • (Pro-immigration lobbying group founded in part by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg)

  • Bloomberg New Economy

What's worse is that Americans know the devastation that crack cocaine, primarily delivered by undocumented residents between 1980 to 2015, per FBI reports, had on Black communities in particular. FBI reports and other studies have supplied Americans with information on how smugglers and illegal immigrants, particularly from Mexico and South America, work with White supremacist organizations in human trafficking, gun distribution, plus drug smuggling. The numerous news reports, studies, and criminal investigation documentaries prove that crack cocaine devastated Black American populations between 1980 and 2010. A drug whose ingredients cannot be grown here but managed to destroy 100,000 plus more Black citizens' lives annually between 1981 to 2010 in the United States.

News media have shown children at the border with no traveling shoes. Just little brown feet are sitting in the dirt, waiting to get into America, hoping to find parents that left them years ago for a better life. Children who come from a place where their Government is too busy trying to appease & protect primarily privileged tourists. While in comparison, leaving the children of their countrymen out in the gutter. Per research on the subject matter, the repeated footage of Mexican adults using their babies as human shields or offering babies to border patrols or human traffickers (who, by the way, are absolute strangers to them.) So that they can have a shot at running across the border, getting in line, and entering U.S. soil is despicable.

Nevertheless, those babies left outside in the dirt at the American border looking for their parents did not ask to be born. Nor should they be pushed off of land that for generations belonged to their ancestors' people. Neither should their Government or parents be relinquished from being penalized for their neglect and abandonment behavior of not protecting these children's rights to live securely in their homeland. Mexico has an army of 183,562 trained soldiers. Plus, a National Guard. Mexico government's irresponsible behavior, that by the way has an population of 127.6 million compared to America, which has citizenship of 328.2 million. The last time their military intervened in drug cartels was in 2006. (And we Americans are wondering what's wrong with Mexico and all their criminal activity in 2021.) Their government is not doing its job, thanks to America.

Snippet History of Mexico

Jonathan Kendall's book La Capital writes about the history of Mexico. Kendall shares "that the Aztecs were a wandering, nomadic tribe who, opposed to popular belief, arrived at the Valley of Mexico starving and looking for a place to settle." Research further shares that "they worked as warriors for hire in the many inter-tribal disputes among the people already settled in the area, until using that unrest to their advantage to become the ruling tribe of the area." This sounds familiar.

The Christian Intervention of Hispanic Church Leaders

In 2014 "U.S. National Hispanic Christian Leader (NHCLC) President Dr. Samuel Rodriguez pleaded to both United States Government and Central American governments that "Illegal Immigrants Need Tough Love." Dr. Rodriguez further shared that the National Hispanic Christian Leadership conference launched a campaign traveling to churches in Central America to send a tough-love message to parents stating, "do not send your children to the American border." Plus provided resources for churches to assist struggling families. This appeal was made after the U.S. border patrol had detained 50,000 children in 2014 alone. Some as young as six years old. This information confirms an infrastructure that can operate within these communities without American co-dependency—the Hispanic Church. NHCLC report confirms that Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala parents encourage their "children as young as six years old" to travel independently into the United States," per NHCLC President Dr. Samuel Rodriguez. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez is the President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), the world's largest Hispanic Christian organization with 42,000 plus U.S. churches and many other churches spread throughout the Spanish-speaking diaspora.

Mexican Metropolis

As of 2020, Mexico's Gross Domestic Product earnings were 1,040.37 billion in U.S. dollars. The Mexican Government also receives millions of dollars from American Government, not including money spent on their citizens who come here illegally. Despite their many resources, the Mexican Government & Military refuses to protect and provide for their people because they know the United States will do it for them with every intention to use said population for an excuse to oppress Black citizens. We know this because Black citizens are pressured to abide by every law of the land. But non-vetted undocumented Hispanic populations are allowed to break federal laws without consequences.

So America, it's time to wake up and drink the proverbial cup of El-Pico. The United States needs to use tough love standards for Mexican and Central American Governments. Americans, in partnership with other countries, will have to do the unthinkable. Boycott traveling to Mexico and all its fabulous destinations, plus stop purchasing Mexican products such as Tequila, as well as stop visiting restaurants, including Taco Bell, here in the states. Until our local and national government decides to follow federal rules and laws. That means no more

  • Club Med, Cancun,

  • Cabo San Luca,

  • Playa Del Carmen,

  • Puerto Vallarta, and advertising.

As well as Mexican travel commercials. That's right; no commercials should be allowed on American T.V. All their media programming must be boycotted immediately. President Obama was right! Ex: Obama’s 2005 remarks strongly support controlling immigration. "Obama says that Americans are generous and welcoming, but he also notes that those who employ people living in the country illegally “disrespect the rule of law.” A longer version of the clip shows Obama saying, “securing the borders alone does not solve immigration management.”

Thank you for reading. Please remember to write your congressmen and senators demanding that America stop being used to taking care of other countries' responsibilities and that it's time for tough love. Please enjoy The Main Ingredient's "Everybody Plays The Fool."

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